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They argue that anyone coming to Japan from these countries should at least be able to read and understand English signs provided.

Why exactly? What's the point in being able to read and understand English in Japan? It's not like English is spoken in Japan is it?

I'm Japanese myself, but I'm just so fed up with Japanese people in general thinking English is somehow a superior language.

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Hahahaha, am I the only one who finds this hilarious? Kudos to everyone involved who did this with a straight face though!

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This article doesn't give much information, but a witness testimony is proven to be unreliable in majority of the cases worldwide, so let's hope that the Japanese police find conclusive evidence and convict the right person, and not rely on "confessions". Just because a man looks suspicious and has a bamboo sword doesn't mean that he's a killer...

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What could've happened to make her lose her temper so much that she ended up killing her partner? That's one hell of a rage. Another woman perhaps? It must have been a considerable blow to his head as well for him not to wake up and fight back or was he knocked out by alcohol?

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Japanese women look super young for their age. I really cannot tell the difference between 25 and 45 in a lot of cases. They all seem to maintain a great complexion and figure for a long time.

That's because they avoid the sun like the plague which is the No 1 cause of ageing!

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