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Posted in: Foreign holdings of U.S. debt hit record $5.43 trillion See in context

And Japan increased its holdings 0.5% to $1.12 billion. Japan now trails China’s holdings by just $32.1 billion.

I think that should read = And Japan increased its holdings to o.5% to $1.12 trillion (not billion).

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Posted in: Honda develops new catalyst to significantly reduce use of precious metals See in context

@realmind Rhodium, platinum, and the platinum group metals used in catalytic converters are not rare earth metals. Therefore it doesn`t concern the rare earth and China issues in any way. The number 1 supplier of rhodium is South Africa, which also supplies a significant amount of the other materials used for catalytic converters.

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Posted in: Japan urges Europe to help banks after Greek election See in context

@Japangal. I understand your sentiment, however Germany benefits from a Euro as the Euro is artificially lower in value than a German Mark currency would be. Therefore a Euro makes Germany more competitive than if it went alone as it benefits from an artificially lower Euro. If Germany went alone its new currency would quickly rise in value making its exports much less competitive than they are now.

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Posted in: Boy steals from high school chemistry lab to make explosives See in context

It`s a boy thing. I used to get pottasium nitrate out of fertilizer and use it with sulphur from the plant store and charcoal from the pet store to make gunpowder as a high school kid. No bad intentions, I just wanted to play with small amounts with my friends down by the river.

The only thing that makes this different is that he was regularly picking the lock which makes it a case of theft. At least he also didnt have any bad intentions (he wasnt vandalising anything or trying to blow someone`s car up or something).

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Posted in: Springing a leak See in context

What I find creepy is the thought of the poor guys who had to tape this up with strontium water leaking all over them for an hourly wage that is probably about the same as a Kombini workers gets.

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As the owners have reliquished their rights to the ship and do not wish to have it back it officially becomes classified as derelict under maritime law. This at least reduces legal complications.

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Taking ownership of the ship isn`t without potential trouble for any would be salvage company. Firstly, it will only be allowed into a port when the authorities have verified that it poses no threat (threat of fuel oil leaking, threat of sinking and blocking access for port access, etc). In many cases ships like these are unable to be brought to a port for this reason. This makes scrapping of it difficult. Scrapping a ship in a Western country is quite expensive due to the environmental safe guards (many have asbestos on board that needs to be professionally removed, as well as many other toxic products). Therefore most ships are salvaged in India (at great danger to the cheap labourers).

The fuel used by these ships is called L.F.O (Liquid Fuel Oil). It is not like gasoline, it is a very heavy almost mud like subtance that is quite toxic. So if it washes aground and breaks apart there is a very real risk of a small localised environmental impact on the bays or area of Alaska coast that it washes ashore on (New Zealand just had the Rena ship break apart and pollute a large strecth of coast line, but the M.V Rena was a much larger ship).

The real question is how much more stuff, and in what form, is coming across. If there is only this one relatively small fishing boat then it is a non issue. However if we are talking about potentially several boats, and in particular miriads of smaller objects that pose a threat to safe maritime navigation then it becomes an issue as to who pays for it.

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Posted in: Bodies of elderly woman, son lie undiscovered in apartment for weeks See in context

Carbon monoxide poisoning from a faulty kerosene heater is always a possibility. It would account for both of them being immobilized at the same time and is more plausible than illness.

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Posted in: Foreign Buyers' Club going strong after 20 years See in context

I used to use them but when I was living in the Inaka I switched to other services such as theflyingpig and Yoyo market which both buy from Costco and send it to your door. No memebership fee`s etc that way.

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makiminato at 10:11 AM JST - 3rd June

Lego has come a long way since I used to play with them back in the early 60s. At that time, Lego was like a kit for making architectural models with only a limited number of types of blocks.

Are you sure you are not confusing it with Meccano. I had a meccano set when I was a boy (1970s ~ 1980s) and it is a lot like what you described. For a long time I used to confuse the two and think they were the same.

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