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Posted in: Dairy farmer shoots man in head with air gun while attempting to exterminate crows See in context

I'd really like to know what kind of air gun can put someone in a coma. 

Many of the air rifles used in Japan are PCP air rifles (pre-charged pneumatic), and are very different from the old Daisy break barrel kind of air rifle people may have in mind. I have a license and use one for target shooting (at a range), but my one is only in .177 caliber.

Several of the hunting PCP air rifles used for hunting in Japan can have up to 60 - 80 joules in power, and .44, or 7 mm calibers as well as the more traditional .22, etc. On comparison a BB rifle that many of us might have used in the backyard in our home countries is only about 10 joules, and the max allowed for airsoft in Japan is a bit less than 1 joule.

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Posted in: Since there’s been no thinning, their growth stopped while their trunks were still narrow. It is time for trees to be cut down. But they are left uncared for due to low demand for domestic timber and a shortage of forestry workers. See in context

How about chopping down the cedar trees off of western Tokyo? Replace them with young trees of various sorts to recreate a forest again, instead of a failed industrial tree farm that continues to torment the population of springtime Tokyo?

That precise project was considered. The impetus of course, was political as a election pledge that might resonate with hayfever suffering voters, Tokyo politicians did the following:

In that 2016 study, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government asked sufferers what to do about the problem. The top answer in the multiple-choice survey was for the government to do research to find a cure for hay fever. In second place was to reduce the release of pollen by felling trees and trimming branches.

The results was:

Aiming to reduce pollen production, the national research body Forest Research and Management Organization, as of the end of 2017, had developed 142 varieties of low-pollen cedar and three no-pollen types, as well as 56 varieties of low-pollen cypress. Low-pollen varieties typically release less than 1 percent of the volume that regular trees produce.

I didn't quite understand this logic, because the main problem is cedar trees that were planted a long time ago around, and that are economically unproductive to manage or harvest, and so are just left where they are. Gradually clearing them in sections and replacing with a more native balanced type of species forest would benefit both the voters, and the wildlife that would have more diversity. Instead they go for the option of developing new cedar types. But the problem is not that there isn't enough cedar, it's just that most of it isn't needed.

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Mars also has very valuable deposits of Turbinium. This mineral is not available on Earth but is very common on Mars.

Well, in Total Recall movie world it has Turbinium. I’m sure you realize in real life, Turbunium is a fictional mineral.

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Posted in: Japanese Youth Conference petitions government to end compulsory after-school club activities See in context

When I taught at a low level private school every student was forced to do a club as it was part of the school’s aim of creating a commitment; especially as the aim of the Kocho-sensei was that the students become good factory employees (human robots). Since then, I’ve only taught at academic public schools, and only about 50% of students do a club. Study time is seen by the school as being more important to their future at an academic school. However, none of the schools considered students leisure time and psychological health in their formula.

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Posted in: Russian offensive widens in Ukraine as U.S. imposes new trade sanctions See in context

If nuclear, chemical or biological weapons are used then I think NATO is going to have to take a very deep breath and intervene.

If biological weapons are used that may very well end up being an indirect attack on NATO. A biological attack, such as smallpox doesn’t stop at the border and would quickly move to Poland (but Putin might gamble that this would seal the Polish border). . Likewise a false flag terrorist type attack on Ukraines nuclear reactors, is also likely to send radiation across the borders into Europe. Even low yield tactical nuclear weapons combined with burning building that would release radioactive smoke would be carried over to Poland. At what point does NATO draw a red line?

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Posted in: Pentagon rejects NATO nations providing jets to Ukraine See in context

We've all seen the ridiculously long tables and tennis court sized distances that Putin keeps between him and everyone else, even his closest generals. Ostensibly, this is for Covid reasons, but in addition, it is probably, of late, more to protect against a Von Stauffenberg type assassination attempt. Putin is Stalin-esk in the sense, he would even refuse to trade to save his own son's life, but the ONE life he does care about is his own. He may be borderline mad, manic, and extremely paranoid, but above all else, he's paranoid to ensure his own survival. In the end, that, as well as the fact that the nuclear arsenal involved layers of people outside himself to activate, are the reasons that the nuclear option is a bluff.

However, before that line, there are other options he can take. Despite instantly destroying what economy remains to him, he can stop the gas line to Europe.

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Posted in: McDonald's to temporarily close 850 stores in Russia See in context

Good on them to continue paying employees.

I agree. The minimum wage fast food worker at a McDonald's in Vladivostok or Moscow shouldn't be the ones bearing the brunt of Putin's mania. However, I'm just wondering about the technicalities of how they'll be able to keep paying them for months upon months? Of course, McDonald's global has the money for it, but they can't move that money into the country due to banking shutdown and sanctions. And, it wouldn't surprise me if the funds McDonald's has in its Russian banks get seized by Russia on whatever flimsy pretext. The same goes for every multinational company that is pulling out of Russia, but continues to pay the wages.

But at least, they didn't just abandon their workers.

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Posted in: Ukraine says Russia stepping up shelling of residential areas See in context

So the reason none of the European nations willing to send war planes is because they fear they won't have enough for themselves and want US to promise to compensate them with f16. 

No! It’s because Ukraine has asked for Russian warplanes as that is what the Ukrainian pilots are used to flying, and have trained for war in. But, many of the NATO former USSR countries that still have them, have them serviced by a Russian service team in an old agreement. Maintaining a bunch of old Mig 29s without replacement parts, or a proper service team during a war won’t last long.

A better compromise would be supplying Ukraine with more Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones, which they already have and use.

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Posted in: Police ask owners to turn in their crossbows as new ban goes into effect See in context

Up until 2006 there was no power limitation for modified airsoft guns. After a bunch of Osaka punks on scooters started firing 6mm steel ball bearings at cars, from modified airsoft guns that fired at power ratings equal to normal CO2 pellet air guns, they changed the law (to 0.98 joule). It was estimated there were 800,000 overpowered customized airsoft guns. After the law only 1/8th of those were powered down, almost none were handed in as requested, and 700,000 remain unaccounted for. Without a buyback scheme and no way to know who owns what, the honesty voluntary give up something you spent a lot of money for, didn’t work for airsoft. Will it work for crossbows?

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Posted in: Woman found dead in bathtub last year had ¥150 mil life insurance See in context

I hope he knows Japan has more CCTV cameras than people. Probably not.

Yes, but time is an issue with CCTV records. The majority of CCTV cameras don't hold the data for longer than 1 - 3 months, and this occurred seven months ago in July last year. Most CCTV data storage would have written and re-written over itself repeatedly in the last 7 months.

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Posted in: Man arrested for asking acquaintance to store shotgun cartridges in restaurant See in context

It's true that was a bureaucracy problem for the Olympics, but that is very different from the connotation of this article. Shotgun cartridges' are not very big, and there were only three of them. (It's not as those it was three large suitcases). So, asking someone 'to hold on to to something small but dodgy for you a while so it's not in your possession,' - that's suspicious. As usual with articles, there is a lack of information (were any of the licensed to own a shotgun and ammunition, did the shop happen to have a safe, and therefore they thought storing the shells in a safe was the proper procedure?). Otherwise, it all is just dody.

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Posted in: Japanese drugmaker Shionogi mulls developing vaccine for Omicron See in context

Probably the company's way of trying to get the government to give them money for research 

Their vaccine push probably helps with leverage, but not necessarily with research money. Shionogi’s most important profit line is in analgesics. I use their pain med products. They’re the only Japan licensed maker and provider of OxyContin. At the same time they started their first vaccine push last year, they convinced the govt to loosen dispensing criteria for their OxyContin. (That’s a good thing IMO).

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Posted in: There is no reason to distinguish between residents due to their citizenship with regard to the local referendum system. See in context

Most countries do not allow non-citizens to vote in general elections. When they do allow, there are restrictions.

My birth country of New Zealand, did an interesting switch on that. Permanent residents are allowed to now vote in everything (National and local elections, etc). However, citizens, and permanent residents who have been out of the country for more than 1 year can't vote. It was done because the population had risen from around 4 million to 5 million through immigration, but at the same time, there are about 1 million Kiwi citizens overseas long term. So, while some political parties saw benefit in allowing permanent residents to vote for them, other parties were worried that expats Kiwis were biased against them.

Meanwhile, Switzerland, a country I'm a dual citizen of, but have never lived in, invites me to vote in their monthly referendums. (I don't simply because I don't believe I should vote for things in a country in which I don't live and therefore don't have to be responsible for the consequences).

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Posted in: Man gets suspended sentence for killing and injuring about 100 cats See in context

There is a link between harming animals and then moving on to people...

Agreed. He needs a proper psychiatric assessment. We're not talking about someone who hates cats and throws something at strays. He actively captured to torture them,


The perp is 49, a little late for escalating to human beings don’t you think? 

Are you suggesting that possible psychiatric illnesses that cause a person to want to to harm others has an age limit - a young age limit of 49 at that??? Here's a man-child with a desire to harm and torture other living things, with a possible untreated psychiatric illness, who now feels even more powerless and trapped in is life as he has been caught for this, and will soon be back in society. Free to roam anywhere there are powerless animals; oh say, children's playgrounds for example. - But you're suggesting that won't be a problem because he's 49 years old. This logic escapes me.

Also, was he using a pellet air rifle instead of an airsoft gun? If so he needed to be licensed for it, and even if he was licensed for it, usually the courts are harsh on irresponsible gun use, even if it is just a pellet air rifle.

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Posted in: Japan considers lending statue of famed Chinese Zen master to China See in context

He came to Japan in 1654 and died here in 1673, so as the statue was created in 1663 (9 years after he arrived in Japan), that would make the case for its Japanese origin providence relatively simple.

So, it is not like a relic, or similar, that mysteriously disappeared from another country, and whose origin and method of acquisition are murky. That makes Japanese ownership clear, so is probably the reason it is considered OK for lending out.

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Posted in: Japan issues new ¥500 coins for 1st time in 21 years See in context

Whatever happened to the ¥2,000 note?

> Apparantly they are passed out at foreign banks if tourists exchange some money before coming to Japan,

Pretty much that. Every time I've made a visit back home, and for one reason or other, needed to buy Japanese yen before returning, my home country banks, after giving me the 10,000 yen notes always gave me the loose extra notes as 2,000 yen notes. Made for some suspicious double takes at a convenience store when I paid for things with them once. Not sure why, but it seems the Japanese mint must use them only for foreign distribution.

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting elementary school girl in park See in context

This is a perfect example of where a child sex offenders national list is needed. Yes, for all we know it may have been a first time offense, if so it wouldn’t have stopped this situation. But, the suspect openly acknowledges he has a desire and that he clearly can’t stop himself acting on it if the opportunity arises (assuming he wasn’t already in the park for that purpose; if so that adds an extra predatory seeking behavior to it). As he will be back in society soon enough, without a child offenders list there’s no way to keep tabs on him or to do a background check on him.

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Posted in: Hair from culled Hokkaido deer made into jeans See in context

As for deer, I feed my dog wild hunted Japan venison. High protein, low fat, and being wild, what fat there is, is higher in omega-3 than grain fed farmed animals.

Until the Americans took over the country no THC hemp was grown but the Americans banned it.

Hemp is still grown in Yamanashi, and JA sells certified seeds to the growers with permits. Technically, as long as you have a permit, and use JA seeds then you can grow hemp in Japan. It is not no THC hemp, but industrial hemp has less than 0.3% THC. I think the JA supplied variety has about 1.8%, (either way, it's useless for smoking, but good for everything else that hemp is used for, including painting canvasses).

Unfortunately for Japan, imported hemp derived products are far cheaper, so as a result, all the CBD, CBN, and CBG products available in Japan come from the US. (I used to use one locally produced oil product, but switched to an cheaper Colorado import).

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Posted in: Japan's universities tightening background checks on foreign students See in context

Instead of doing "background checks", how about not letting anyone from outside Japan into the program? This way, there is no danger.

The last time Japan's universities were at full capacity was 2009. A shrinking university student aged population creates an oversupply of universities with spare capacity. That leaves only 3 options, the number of universities needs to decrease, or the income and therefore salaries and services at the universities decrease, or the spare capacity is made up by foreign students. That brings up the issue of who is doing background checks on foreign students. If it is the universities, then the background checks are being done by the same organization that is desperate for every foreign student they can get.

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Posted in: Man arrested for smuggling gun parts from U.S. See in context

Unless we know the gun part, no one can be confident of the man's intent. It could be a serious situation. Alternatively, this could just be a situation blown out of proportion by the police to get some positive attention and easily thrown out of court later.

According to the Japanese news and accompanying pictures, it was a resin pistol body.

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Posted in: Man arrested for smuggling gun parts from U.S. See in context

I'm assuming it was something like a rifled barrel for a pistol, which is obviously illegal.

I've never had any problem importing other gun parts for a PCB air rifle (scopes, buttplate, etc). But, I check with customs first, they have a contact office and are very friendly in giving a written reply by email as to if it is OK, and it has always been OK. Likewise, I custom build my own airsoft pistols as a target shooting hobby, and I've never had any issues being allowed to import either individual parts or conversion kits.

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Posted in: Toyota cuts global production further on virus issues, chip woes See in context

I don't believe that at all. The chip shortage won't get better until 2023.

it seems the critical shortage is in the 28 nm and 14 nm chips, in which, Taiwan and China are the lead manufacturers. As the chip shortage is only one piece of the supply chain woes, it seems like the shortage in other parts could end up being a bigger supply chain factor by 2022.

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Posted in: 2 injured in acid attack in Tokyo subway station; suspect at large See in context

It is time to tighten the rules for the purchase of certain chemical products.

I buy sulfuric acid for hobby reasons, however due to shipping laws it can only be 10% strength; the same strength as weak car battery acid. To get stronger acids such as what this guy must have obtained in a more speciality place.

after a kid used acetone to make a crude bomb, they tried to tighten down on buying acetone, but as it is ubiquitously used for hobby and DIY uses, and whenever Japan tries to introduce bureaucracy for these things, they make it overly complicated do drop the effort a while instead of producing a workable system.

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Posted in: How COVID pandemic changed methadone treatment for addiction See in context

In New Zealand it is also used for chronic pain in place of other opioids.

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Posted in: Aluminum cans slowly replace plastics to tackle marine pollution See in context

Typo - glass melting point is approximately 1.5 times higher than aluminum (not 2.5X).

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Posted in: Aluminum cans slowly replace plastics to tackle marine pollution See in context

Although aluminum cans, including beer and other drink cans, still contain a plastic liner inside, that liner uses a lot less plastic than an entire plastic bottle. Plastic is usually down-cycled into lower grade products, not recycled, whereas aluminum cans become new drink cans.

Aluminum is relatively easy to recycle with a low melting point, a bit over 1/3rd that of steel, and as it’s vastly cheaper to recycle aluminum as opposed to refining bauxite ore to make new aluminum, then there’s that added cash incentive to collect and recycle it, as opposed to plastic.

Glass is great, but it’s heavy so has extra transport issues, has a melting point 2.5 times higher than that of aluminum, and where I grew up in the 70s and 80s smashed glass beer bottles were a much bigger pain (literally- a lot of cut open feet), at the beach and in the rivers than aluminum. (Personally, I do prefer beer from a glass bottle though. Asahi still comes in big bottles at the Super.)

I have an estrogen receptor brain tumor, which responds negatively to BPA from plastics. But it is so ubiquitous in our environment that it’s hard to avoid.

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Posted in: Tokyo's real life Paw Patrol keeps crime on short leash See in context

Its really sad to see so many dogs in Tokyo in summer wearing dog clothes... Are the owners trying to kill their pets?

Some of the dog Summer jackets are made for cooling. There’s types that are wet with cold water and the evaporation keeps the body cold; they work for about an hour. There’s also gel filled types which are put in the fridge overnight and stay cold an hour or so while walking. And some are cooled by those coolies that are put in dog jacket pockets; the same type of gel filled coolies that keep Cooley bins cold.

Even if you stick to walking a dog at 6.30 am and again at night, as we do, overhearing is an issue. The wife uses the cold water evaporation type jacket, which out dog seems to like.

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Posted in: Waiting for a bite See in context

Very cute! The age range of the three, makes it look a like a 'fun for all ages' activity. Could easily be grandad, father and son.

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Posted in: Tokyo hotel criticized for 'Japanese only' notice for elevator use See in context

Some Japanese guests have asked the hotel whether they were prohibited from using elevators marked as for "foreigners only," they said.

The article unfortunately doesn't report what the hotel's answer were to those questions.

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Posted in: Shop hopes its deerskin goods focus minds on Japan's huge deer culls See in context

I feed my dog venison topper from wild caught Hokkaido venison. The deer is processed in a jibie wild game processing center, and is usually sold for human food (especially restaurants). But with Covid, they had a tough time selling, so I buy the tougher and cheaper cuts (shoulder), and pressure cook it. Much lower fat than farmed meat. But I grew up in NZ on hunted venison, so always been a fan.

Unless Asiatic wolves are reintroduced, then humans are the only apex predator capable of controlling deer and boar numbers.

I couldn’t pass my hunting license, (ironically the shotgun license is easier for me to pass than the hunting license).

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