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Kittychosen comments

Posted in: 'Romeo and Juliet' child actors sue over 1968 nude scene See in context

The expression "grow some" springs to mind.

Oh and maybe, don't cause trouble where there isn't any.

I guess they could award compensation but remove any earnings made, plus the several decades of interests.

Silly rabbits.

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Posted in: Monty Python collaborator Neil Innes dies at age 75 See in context

How sad - he's been one of my heroes for about forty years - since I was about 14. A very talented man who contributed so much to British comedy. And a lovely person to boot.

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Posted in: Japanese chicken seller runs fruity campaign to help shelter cats See in context

They have a concern for and want to help the cute kitties, whilst breeding chickens solely for human consumption.

Speceisism at it’s best.

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Posted in: Considering Veganuary? Take B12 and beware vegan junk, scientists say See in context

And the herbivores that are eaten by humans get their B12 from?.....

Vitamin B12 is produced by bacteria, not animals or plants. As such, animals, including humans, must obtain it directly or indirectly from bacteria. As most soils on farmland are deficient in this bacteria, then the animals bred for human consumption must be injected with it.

A diet free of animal products is only deficient in B12 if gut health is poor. Many meat eaters also have poor gut health and lacking in B12.

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Posted in: Whale of a time See in context

Poor thing. Set him free.

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Posted in: Tiny tot See in context

How unpleasant.

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Posted in: 13 same-sex couples file suits for marriage equality in Japan See in context

Bugle Boy of Company

"But I don’t want to be called a marriage. That’s reserved for heterosexual couples."

Taj put it very well, but I think you need to get over yourself and mature a little.

Everything evolves and changes, you can't stop the tide. Nor should you deny some people the privelidges that you afford.

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Posted in: Tokyo braces for potential rat infestation after Tsukiji fish market closure See in context

"adhesive rat trap sheets"

And they even dare to advertise such cruelty?!

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Posted in: Yamaguchi to quit pop group Tokio over kissing scandal See in context

46 and he can't recognise jailbait when he meets one.

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Posted in: Cabbage soup, not the boiled diet version, can be glorious See in context

Looks delicious. Vegan too. I shall try it tomorrow.

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Posted in: Precision cancer therapy works in 3/4 of patients: study See in context

Big Pharma raking in the bucks once again. Eat healthy food & learn to accept the things life throws at us. Big Pharma can't make money from that. We ALL have cancer at some point in our lives, it's the natural state of the body expelling toxins. Most cancers will recede in time if left alone. It's the slash/burn/poison that is killing people.

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Posted in: American blogger makes more extensive apology for suicide video See in context

Free speech without censorship is a priviledge we enjoy in a free society. If we want to censor another's free speech then we are no longer free.

I did not see the video, but from what I can gather from the description, any laughter/giggling was due to a normal human reaction when shocked/embarrassed.

If you don't like the content, turn away. And be glad that you have the freedom to do so.

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Posted in: Starbucks Japan asks customers to not use smartphones, laptops in its cafes for Dec 11 eco event See in context

Probably the emptiest that S-bucks will be on that day. I'm sure the other coffee shops will being doing good business as a result.

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Posted in: Part from KLM plane taking off hits car in Osaka See in context

I flew KLM from Kansai to Schippol about 12 years ago. I recognised the plane as the same one that regularly flew Sydney to Schippol in the late eighties; it wasn't a new plane then.

I wonder if this is still the same one?

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Posted in: Can offshore fish farming feed a hungry world? See in context

Divine Wind said it all.

No need for any more misery in the world.

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Posted in: Samurai armor for pets See in context

My Ninja kitty doesn't need this, she exhibits stoicism everyday.

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Posted in: Hotel in Osaka has discounts for female bar customers who wear high heels See in context

wellJapan once again proves itself to be going backwards without going forwards.

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Posted in: Two halves of a whole: Japan’s habitual ‘labeling’ of bicultural kids See in context

Even worse is calling them 'kids'. They are human, not bovoidae.

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Posted in: Life's no hoot for owls in Tokyo cafes, activists say See in context

"...how to play with them..."

FFS! They are not toys.

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Posted in: Japanese news program criticized for translating Lady Gaga’s protest message as 'I hate Trump' See in context

"If a single word has two meanings in English, each definition is likely to be a separate word in Japanese."

This seems to suggest that Japanese has a larger voucabulary than English. It is a misleading sentence.

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Posted in: Dentsu's 'power harassment hell' See in context

From talking to my Japanese friens, it seems that one of the problems seems to be that no one can leave until everyone has finished their work for the day. So people spend endlless hours waiting until they can go home. A dreadful waste of manpower.

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Posted in: Actress Mika Mifune files property division suit following divorce from rocker Joji Takahashi See in context

I have friends, a couple, who met when he was 12 and she in her late twenties. More than 30 years later they are still together. Another couple of friends met at high school, he was her teacher, she was 15. They have been together nearly 40 years now. So please stop making assumptions about the age difference.

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Posted in: Woman dies after being hit by 4 trucks on Shiga expressway See in context

Unfair to blame the lorry drivers for not stopping - we don't know how large the trucks were and some can take a long time to stop if carrying heavy loads. Hitting the brakes too hard would cause them to jack-knife and that would cause a nasty pile-up. Roadtrains can take a long long distance to stop, up to a kilometre.

Those who drive only cars know only the stopping distance of a car. Try being on a 2-wheeled vehicle for example.

And it was at night - no-one expects a person to be walking around on an expressway - there was low visibility and no time to react.

Just be relieved that her actions resulted in only her death, not countless others.

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Posted in: 17-year-old student arrested for cutting woman’s hair on train See in context

No one has yet commented on what it felt like to lose her hair. There was serial cutter on the London Underground in the eighties. As a result and because my hair is a metre long, I keep it safely to my side when on public transport. To lose it this way would be akin to rape!

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Posted in: Power-generating glass windows installed at facility in Yokohama See in context

I was told about this technology 5 years ago, told to not bother with solar panels, to wait until technology was improved.

Glad I waited and didn't cover my roof with ugly solar panels.

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Posted in: When you were a child, what profession did you aspire to? And did you actually join that profession when you became an adult? See in context

Artiste! Later on Rock & Roll star.

Now (at 52) artist with my own gigging band.

Thankfully without any of the 'celeb' crap that I never saw coming back in the '70s/'80s.

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Posted in: Plans for daycare center scrapped after residents complain of possible noise See in context

They live in a quiet area, they want it to stay that way. It would be different when moving to a new are, they are right to complain. Find a noisy area for this facility. My criteria of looking for a home in Japan is no schools or the like nearby!

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Posted in: Osaka police raid elite 'tiger blowfish' restaurant See in context

And the date it was allegedly raided was...

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Posted in: Woman gets 11 years for throwing 5-year-old son to his death from 13th-floor apartment See in context

Nothing wrong with an open window in December at night - it's called fresh air.

Maybe it's more important to ask why a 5 year-old child was awake at that time of night.

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Posted in: Local demand for craftsmen boosts creative Briton See in context

Certainly good for him & well done.

But surely the writer meant tradesman not craftsman.

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