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The Keiretsu system in Japan is left effectively unregulated. Foreign companies are smashed and regulated in comparison.

I have seen complaints in the Japanese media before that companies like Amazon have broken through the Keiritsu and are providing goods at a price the Japanese side (Rakuten/Yahooshopping/Monotaro) can't read; won't compete with.

I worry that this is just a step to further protectionism in Japan, not one to benefit the average person.

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From 6 to 9 minutes. That’s how long the first wave of missiles from China would take to hit Japan. The 1000+ land attack cruise missiles the PLA have could very quickly cripple American front-line forces. The US forces aren’t here to protect Japan, that’s an impossible task. The US forces are here so they don’t lose a good foothold in Asia. I think the defence of the Japanese people is incredibly low on the USFJ's objectives; maintaining superiority and a staging place in Asia. The Japanese government should counter Trump by asking for rent.

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Ok, here's another word you obviously don't understand.


the branch of linguistics and logic concerned with meaning. The two main areas are logical semantics, concerned with matters such as sense and reference and presupposition and implication, and lexical semantics, concerned with the analysis of word meanings and relations between them.

If you think reports published by the UN are a conspiracy, I worry for you.

You're right, NZ doesn't have a nuclear program. We are however the home of the," Father of Nuclear Physics" Sir Ernest Rutherford.

We as a country saw what the bombs did your country and said never again. We fought diplomatically against the Americans to be nuclear free. Even now NZ and America have a poor relationship because of it. NZ is nuclear free and I think that is something to be proud of.

Im neither annoyed or agitated by this "new" (70 year old) technology. I understand it's dangers and benefits. I'm annoyed by apathy and ignorance. Traits you so keenly project.

I implore you, instead of getting so indignant about your country's shortfalls, to look for ways to improve them.

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@Mark you're arguing semantic in a language you don't speak well. Please stop, or pay someone to explain why you're wrong.

Secondly you're grossly misinformed. The Japanese NRA is a branch of the Ministry of the Environment. They are the government. They are not an independent body.

Here are some hard facts for you then. The International Atomic Energy Agency (a U.N body) has repeatedly cautioned Japan for their lax attitudes. Their 2011 Nuclear Safety Action Plan stated the Japanese NRA lacks both independence and oversight. In turn their lack of oversight was a major contributing factor to the Fukushima meltdown.

Go and read about the 東海村JCO臨界事故. Twenty years ago they were mixing chemicals in metal buckets. Completely ignoring the designed safety steps. Here's a quote for you.

During the trial, the jury learned that a 1995 JCO safety committee had approved the use of steel buckets in the procedure. Furthermore, a widely distributed but unauthorized 1996 manual recommended the use of buckets in making the solution. A STA report indicated JCO management had permitted these hazardous practices beginning in 1993 to shortcut the conversion process, even though it was contrary to approved nuclear chemical handling procedures.

So we have a non independent body, set up by the government. A history of gross negligence, leading to two nuclear disasters.

These aren't conspiracy theories. This is fact. This is logical thought and critical thinking.

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Please take my word as a native English speaker that hypocrite is used as an insult. Also, I asked you to provide examples from people on this page. It’s pretty hard to ascertain people here receive bribes daily. 

How many of those have been hit by earthquakes that reduced the structural integrity by 15 and 70 percent on the 1st and 2nd floors respectively?

There is next to no personal responsibly in corporate or governmental Japan. I do believe that a Japanese politician will do something detrimental to the people for personal gain. Take the simple fact the people in this area are starkly opposed to recommissioning but the mayor advocated for it. 

I trust the scientists and engineers. But as history is bound to repeat, the voices of scientists and engineers will be ignored by those in power. 

I’m sorry, I can’t understand what you’re trying to say in your last point.

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MarkToday  11:43 am JST

all the hypocrites crying, old reactor, mad people operate the nuclear plant. IF folks all are so clever, please suggest a way to supply stable power to few million people. If you are so smart, please start everything by yourself first, please cut off your electricity supply everyday and install a solar panel at your rooftop. If you can't do it, then please admit that you are living in the dream and a typical hypocrite. REMINDER : nobody force you to use it, if you hate it, then you can always choose solar panel.

Do you understand what hypocrite means any further than that it is an insult? Please quote a hypocritical statement anyone has said here in this thread. 

It’s very easy to argue the necessity of nuclear power. It’s great until it goes wrong. 

I think the majority of people here are concerned by the haphazard approach to nuclear power taken in Japan. For a country which ought to know better, they really aren’t as careful as they should be. 

All factors considered; do you believe that operating a potentially damaged/weakened antiquated powerplant is worth the risk?

I personally worry that an abundance of bureaucracy, and corruption which rife in Japan, means that the trend of cutting corners and ignoring warnings will continue. 

Japan needs clean AND safe power. I don’t think this plant can provide that. 

Tell me again why I’m a hypocrite?

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The 825,000-kilowatt reactor won the approval of the Nuclear Regulation Authority in February, becoming the second disaster-damaged reactor to pass stricter safety standards

Ah, that puts my mind at easy.

By stricter they mean people cant mix nuclear products in stainless steel buckets?

Or, they're going to make it so you cant build emergency power backup systems below the water table?

I have zero faith that this check was anything more than a, " well, it hasn't fallen down in the ten years since the earthquake. Must be all good."

I hope Suga will step up and urge natural disasters to stop hitting Japan.

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fxgai, please try and justify your indefensible position with something that could be considered logic or researched evidence. Heres and example.

You're arguing semantics. Bluefin tuna are classified as either endangered or vulnerable depending on which sub species you look at. By definition they are "A species considered to be facing a very high or high risk of extinction in the wild" respective of those two classifications. So yes, their numbers are depleted, even if not completely depleted as you’re trying to argue. The species is still endangered. Just because they’re increasing doesn’t mean you can take as many as you like. If you’ve just bounced back from bankruptcy only and idiot would risk that effort by going to the casino.

The entire point about sustainability is to have a breeding stock that can reproduce at a rate equal to or greater than what you can consume. The breeding stock was 69,000 ton in 1995. Its 26,000 ton now. That 26,000 ton is 4.5 percent of what the stocks would be without fishing. The number have increased 0.5 percent in 3 years with this rate of fishing. That’s a 0.17 percent increase per year. Japan caught roughly 5,000 ton of large fish last year. This proposal increases the acceptable catch by roughly 1,000 ton. These are all numbers written above.

Current annual allowed catch: aprox 20 percent of breeding stock.

Breading stock increase: 0.17 percent annually.

Proposed catch increase: 20 percent annually.

Do those number look balanced and measured to you?

0.17 percent annual increase… that’s a very thin ledge to start running on.

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Or he could consider Japan has the highest rates of institutionalised children among developed nations. Along with that they have the lowest rate of CHILDHOOD adoption. (98 percent of adoptions in Japan are males in there 20s and 30s for business purposes). If you've not read about any of this BBC did an article a few years back.

Perhaps looking for a way to improve the life of your constitutes, rather that being a homophobe, would be a good idea as a politician.

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Posted in: Japan’s healthcare system summed up in photo of hospital bill for father’s heart surgery See in context

Right, in NZ and most developed countries this would be free. So....

For the amount of tax we pay in Japan we get almost nothing.

Schooling isn't free

Medical care isn't free

Roads aren't free

Getting anything done at the city hall costs.

Getting anything done with the police costs.

Tell me again where my taxes are going.

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Posted in: High court orders gov't, TEPCO to pay ¥1 bil in damages over Fukushima disaster See in context

That's right, really stick it to them.

Looking at their financials from 2017; with a turnover of 5.8 trillion yen and a profit of 288 billion yen, this fine is going to really get TEPCO thinking.

Lucky for TEPCO they can use some of the 116.9 billion yen they received in march to pay it off.

Shouldn't hurt the bottom line too much.

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To use the same rhetoric that is always rolled out when South Koreans protest something.

North Korea considers the issue closed. They're all dead. Why can't Japan get over it? It's pathetic and embarrassing that the government is so focused on this issue that happened so long ago. Japan should focus on fixing their own issues instead of playing the constant victim.

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There are two methods to fix this kind of problem. Build a wall at the top of the cliff or put an ambulance at the bottom.

Sure punishing her is appropriate. But the two girls are still dead.

What support did she lack leading to this?

Why are oral contraceptives in Japan: so expensive, so admin intensive to get, so unknown/scary/ignored?

Young adults WILL have sex. You can't stop that. Give them the tools to prevent this kind of tragedy before there are even children conceived.

In New Zealand anyone (even those underage) can go to a public health nurse and get a $5 prescription for oral contraceptives and or condoms. Along with that support around any other issues.

I'm sure most progressive developed countries have these support networks.

Japanese systems gave this lady the loaded, cocked, gun. She pulled the trigger.

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And for the other side of the coin.

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Read the "Controversy" section of the page you posted.

If you aren't able to understand why people say Japan hasn't apologised, maybe you're not interested in thinking.

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What's confusing?

The team is an amateur team.

She is a Pro player.

She is on loan from her club in the states. Loaned pro players are almost always paid by the parent club. But regardless pro players from pro clubs are still paid. It's kind of in the name.

Google is a great thing to fill the gaps in general knowledge which a newspaper editor doesn't have time to include.

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Couple things.

The livestock was going to China.

They are dairy cows. Can't milk a dead cow.

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I'm not sure if you're joking or not. There are almost 300 career bureaucrats from his party. There's a dozen who have been politicians for over 40 years. There are numerous people who could replace him in a heartbeat.

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Posted in: Japanese shop introduces constantly grinning 'smile masks' to be more welcoming See in context

Why did they pick some guy with all jacked up teeth?

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The Japanese will say - No Ginger

Perhaps the worst pun I've ever seen. I'm impressed.

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Japan has sent some "experts".

India has sent ships, resources and manpower.

France: planes, ships resources, manpower.

I realise I'm being a little snarky but, seriously, Japan isn't contributing anything there. They haven't sent aid. They've carried out a bare minimum face saving act.

The people of Mauritius don't need a group of Japanese people standing around silently. Perhaps with the occasional suck of the the teeth and a "難しいね" for good measure. They need real help.

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Come on, were probably all University educated. What's the first thing you do when reading a research paper? Look at who did it and who paid for it.

A quick looks at MSC

In December 2016 Private Eye reported that a leaked internal WWF document concluded that because the MSC receives royalties from licensing its ecolabel (providing 75% of the organisation's revenue) there is a conflict of interest and it has relaxed its sustainability requirements, enabling more products to carry its label, thereby increasing its own income.

So I'll suggest a corrected title.

"Japanese tuna fisheries first in the world to pay for sustainability certificate from a for profit cooperation"

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We've just had yet another article yesterday about Japan's declining birthrate. Reading through the articles and the comments give the impression of a country that needs change. The government in attempts to raise the declining birthrate seems to have done nothing, but is all out of ideas.

Perhaps this is a good thing; A chance for introspection, a chance to deflate the bloated public service system. Less workers/overheads means more of the pie to be given out elsewhere. Education, early childhood, mental health services could all do with a bit more.

I hope they will see the silver lining and take the chance.

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@n1k1 you asked for the numbers mate, just giving you them.

Not about to speculate on something I've got no idea about. All I know is there are new cases and they're trying to find the source. In the meantime there's a temporary lockdown.

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Here are the numbers

Scroll down to the bottom. If you don't want to read the rough daily test average since the start of July is 2000. Lowest day being 500 highest being 10,000.

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You remember the story, "The Emperor's New Clothes" right? There is an undeniable standing belief among the Japanese population that they are special.

Many people here see a naked idiot bragging about his flash new outfit.

Except in this version of the story, even after having it pointed out that the emperor is in fact naked, no body reacts. That's frustrating to have a voice and for it to never be heard.

Here is a place their voice can be heard. And I think it all just comes out at once.

But hey, you can get annoyed by your family and still love them. It's the same with living in Japan.

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Sorry I missed your double post. I don't think I've ever publicly criticised or complained about the Japanese response.

Better or worse. Right or wrong. That's a relatively binary thought process and I don't think those terms don't apply. Every country is doing what they think is right. Of that I'm sure. But what were talking about is people lives at the end of the day. You nor I should be discussing that in such a blasé way.

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When putting myself in danger I'll make a call on the day. When putting someone else in danger I will err on the side of caution.

I too, like you, hope that the treatment isn't worse than the disease. But at the moment I still have faith people can tough out lockdowns and outlast the disease.

Perhaps our viewpoints are different. I see a lockdown as a chance for people to do the right thing and help those in need. You see it as a punishment. Perspective means a lot.

Yeah as a person with a Master's in Diatetics I see a lot in those numbers. Where would you like to start? Asians genetic predisposition to negative health outcomes at lower a BMI?

Again, we're getting a bit off base.

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So please let us know how your country is doing things.

NZ has gone back into lockdown. A decision made to give the government a few days to take stock and make a plan.

Yes it is enforced and rightly so. The few who can't follow the rules destroy the work of the others. Their actions should be corrected. The corrective action chosen is by way of fines. Do you have a better suggestion of a corrective action?

Checks and balances are needed everywhere.

You're way off topic at the moment anyhow. The article is about how conformity is leading to Japanese people wearing masks. Here's a link to the paper.

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Interesting article. They're acting out of obligation and shame rather than care and compassion.

That explains the nose exposers and the chin strappers. They feel they're doing enough to conform. No critical thought for the real reason of wearing a mask properly.

Now, blind conformity, perhaps that is relatively unique to Japan.

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