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Posted in: Tech giants banished Trump. Now things get complicated See in context

This is the end of free America. I am very deeply saddened.

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Posted in: Twitter chief says Trump ban admits 'dangerous' precedent See in context

get back to a Non-Internet based life. The problem is, are you CAPABLE of that?

I often think about this. I if could then, why can't I now? Trouble is other people can't or won't.

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Posted in: Twitter chief says Trump ban admits 'dangerous' precedent See in context

Japantoday's ToS allows moderators to remove or edit posts by users and/or ban users if they violate the ToS. Are you saying they shouldn't be allowed to do this? How is this different from Twitter, Facebook, etc.?

If Twitter etc stayed the scale of JT, no one would care. There should be a limit on how big corporations can grow. Actually, there is - called antimonopoly laws. Doesn't work that well in the US though.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 1,591 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 6,001 See in context

There is no reason the numbers should be any lower than in other countries.

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Posted in: Gov't to ask experts whether to declare state of emergency again See in context

Their ability to sit around in meetings bobbing their heads and tooth sucking is something we should all take comfort in.

NHK: The best graduates of elite national universities go to work for the government. They know how to conduct meetings. And they are always on the lookout for the best for the people.

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Posted in: Male-only rule should be prioritized in imperial succession: Suga See in context

The elder girl's hair is rebelliously brownish.

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Posted in: Sydney on alert after mystery virus cases detected See in context

Be afraid. That's the message.

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Posted in: Coronavirus variant from South Africa found in Japan See in context

Now there will be no end to these variants. We're all cooked.

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Posted in: Gov't shuns different surnames for married couples See in context

And what exactly is problem here?

They can't change.

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Posted in: Delivery robot See in context

Angry drivers will hit and run.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 888 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,737 See in context

There ain't going to be any Olympics.

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Posted in: Defense Ministry to team up with Keidanren to promote arms exports See in context

Japans weaponry will no doubt be far more high tech than the rubbish coming out of Russia and Communist China.

It will warm your butt and make announcements: ...itashimas, ...onegaishimas.

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Posted in: Suga under fire for year-end dinners as coronavirus cases mount See in context

Not saying there isn't anything good here... It's good for a one-week vacation. Soft seats on the trains. Fujisan, kimono, sakura. Try not to catch foot fungus in the onsen and e.coli in the sushi... 15 flavors of Kit-Kat... Sayonara very much.

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Posted in: Suga under fire for year-end dinners as coronavirus cases mount See in context

He said, she said... I don't care where Suga went to eat and how many times. This is not news to me. Oh, I forgot, this is Japan, so who ate what becomes a matter of gravest importance.

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Posted in: Japan says it is seeking closer ties with U.S. after Biden's win affirmed See in context

When wasn't Japan "seeking closer ties with U.S.". Calling it an independent country and a democracy to boot is beyond ridiculous.

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Posted in: 18-month jail term sought for lawmaker Anri Kawai over vote-buying See in context

Buying votes is normal practice in Japan. Something went wrong here beyond what the article reports.

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Posted in: Swimming Santa See in context

How subtle and creative. I immediately got into Christmas mood.

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Posted in: Biden wins Michigan, Wisconsin; Trump files suits, requests vote recounts See in context

Another empty suit, yay.

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Posted in: Foreigners in Japan becoming target of discrimination due to virus See in context

Not getting spat on yet, thankfully, but the stares got more hostile.

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Posted in: 15 feared dead, 9 missing after massive flooding in southwestern Japan See in context

Why does J government allow building houses next to rivers that flood? Doesn't it care about the people?

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Posted in: Yamato becomes Japan's 1st city to 'ban' use of phones while walking See in context

Not to worry. If people ignore it, they will add penalties. I hope.

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Posted in: Store staff stop talking to customers because of coronavirus; some hope change is permanent See in context

I once bought a korokke at a nearby convenience store and a couple of years after that they yelled "Korokke is ready" or something every time I entered that store. And at clothes stores if you linger at a shelf for more than 3 minutes they come by and pretend to be folding clothes next to you. If you stop and think is a red flag for them. I don't like this being treated like a thief. They could try to be more subtle at least or is it too much to ask? Since corona started I've switched on online shopping and my customer satisfaction went up tenfold. Never ever I'm going back to brick and mortar clothes stores.

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Posted in: Man killed after car crashes into his house; driver arrested See in context

If the roads here were wider and straighter and the houses had thicker walls this could have been prevented.

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Posted in: New Zealand city removes statue of its 'murderous' namesake See in context

This has nothing to do with erasing history, and everything to do with finally getting the complete truth about it.

If you want the complete truth then you should also do the complete justice and move back to where you came from, UK wherever... Walk the walk, so to speak.

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Posted in: Foreigners with humanitarian needs will be exempt from Japan re-entry ban See in context

As long as they don't ban exit, I am OK.

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Posted in: Flowers unexpectedly bloom at Fukushima school closed by virus See in context

This picture is lovely because there are no people. A sight you can enjoy only through pictures if you live in Tokyo.

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Posted in: Panic buying slows Japan's household spending decline See in context

Wanted to panic buy a 5 kg bag of my favorite rice but it was already gone. Bought a pack of pasta instead.

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Posted in: Many schools in Japan reopen after monthlong coronavirus shutdown See in context

Abe hasn't announced a state of emergency. he only announced that he will announce a state of emergency.

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Posted in: Abe to declare state of emergency for Tokyo, 6 prefectures See in context

Once it begins to spread rapidly, the only method we have is a complete and enforced lockdown.

A month ago they asked people to void going out so they didn't have to declare a state of emergency. I guess it didn't help, because here is a state of emergency.

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Posted in: Abe to declare state of emergency for Tokyo, 6 prefectures See in context

I wish they would stop terrorizing us with these announcements already. The virus is not afraid of government's declarations. And people, although afraid, can't do much more than hoard food.

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