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kittyjump comments

Posted in: Koyuki makes first wedding dress appearance after marriage to Matsuyama See in context

I really find Koyuki unattractive and annoying.

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Posted in: Evacuee finds shop robbed during brief return home See in context

re not picked up in foreign news.

Well it is almost not at all reported in j news, and foreign reporters will have a harder time getting in to the evacuated areas to check for themselves.

I am in Kansai. I have heard of wide-spread looting after the Kobe one. Jpns do not like to report it for natnl image and pride and also to not encounrage it. (THere were property lines re-drawn, esp in buraku and Korean neighborhoods, taking away ppl's land/ some of, apparently. How's that for looting).

Yes could be Yaks, could be other locals, could be cops (but somehow less likely). It is not an urban area, and no-one lives in it, it's evacuated, so no injuries and fights. It may not be a wave of destruction, but even if it's only one guy-- would you burgle one house, and leave all the other sitting ducks alone? I imagine it is widespread. It is only reported in places like J today and the tabloids, but it is reported. They had politicians facing the Fukushima evacuees on tv other day, one of the things the pols got shouted at about was theft in their hometown. The guy said st like "you say there's no theft, but my house has been broken into. What will you do about it??" and had tears in his eyes.

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Posted in: 71-yr-old man arrested for beating 32-yr-old son to death See in context

Antonios' comment wins!

It is clearly possible for an older guy to overpower a younger. Antonios' comment is supported and backed-up by this article, in which there was a death.

While unusual some older ppl are stronger than younger. But more important than that is the factor of timing and amount of force of the first blow. If someone goes down, or is dazed, any further blows will be icing on the cake. As it were.

Furthermore, it was the guys' Dad. Whether it was tough love, or physical abuse that had gone on for decades, we are conditioned not to fight back against authority figures, and to believe we would lose if we did so.

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Posted in: Train groper tells police: 'I had some free time' See in context

or like the guy above said, paid cos-play fantasy...

No, he can't be arrested and have charges pressed based on hearsay, they need a victim. She might have felt bad for him, thot it was a waste of time and pain in the butt (!) to press charges, or had liked him, or cos play actor... Who knows??

Yes, some 17 yr olds would be scared, but many would not be. I can imagine plenty thinking it was "funny" they were getting the attention, and then even more funny they had the power to send him to jail. As well as other reactions.

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Posted in: Tokyo bar busted for hiring earthquake victims as prostitutes See in context


3 nen a gumi means "3rd year 'A' home-room class". It has nothing to do with elementary school, could be jr hi or hi school just as well. If it was a hostess bar, I would tend to think it was saying they were all young, just legal, ie hi school. Or as others said could be a play on words from a tv drama.

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Posted in: Train groper tells police: 'I had some free time' See in context

I have to say it's an unfortunate headline. Not exactly a bad translation- no other way to translate, however they use that word so much more and in different ways than in English, It sounds like he's trying to avoid giving any other answer or just stating the obvious wwhich is he wasn't at work. Not a good reason, but doesn't sound as absolutely whacko-dumb-a"" as it does in Eng.

Surprised not one person is commenting that she could have been enjoying it. Don't kno how likely, but possible. I have been groped by strangers and felt, alternatively or in combination, embarrassment, humiliation, anger, surprise, thrilled joy. The more you keep your perceptions to the script that some religion or some pc handbook-writer has written for you, the less you can know your true self, know what is really happening right now, and the less you can understand all of what's really in the human heart. (Not saying I know, just saying that knee-jerk is a limitation.)

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Posted in: A Geek in Japan See in context


What you say is true, but yet, not an effective argument against stirring s""t that is already over-stirred and tired out. The fact that there are ppl who haven't yet experienced the s""t is not a good reason to foist it on them.

(That said, not read the bk, may be a rare brilliant one. But sounds dumb.)

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Posted in: Poster girl See in context


what can I say. Looks painted to me. As squally says, that s""t is usually airbrushed.


Yeah, kinda. It's also that it is a really big image-deflator for a celebrity to be in a cm in the US. They look commercial and stupid and it hurts their popularity in their main job. Here there isn't that stigma, there is in fact a kind of aura to being in ads, so desirable for the stars.

I wouldn't call advertising dumbed down here btw. There is some really cool stuff, whether celeb-driven or not. Often the coolest stuff on TV. OK that's not saying much. But really cool stuff. Better than US.

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Posted in: Mikie Hara shows her Mystique look See in context

I think they're natural. THey look that way to me, and in that video everyone has mentioned above, she talks about how her breasts started to grow and get real big when she was a 3rd grader in elementary school. They were big, no one else's was, and she was really embarrassed, apparently. The Mystique character she is impersonating was always embarrassed about her blu skin, so Hara -san knows how she feels from her breast experience.

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Posted in: Politician husband of actress Maki Mizuno spotted cavorting with hostess See in context

Full-blown stake-outt?

It's what the tabloids do everyday, yo. Different day different guy.

How many affairs has Maki had.

The way of the world...

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Posted in: Poster girl See in context

Weird everyone keeps saying photoshopped.

It is probably painted or airbrushed onto the building. And even if it is somehow a bldg-sized printed photo direct from the lens/ printer, even with great lighting/makeup and pretty young girls, blown up to that size it would be hard to have in perfect focus, never mind blemishes, and so would look stupid if not photo-shopped. Or should I say stupider.

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Posted in: A resigned Horiemon prepares for life in prison See in context

Yes, I thoght it meant a life-sentence too, at first.

The headline of the magazine article I saw about him the other day quoted him as saying "I won't stop jerking off even in prison!" Which I thot was odd, but now see it must have been in response to this no-jerk-off rule they have there.

btw for non-jpns spkrs, "rubbing genitals" is just a bad translation. They should have translated as just masturbation. It's a regular expression in jpns, but not in English. Direct translations are silly.

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Posted in: Nuclear cleanup workers being recruited from society's lowest rungs See in context

I don't even know if you can call them temp workers, as temps have an agency and contracts. These guys really line up at a work office every morning to get whatever (usually construction related but also nuke) jobs there are. The different construction co's and subcontractors show up with a list of jobs/ required skills/strength and take whoevers 1st in line that fits the bill. Maybe you know all that.

This is basically the way it's been since the nuclear plants started here, not just for this disaster. Maybe you know that too.

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Posted in: Nuclear cleanup workers being recruited from society's lowest rungs See in context

Smorkian, et al,

In this case, subcontractors are the ppl contracting w/ the co. (Tepco and other nuke cos) to provide labor. However the actual laborers are not employees of the subcon co. They are paid by the day. That means they can be let go at any time. Sometimes there are wk and longer contracts, but gnrly by the day. NO benefits, as they are not regular members of the company. Further this article doesn't mention, there are also sub-sub and sub-sub-sub contractors. Basically further farming out accountability and responsibility. As the article said, the guy got sick and got dumped. This is how nuclear cos in Jpn have worked for a long time, nothing to do with this accident. "Real" employees of TEPCO/ others are only 10% 20% of the total workers.

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Posted in: Schwarzenegger reveals he had child with staffer See in context

who cares about politicians' sex lives?

Everyone has affairs. Public ppl have more trouble/ worry keeping it confidential. So what?

Good luck to them all whatever they go and do. Maria, Guv, the maid and the kid.

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Posted in: Rock musician Yuya Uchida held for assaulting girlfriend See in context

re the Locksmith complaints.

Can we safely assume that it was either Uchida's residence at some point, or that he had at least his name on an owner's or gaurantor's contract? Or that the locksmith personally knew him? (without knowing about the situation w/ the girlfriend), and just leave him out of it?

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Posted in: Man disguised as a woman arrested for beating up his date See in context

Poor confused guy. Hope he gets some help. Hope he doesn't get that sex change and then turn into a man-hating feminaught.

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Posted in: $6.1 mil awarded to Tennessee man in Japan child custody battle See in context

All of these comments are kind of funny. Taking the side of one parent or another. Any kind of situation like this is going to have complications and feelings impossible to be expressed in a legal court, and impossible to be resolved there. Never mind known or understood by third party (us). Japanabducts (above) calling the father "law-abiding" and therefore the correct parent for the kids to be with for some reason, shows our simplistic and short-sighted thinking in the modern world. Obviously, law-abiding has nothing to do with anything. He might be the better parent for the kids, he might not, is all I can say. I just hope the kids can grow through their parents problems into strong adults, not battered and broken by adults' idiocy.

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Posted in: Tokyo elects first openly gay politician in the history of modern Japan See in context

I suppose we will have to agree to disagree then.

THis aritcle mentions Milk, compare him to the pols in jpn in this article and comments. They didn't have to go through the campaing he did,p Protests and demonstrations (even tho he came from a "gay" town). I see it (their gayness) as a non-issue to the voters, and the ppl I know couldn't care less if someone was gay. I don't see any negative actions to lgb ppl, just no action. There is silence which might be frustrating esp for an outspoken westerner but I personally can't distinguish it from the silence about anything else here and so hesitate to call it hatred. I find ppl very accepting of others here, tho on the surface it often appears to be the opposite. Tho there are those that don't accept one thing or another in their way. It can seem a harsh place.


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Posted in: Tokyo elects first openly gay politician in the history of modern Japan See in context


You mention some luxurious worries, as they say in Japanese. When I was a kid I remember a friend of a friend came over to hang with us and joyously recounting how he and his other friends had snuck up on a "queer" with a hockey stick and thrusting it between his legs and yanking up into his crotch, then pulling back so the end of the hockey stick struck the guy again and also knocked him over. I forgot if they beat him up anymore than that, but he was impressed with his ingenuity with the hockey stick, and with the fear of the guy on the ground.

One thing you might remember is these two gay officials were elected with relative ease, and no resistance or protests or threats due to their being gay. No-one I have met here can even remotley relate to (never mind have in themself) the hatred that exists in the west, accompanied by violence or not, the idea of dirtiness or perversion or unnatural in a sinful way (whether religious or not, that is the kind of feeling I get from homophobes). The few times it has come up in conversation I usually get a puzzled look "why?" As in "Who cares?" (If someone is gay). They can understand violence in a dispute, or violence of finding one weak individual to bully, but can't even understand hatred against an anonymous class of ppl composed of ppl they have never met. Again, thse officials in the story, were not attacked to my knowledge.

I would really urge you to rethink all you wrote in the context of "Japan" instead of "gay" and not easily comparing it with how things are in your country. ppl here, (yes depending on the person, and depending on the group), will really not say very much about themselves in a self-introduction that we would say in the west, gay or straight. Anything relating to romance or sex, or partners especially so. ppl can be ashamed of admitting that their hobby is golf (not a joke), and for really various possible reasons. They can be shy or ashamed or embarassed about anything. And that culture breeds a tendency to give ppl space in not asking anything that we don't have in the same way, at least not in America, which in turn breeds a real impulse (necessity) to not ever pronounce, or emphasize things you do, especially not correctness. In other words, even if you have no shame or fear about your private life (whether gay or golf), you must toe the line of privacy, because everyone else is to be polite. I don't know if I made that clear in 3 sentences on the net, but to me it is not homophobia.

TV- that is a whole nother story, simply put everyone here knows j TV is stupid and b) everyone gets made fun of in stupid degrading ways except maybe singers. Fat for being fat, woman for woman, stupid for stupid, skinny and weak for can never get a date, etc. Not homophobia, just a part of the stupidity of TV. (I'd say visibility and popularity of gays and transexuals is actually going to be a big part of change and acceptance in the culture tho, they are not all manga characters. And , these officials have been elected.)

Marriage- you want to introduce yourself as married, like everyone else, you want to wear a wedding ring downtown, go and do it. Be the first one and change everyone's mind. Just recognize the resistance for what it is, how J society works in many contexts, not only gay.

I"ve written meself an essay, hope you read it.

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Posted in: Tokyo elects first openly gay politician in the history of modern Japan See in context

I disagree with the beginning of this article. There is so not homophobia in Japan.

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Posted in: Man arrested for alleged abduction of 9-year-old girl in Saitama See in context

Not enough info at all. I agree, sad to live in a paranoid society.

One thing- Miamum, you should not teach your kids to call "help", you should teach them to call "fire" , women as well, if attacked.

Hearing "help" many consider the danger to themselves and run away, leaving a victim more isolated. Fire gets everyone's attention.

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Posted in: Woman, 20, admits stabbing 78-year-old grandmother over living expenses See in context

wow, guys, yeah she might be crazy, but how do you know this grandmother was anything other than a cranky spiteful insulting confidence wrecker? Or that she didn't torture this girl when a child or do things to cause her parents to abandon her?

Anytime someone feels strongly enough to kill someone, esp a family member, there is usually more going on, a LOT more.

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Posted in: William, Kate ask for some private time See in context

Kapuna's right.

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Posted in: Ice rivals See in context

I don't follow skating and didn't see this one, but Miki Ando is a true model of un-give-upedness.

She's come close and been defeated by her own nerves in public more than once, something that once recurrs can jsut become that much more hard to get over and control. Many fall off the horse at that point. She's born the pressure of others expectations and failed, been scorned/half forgotten, but she always came back to the plate. Now she is coming into her own. Showing us how its done.

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Posted in: Mexico extradites reputed drug lord to U.S. See in context

Make pot legal and we won't have to extradite anyone, never mind the dead bodies and heads-on-poles all over the border. Extraditing this guy is only for political "looks" and to get him out of the way for someone else to be the boss. The cops and military and gov are all in on it down there.

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Posted in: Repetitive post-quake public service messages drove TV viewers nuts See in context

Yes, I too was driven half crazy. I would be hard pressed to choose my most hated one, but probably the one urging you to get checked for cervical cancer, who wants to hear that cr÷÷ over and over?

But on the other hand I do appreciate what they were trying to do. With such a painful disaster still in progress, I do not think it would be appropriate to show normal commercials urging you to buy buy buy with sexiness and dumb jokes. They were trying to just take up the airwaves and airspace using their communal financial resources. A good idea. Maybe they could film some beautiful natural scene, like flowers or mountains and an unspoken unintrusive written slogan in it somewhere for next time?

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Posted in: Men act stupid when talking to beautiful women, study shows See in context

Is it just me?

Or is this headline and attatched article no different than one saying, "Sometimes it rains in April"?

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Posted in: Fancy fan See in context

I live in an old house here w/no aircon. I don't really like it and always use fans. However last year we had over 35c every SINGLE day for 3 mos straight- most of jpn same, and it was just awful. I couldnt sleep at night and I didn't want to do anything in the day. This summer is supposed to be similar. All those ppl in Tokyo, if they cut the electricity, will be in a sad state. I thought this fan might actually DO something with those sensors, like dehumidify or directional mini-ac, but if its just a fan not worth it.

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Posted in: Vets to enter evacuation zone to deal with abandoned animals See in context

I saw pix of animals dead and some rotting in their barns a couple wks aggo in the weeklies (FRI, Flash). Very sad. I thought that roaming cows and pigs etc. would be ok, tho, they'd figure out where water was and find grass. If there's no ppl living there, do they really need to kill them all? I mean for one thing, with hundreds of thousands of animals, presumably wandering about, it would be hard to find them.

I do not think they should just euthanize them w/o farmers permission, though. Besides just being messing with someone else's property, there could be untold reasons for not doing it, or for selectively doing it that only the farmer would know. (age and health of animal, for breeding future generations or not, rare breed, sentimental reason, under contract to hand over to a third party, others unimaginable to someone not in that field.)

What does loose cattle "dying of bloat" mean? (revilo)

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