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Posted in: 12-year-old boy hit and killed by train in Fukuoka Pref See in context

Rest in peace, young one. So sad.

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Posted in: 3.7 billion yen in cash recovered from earthquake-hit areas See in context


hopefully the Japan IRS will not be next to knock on the door.

Why would the tax folks come knocking? Just because someone has a large amount of cash on hand doesn't mean they shirked taxes. Instead of depositing their paycheck into a bank account, they withdrew the funds as cash. Payroll taxes were still paid.

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Posted in: Boston policeman who arrested Gates won't apologize See in context

Obama said police had acted “stupidly.”

The person behind the curtain programing the almighty teleprompter must have been asleep at the keyboard. Watch for the White House to release a statement of what The One "really" meant.

Ha ha ha, excellent call, RomeoRamenII. The Messiah has revised his statement as of today!!

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Posted in: Kindergarten president arrested for hit-and-run which killed 2-year-old girl See in context

LOL at those of you clamoring about 77 being too old to drive. It depends entirely on the person, not the age. If 77 is too old to drive, what do you think of the geezers on the U.S. Supreme Court? John Paul Stevens is friggin' 89 years old! Four others are in their 70s. Should we banish old people from society altogether? Sheesh.

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Posted in: 1-year-old boy falls to death from 5th-story Tokyo apartment See in context

I don't know why so many commenters are mentioning a veranda or balcony, when none was stated in the article. In my "mansion", the bedroom windows open to a 10-story drop. There are just two flimsy little aluminum rails at the bottom of the window, but those couldn't stop a person from falling out. It's very easy for me to imagine a kid climbing (or in this case being helped by older siblings) onto a desk in the room and going out the window.

That being said, there's absolutely no excuse for having the desk there in the first place. I used to have my bed under the window, but as soon as my child hit the climbing toddler phase, I moved the bed so there would no longer be easy access to the window. Now that he's older, the bed can go back to its original place.

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Posted in: Woman found murdered in Nagano hotel room See in context

No such time as 12pm? Are you serious???

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Posted in: Dead girl's twin sister says they were beaten and starved See in context

Women who put men above the well-being of their children are absolutely despicable.

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Posted in: Two brothers found dead in apartment in Ehime See in context

bobbafett - I don't know. Said they found blood at the entrance. If old boy was drunk, he would not have been able to wait for him to bash him when he came in, if that is what happened.

The entrance is also the exit, right? So the one guy could have been trying to escape, which makes the alcohol theory a lot more plausible. Drinking together, get into an argument, younger bro pulls out a bat, chases older bro around while swinging away....

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Posted in: Fujitsu asks 100,000 employees to buy its products See in context

but if you're an employee, think about it. the money you spend is part of your salary...

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

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