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kiwiboy comments

Posted in: 2 Vietnamese nationals arrested amid spate of burglaries See in context

The police need to get very tough with this kind of crime.

I feel for the situation these young guys are in. They come over with hopes of earning money to send home for their families. Maybe the job fell through or doesn't earn them as much money as they expected, and they're very likely being exploited.....BUT..... you CAN'T go around tying people up and stealing their stuff!!

It needs to be made perfectly clear that it won't be accepted, and when caught, they'll be in a world of trouble.

If the penalty isn't strong enough, it's going to happen more and more.

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Posted in: New Tokyo restaurant charges higher prices to foreign tourists than Japanese locals See in context

I'm really torn by this. My gut says it's awful and it should be one price for all. However, if that means the price for us living in Japan also goes up, well I'd rather they just charge the tourists more - they have more money than us!

But is this going to mean every time we go out to a restaurant we'll have to show our ID to prove we live here to get the cheaper price? What if some of the group live here and some are tourists?

What if a restaurant refuses to give you the local price, even though we're living here?

It doesn't leave a good taste in my mouth at all.....but I also don't want to pay more myself!

How about the govt. pull their hands out their pockets and do something to rejuvenate the country and strengthen the yen in a meaningful way. Otherwise we'll all (us foreigners and Japanese) be stuck here, unable to afford a trip overseas.

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Posted in: Japan saw over 16,000 deaths from COVID-19 in May-Nov 2023 See in context

I don't consider myself a conspiracy theorist at all, but there are far too many reports of covid vaccines causing turbo cancers, giant white blood clots in veins, and changing the DNA in cells far from the injection site, etc for me to consider getting any boosters.

The school I work at got us our first two vaccines almost as soon as they came out in Japan. But no more for me thanks.

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Posted in: Boeing Starliner capsule's first crewed test flight postponed over Atlas rocket glitch See in context

Wish nothing but success for the mission and the advancement of spacecrafts. Space X really do make it look easy!

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Posted in: 3 killed, including 2-year-old boy, after truck hits 2 cars in Gunma See in context

This one is horrific! The poor family, just going about their day and for it all to end like that. There are no words :S

Similarly, regardless of the circumstances, I feel for the driver too. He didn't go out in the morning planning on killing three people. So even if he did something stupid like look at his phone, I can't help but feel for the pain he (and his completely innocent family) are going to go through over this as well.

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Posted in: Have smartphones created an ‘anxious generation’ among teenagers? See in context

Have smartphones created an ‘anxious generation’ among teenagers?

In my opinion, YES!

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Posted in: Japanese opt for short, cheap overseas trips for Golden Week holidays See in context

Students earn minimum wage so, even if they could find reasonably priced flights (good luck during GW!) would find it too expensive overseas to enjoy.

Workers in their 20s/early 30s find it hard to get the non-holidays off, so GW isn't a long holiday. It's a couple of short holidays. Plus they're hardly any better off financially. Trying to save to provide for a family (or future family) while the value of their earnings goes down by the day.

Those currently in their 60s see the diving yen and are tightening their wallets to prepare for the rest of their retirement or to help their family.

Those who, before COVID were in their late 60s and happy traveling overseas are now in their 70s - when it's much more of a hurdle to travel overseas.

It really is the perfect storm. And what will airlines do? Put the price up to cover the short-fall, leading to less (Japanese) people flying.

As much as I love Japan and love living here - what a depressing state of affairs it is!

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Posted in: 'Curse of the Colonel' KFC statue disposed of in Osaka See in context

Curse of the shrinking portions of chicken at KFC is more troubling.

And near bankrupting cost for the little you get

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Posted in: Japan aiming for wealthy Asians to visit rural areas near 2025 Expo See in context

Once upon a time, the Japanese used to be the wealthy Asians sought by other Asian countries to come visit...

My thoughts exactly. How sad :(

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Posted in: New Zealand seizes black boxes from LATAM Boeing 787 after more than 50 injured during flight See in context

I think airlines should make the reason for wearing the seatbelt done up the whole flight more well-known. But they don't want to make people feel scared. So they just say "please keep it fastened" and leave it at that. But most people never consider it, they think "we've taken off and we're not landing yet, no seatbelt needed!". I always have mine on unless im going to the toilet.

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Posted in: 2 dead in Hokkaido avalanche identified as New Zealanders See in context

A lot of people who don't ski or snowboard making posts here.

I'm happy with snowboarding on the main slopes and have never been off-piste.

But all around the world there are back-country tours. People are free to do what they like. Sounds like this was a legit tour, so will be adhering to national rules etc. It's an accident. Sure, if you weren't out back-country, it wouldn't happen.

But if you think like that, then nobody should climb a mountain. Nobody should skydive. You shouldn't skateboard. Shouldn't swim in the sea or go surfing. Shouldn't race cars or fly planes for sport. How about we all just stay home and do nothing?

Live your life to the fullest doing what you love and if something bad happens, at least it happened while you were doing something you love!


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Posted in: Hiroshima grapples with 'Oppenheimer' Oscars success See in context

I watched it back in August, so forgive me if I'm wrong, but I believe Hiroshima was only mentioned twice? Once in a radio broadcast saying that the bomb had been dropped, during which the protagonist of the film looked horrified at what must have happened there, and once more in passing somewhere else.

It wasn't a film about Hiroshima at all. It was about the making of the bomb and his reputation afterwards. Any outrage is completely unnecessary.

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Posted in: Enjoy a Kansai Airport layover with these 10 day trips See in context

If flying Cathay Pacific from Japan you'll almost always transit through HK.

If flying China Airlines or EVA to a far-off destination, you'll transit through Taipei.

If flying to Oceania with Singapore Airlines you'll transfer through Singapore.

But when would anyone have a long layover in Osaka unless they specifically planned it? Osaka isn't a hub for any airline that I can think of. Only Peach is based in Osaka, but even then, you fly into Osaka or fly out of it. Not through it.

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Posted in: Airfares were already dropping. Here’s why they could go even lower in 2024 See in context

They might have reduced since covid, but they're nowhere near 2019 airfares.

Lots of comments about JAL and ANA being a lot more expensive. They were always more expensive even pre-covid, but at least there were cheap alternatives.

Now everything's expensive.

With the weak yen you'll spend so much more on holiday than before as well. It really does make vacationing here more appealing. But how depressing that we're getting priced out and stuck here.

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Posted in: Biden or Trump, hawkish economic approach on China to intensify See in context

Luckily for the REALLY important things, it's not the President that matters. It was during the first Trump Presidency that America finally realized China is a serious threat to the free world and our way of life. We shifted from the "work with them and they'll become more like us" way of thinking to "oh dear what have we gotten ourselves into".

That would have happened regardless of who was President. And it'll continue - as we saw when Biden came in. China is a threat. The Uni-polar days are over and Great Power Politics is back.

Presidents come and go but the agenda is set by those in career positions.

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Posted in: Japan's Defense Ministry hosts Singapore Airshow display for 1st time See in context

Article 9 was imposed by the US after Japan's defeat of WWII. It was imposed with the horrors of Japan's war in immediate memory.

Nearly 100 years has passed since then. Japan is now a strong ally of the free world, a democracy with rule of law. By contrast, the US's WWII ally, China, has since become the US's number 1 competitor/enemy/challenge and Japan is now the US's number 1 friend/ally in the region.

Article 9 needs to be updated to reflect the times.

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Posted in: Kim's powerful sister says N Korea, Japan can open 'new future' See in context

oh isn’t that lovely. They must want something. Perhaps money or more aid. Then once they get what they want they’ll find a reason to be angry with Japan again. It’s the same cycle over and over.

If they want to make positive steps they can….

1) Cooperate 100% with all abduction cases and give Japan what they want with those.

2) Treat their citizens like humans

That would be a START. Until that happens, Japan doesn’t need a friend like them and they can keep to themselves

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Posted in: Scientists breed 1st pigs for human organ transplants in Japan See in context

It's also much better than what China does

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Posted in: Scientists breed 1st pigs for human organ transplants in Japan See in context

But yeah, pigs and monkeys in labs destined for death...gruesome.

Better than having humans dying. As long as the animals are treated well while alive and killed in a painless and stressless way.

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Posted in: Scientists warn missing Russian data causing Arctic climate blind spots See in context

Russia definitely doesn't care about the melting ice. The arctic melting opens shipping routes and new land for exploitation for Russia. Global warming helps them.

That's before you consider wild weather, storms, displaced populations etc create world chaos, which authoritarian regimes thrive on.

We live in interesting times.

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Posted in: Thousands protest Australia Day holiday with 'Invasion Day' rallies See in context

sheesh, it commemorates the date the first colony was created, January 26 1788.

Without that, you wouldn't have modern-day Australia. That was quite literally, the start of what would lead to modern Australia, which EVERYONE alive today enjoys - aboriginal, Australians of European decent, recent immigrants and refugees.

The first day convicts were brought to build the houses and roads

Then maybe prisoners should protest too? Acknowledge the past, but focus on the present and future.

A better day would be the date of federation.

You're right. But it's Jan 26th. So everyone can cry about it or celebrate what Australia is today. The latter is far better for everyone.

People these days just want to play victim whenever they can. I'm gay but I'm not asking for apologies for the past. It was what it was back then - people believed what they believed and acted how they acted. We progressed. Let's all enjoy our life!

Australia is a great country, as is NZ, America, the UK, Japan etc. We're all so lucky.

Happy Australia Day! Happy being alive day! (everyday)

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Posted in: 21,818 people committed suicide in Japan in 2023, health ministry says See in context

In my job I deal with a lot of young people. The number of mental issues they have - anxiety, panic attacks, bi-polar etc is way more than it was 10-15 years ago. It's very a worrying trend.

These kids have it all, except mental health.

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Posted in: Thousands protest Australia Day holiday with 'Invasion Day' rallies See in context

For goodness sake. Race race race, all anyone wants to do is talk about race.

We're all just humans!

As far as history goes, we live in the least racist time in the history of the world. (the word racist gets thrown around, but who actually believes that a whole race of people are lesser just because of their race. Not many! "Racist" thoughts are usually more to do with financial inequality leading to higher instances of crime in some communities etc. Not because people believe their race is lesser.

Any large land mass with a small native population was going to be taken over by someone at some point.

If the English didn't, the French or Dutch or the Japanese or the Chinese would.

Let's not forget, native tribal populations fought amongst themselves, raping, killing, taking slaves. EVERYONE was as barbaric as each other, it's just that some had better technology and weapons than others.

When the Maori, for example, went to the Chatham Islands off NZ's coast, they all but wiped out the Maori-Ori who were there.

It is what it is. What happened, happened. Let's celebrate that in 2024 we're all alive and living in the great countries we live in.

We are all so lucky

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Posted in: 21,818 people committed suicide in Japan in 2023, health ministry says See in context

It's all very tragic, but look how precise their data is.

How many people died in police custody? Oh wait, they don't want to tell us that one.

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Posted in: Indonesian man dies while in police custody in Tochigi Prefecture See in context

I've never met a foreigner who drives. I've met some western university professors who were very old and also do not drive. I understand if you live in Nagoya or a rural place that you want a car, but not in a place as dense as Tokyo.

If you live in the middle of Tokyo, you might not/want a car. But Tochigi the countryside. Car ownership will be much more common out there.

I'm 37 living in Kobe, which is much more "city" than Tochigi. Of my 10 closest foreign friends (my age or slightly older), only 2 don't own a car.

50% of my students come to school by car. The others are within walking distance, but most of their parents have cars.

Anyway, chances are this poor guy was driving a work car, possibly pressured into driving it even though he didn't have a Japanese license.

My point is, you can't say a foreigner driving is strange.

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Posted in: New Zealand withdraws bill allowing 16-year-olds to vote in local body elections See in context

The voting age should be at the age of twenty as is the norm in Japanese culture.

In Japan it's 18.

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Posted in: Indonesian man dies while in police custody in Tochigi Prefecture See in context

Is it normal to drive in Tochigi prefecture?

Are you serious!? It's normal to drive anywhere.

Usually foreigners do not drive in Japan and Tokyoites also do not drive.

Are you kidding me? Most of the foreigners I know all have cars and drive here. And there are a LOT of people in Tokyo with cars.

I've rarely heard of Indonesians committing crimes, but they also tend to work in very low income industries such as maids or cleaning.

If you're suggesting not many of the "trainee" workers from South East Asia have cars, you're probably right. The fact they're young and have low income would reduce car ownership.

However if they're working on farms or in the countryside they may have access to work vehicles.

For example, perhaps a trainee was asked to go and get something in a work kei-truck, for example, but didn't have a license. Maybe they felt pressured to go, regardless of not having a license. Now we're guessing, but it's certainly weird to suggest that a foreigner driving in Tochigi is not normal.

I've rarely heard of Indonesians committing crimes

As far as crimes go, driving without a license is pretty minor. Chances are they had a license back home and know how to drive, so it's essentially missing paperwork. It's not like robbing a bank, theft, or assault.

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Posted in: Alabama executes prisoner with new nitrogen asphyxiation method See in context

Nobody should have the right to take another persons life. Not an individual, nor the government.

He murderer committed murder, which he shouldn't have, so he must be punished. Life in jail without parole would do the trick.

Just because he committed a wrong doesn't give the state justification to either.

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Posted in: Indonesian man dies while in police custody in Tochigi Prefecture See in context

Others have said it already, but someone arrested on a simple driving without a license charge in October, should not still be in custody in late January. Questions need answering and all these deaths need to stop.

If foreigners dying in custody makes the news because they're foreigners, how many Japanese are dying in custody? Oh that's right, they don't release the data anymore! The media should be all over this and senior government officials (ie, the PM) should be answering the hard questions.

Length of time in custody aside, when you're in the care of the state, it's their duty to care for you. You shouldn't die.

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Posted in: New Zealand withdraws bill allowing 16-year-olds to vote in local body elections See in context

Thank goodness for that!

I actually like Taiwan's age for voting - 20. Everything else from 18, but voting alone, 20.

At 18 you become an adult and are free to make mistakes and learn. By 20 you've at least had 2 years of adult experience and can make better, more informed decisions in shaping the countries future through votes.

Actually 30 would probably be a better age (so you have 10 years of adult experience), but I don't think you'd get away with that :P

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