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Posted in: Yamada was questioned by police in Tokyo 2 days before Osaka child murders See in context

The real issue is the lack of resources such as mandatory sex offender lists with a compulsory reporting requirement. It is not the fault of the police that no such tracking exists. The man has a history of sexual offences, specifically targeting young boys, and yet he is allowed unregulated freedom of movement across the country. The police acted within their powers, however, I feel if you've been convicted as a sexual offender you should have to be on the sex offender's list for life, along with other restrictions (having to report current address, not being allowed offensive items such as stun guns, etc).

I have no issue with things such as pepper spray as some of my female students carry police strength pepper spray, which they buy from Amazon Japan, as a result of personal incidents they've had. However, they also sell stun guns on Amazon Japan, and in my opinion they are more offensive than defensive.

Ironically, last year I was on an Osaka train where some nut case started spraying people with pepper spray; the second time in ten years I've had random unprovoked nutcase issues. I only had my own pepper spray, but that is not useful in a train incident.

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I'm curious how the eight million yen from eight other victims breaks down in terms of actual cash per person. Was there eight random women walking around with a million yen in cash each? Or did he just hit the jackpot one day and get eight million yen from just one of those victims, and a modest amount from the other seven? Either way, between the eight of them they were carrying the equivalent $64,000 US in cash on them.

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As it seems as of now, there are only two living witnesses; the woman and her son. We'll possibly never know how much the son was involved, and if the woman is, at least in part, taking all the blame in an effort to spare the son a criminal conviction. However, as others have already said, in most developed countries his actions would also attract associated criminal charges.

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Posted in: Indonesia court overturns teachers' sexual abuse convictions See in context

This case was a farce from the start. I`ve been following the history of the case for a while. Among the key evidence sighted against the Canadian at the court hearing that found him guilty was that he only had sex with his wife once a week. They found an Indonesian psychiatrist who testified saying that a man would normally have sex with his wife everyday, and because this Canadian only had sex once a week then his sexual frustration could have built up and manifested itself on the children.

The parents who did the accusations went from one hospital to another trying to get a physical assessment of sodomy evidence, however all the hospitals they went to were not able to find anything except an Indonesian military hospital.

It was also telling that the family that made the accusation went to the school with their allegations and demanded money to stop them pressing charges. As well as that, the nature of the allegations from the accused changed as they sought more money (initially they requested $12.5 million dollars, and that slowly increased to $125 million dollars.

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Posted in: Toyota's American PR chief arrested for suspected drug violation See in context


people will try "importing" hemp;

Provided there is no THC in the product, then hemp products can be imported by people directly into Japan. CBD oil (the second most common compound behind THC in cannabis and used for pain relief) is available from (expensive, but available). And, can be sent to you in Japan as Japan is one of the 40 countries that allows hemp products. I've had Charlotte's web and other high CBD oil compounds sent to me by mail order.

As for pain killers, over the counter medications here have codeine (cough medicines, and the little yellow pill things that they sell 180 in a bottle and have 3 mg per pill). But nothing as strong as Oxycodone of course.

Getting pain medication from a doctor is an issue though. However, as others have said, in her position she would have had access to medical resources if she had looked into it more. And it is the posting items to herself that is a big red flag for customs. Similar to other cases where people try to disguise it in tylenol bottles and things.

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Posted in: 2 hospitals to lose 'advanced treatment hospital' status after patients' deaths See in context

@M3M3M3 I required extensive brain surgery last year to remove a large tumor. I went to three different hospitals before I found one where I was comfortable going through the procedure at. I also wen through the rounds of angry surgeons, simply because I had a lot of questions. Even among the university hospital, the standard of care and the professionalism of the medical staff varied greatly from one hospital to another.

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@gaijininfo In Japan a lower temperature is used for cremations, which purposely leaves some bone material. It also leaves gold and platinum from dental procedures which when pooled together the city is allowed to sell to add to the city coffers.

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Posted in: Technology to look inside Fukushima reactors faces challenge See in context

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The river is 20 to 30 cm deep.

That is only 8 to 12 inches deep, less than knee deep. Unless this is a typo.

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The Japanese-trained Admire Rakti, who started the race as favorite, faded badly over the last few furlongs and finished last.

And, has since died in its stall.

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The display of models is at least relatively representative. They have the Russian Soyuz craft that got them up there, the ISS itself, and the Japanese Kibo unit that was the addition Japan provided to the ISS (although it needed the shuttles to get it there, the only model left out).

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This article seems to be confusing things around. Sim unlocking is a good thing though.

The irony is that Japan is a major supplier of the chips used in the Iphone and therefore, at least on some models, receives 34% of the cost of iphones sold all over the world (More then the U.S earns from it.) and the top national beneficiary of the iPhone, taking in 34 percent of the proceeds, is Japan. (The U.S., where it was designed, doesn't make much more than China, where the devices are assembled by low-paid workers.) Inequality for all movie. Therefore although the Iphone has had a big impact on Japanese cell phone brands sold in Japan, it has been beneficial for Japanese tech companies that manufacture components for it.

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American dairy milk is genetically-modified unless it’s labeled “NO rBGH” Genetically-engineered bovine growth hormone (rBGH) in milk increases cancer risks. American dairy farmers inject rBGH to dairy cows to increase milk production.

New Zealand has banned all forms of growth hormone for farming use which is one way NZ farmers hope to compete against the massive feedlot run dairy farms in the U.S. Unfortunately N.Z beef is almost all grass fed and a lot of consumers in Japan are so unused to the grass fed taste (my wife thinks it tastes like liver).

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I remember when the movie "Finding Nemo" came out, there was a big rush by parents to buy goldfish for their children. Then the fad passed and people started dumping their goldfish. I don't think pet sellers will be too concerned whether buyers want pets as part of a fad; they just want to sell pets to anyone who comes into their store.

After Finding Nemo, there was also a fad where children flushed their fish down the toilet thinking they were setting them free:)

The question is what about all the stray cats and dogs that already exist. The neuter and put back in the area it came from concept might be one option. This solves the problem that if you just remove a stray from an area it creates a vacuum that is filled by the young of other strays, who then become breeding adults.

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After talking to people about this, we came to an idea! Mum and Dad might have been mentally challenged! And the care of a child too much for them. Might not have been deliberate. Any other scenario is just too sick.

That is a logical thought due to the absence of services to help people in that situation. However in this situation the father is a truck driver. Anybody who is mentally challenged to the point he can't buy the minimum amount of food to keep his son alive is not someone who I want to be in charge of a multi-ton truck using the roads we do.

A lot of unanswered questions all around.

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Posted in: Body in Sapporo park identified as woman missing since panic call to fiance See in context

Given the fact that the body was apparently so badly decomposed that they couldn't tell the gender at first, it seems like the smell alone would have helped any police follow up searchers locate the body.

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Posted in: 78-year-old woman dies after X-ray at hospital See in context

I've just had a large brain tumor removed in a Japanese hospital and required many scans that used contrasting agents both before and after ten hours of surgery. I'm still in hospital now and my treatment has been outstandingly great. The key is to use a research hospital if it is major such as brain surgery. Medical mistakes happen regularly all over the world including a lot in my home country. The one good thing is that they get revealed instead of being covered up.

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Posted in: Love hotel business booming in Japan See in context

Every other article that I've read that cared to actually post figures has suggested that Japan's love hotels are actually on the decline. One of the reasons mentioned repeatedly has been young people having less spare cash and choosing to make do in Karaoke booths or cars.

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Posted in: Hulu Japan offers not just movies, but a little education and awesome customer service too See in context

After finding Hulu Japan not up to the grade, I started using the service ($5 a month), plus a U.S Hulu subcription ($8 a month). If you have an apple T.V you can use the same service to get the U.S Apple T.V lineup (comes with things such as ABC, and a range of other free services).

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Posted in: Japan ranked 6th in quality of life for children See in context

The full report can be found here :

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Posted in: Easter Island statue erected in tsunami-hit town See in context

Nice gesture. Every time I see a Moai these days I'm reminded of this poster;

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Posted in: U.S. says Japan must negotiate on rice to join TPP talks See in context

But the problem for them is not foreigners but young Japanese... they all eat bread...

And they don`t want to work on the farms and in the fields. Which is why the average age of a Japanese farmer is reported to be 65.

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Posted in: In Japan, gun ownership is a privilege, not a right See in context

New Zealand has the same gun requirements. To get a firearms license in New Zealand I had to do;

1) : Police background check. 2) : A day of training. 3) : Pass a written test. 4) : The have the police interview my neighbors and partner (in a separate room from me) to check if I was o.k to have a gun. 5) : have police check that I had some place secure to store them in my house.

Handguns and semiautomatics are not allowed (unless for competetive sports reasons and then you must be endorsed by the club and remain an active club members and in competitive sport). Owning a gun for self defence is not a valid reason for having a gun according to the N.Z arms code.

However we still have quite a few armed hold ups and other gun violence. But less so in cases of domestic violence etc, because of the background checks. I don`t know how N.Z gun death statistics stack up against those of Japan, even though we have similar legislation.

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I remember reading about two Ph.D students who did their research on these giant squid and as a celebration when they were finished they cooked and ate some of a fresh sample they had obtained. Apparently it tasted awful and it is believed the flesh has quite a high ammonia content. Therefore it is rather unlikely that they will end up in sushi shops even if we did find out where they exist in a high concentration.

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I always assumed full body burial was not done in Japan, But then in the article I wondered about this line...

If you are curious, the interment of remains costs 134,000 yen and just ashes costs 44,000 yen.

It seems they quote two prices, one for the internment of remains (134,000 yen) and one for just ashes (44,000 yen). I could be wrong (and probably am due the the vague nature of the remains wording), but I read that to mean remains as in possibly a body, and I was thinking "134,000 yen, that`s cheap for a whole body!"

However as they say remains that is quite a vague term. It could mean the ashes plus the bones and other remaining bits after cremation, as cremation is done at a much lower temperature in Japan than in Western countries so items such as bones, implants, etc, remain in Japan cremations and the bones form part of the traditional funeral. The gold from tooth fillings is collected by the crematorium and sold later usually to make profits for the city. eg;

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Posted in: 4-year-old girl dies after being hit by train in Kagawa See in context

Apparently I was underestimating it when I said half a kilometer.

Owing to its speed and weight, a train requires a long braking distance. Even in the case of emergency braking, it may need more than 1 km to come to a complete stop.

So if a dog runs across the road one kilometer ahead then in theory the emergency breaks would have to slam on (forget about the passengers safety) in order for it to stop in time. This kind of thing just isn`t practical.

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Trains don`t stop like a slow moving car does. I have heard of examples of it taking more than 500 meters to stop a speeding train.

Trains take a very long time to stop, covering long stretches of ground in the process. The amount of ground covered is often much longer than the range of the driver's vision.

Just how far ahead do you want this laser to scan, half a kilometer, a kilometer? And every time something crosses in that far off distance the auto-breaking you suggest would have to fire off. If it is a passenger train there is also passenger safety that comes into the equation.

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True, but they are not drilling for oil. It is scientific drilling (and yes, I actually mean scientific drilling, not like scientific whaling).:) Scientific drilling would not be restricted by the conservation area so it is irrelevant.

I think the quote about it being political is more pertinent. Certain countries want to say no because it gives them some clout.

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Russia is poised to be the country that gains the most from future changes in the polar regions and the worldwide thawing of permafrost. The last thing on their minds is a sanctuary in the Antarctic, where they've been drilling for 30 years+.

Are you sure you aren`t mixing the Arctic up with the Antarctic. There is no permafrost in the Antarctic and the Russians have not been doing drilling in the Antarctic for the last 30 years but they have been drilling in the Arctic.

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Posted in: Foreign holdings of U.S. debt hit record $5.43 trillion See in context

And Japan increased its holdings 0.5% to $1.12 billion. Japan now trails China’s holdings by just $32.1 billion.

I think that should read = And Japan increased its holdings to o.5% to $1.12 trillion (not billion).

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