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Posted in: 42 injured after bus falls off road onto train tracks in Oita See in context

Did some of you read the story? "Police quoted the bus driver as saying that the brakes didn’t work" And wait till you are 63 and see if you are too old.

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Posted in: Man arrested for trying to push 9-year-old girl off platform at train station See in context

He probably should not have been walking streets, very happy to hear people stepped in.

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Posted in: Man arrested for 1979 murder of New York boy which led to National Missing Children's Day See in context

I read about this case recently, he has always been a suspect, I don't think it had anything do do with being named Pedro, he has a very long list of arrests/convictions for sex offences against children.

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Posted in: Man secretly videos 2,000 women in public toilet; sells DVDs of footage See in context

I don' think it's just a Japanese thing, there are freaks getting caught doing this in every country.

As tmarie said Why the anti-Japan comments? Sadly, this crap (pardon the pun) goes on in the west as well.

Seems so many of you hate Japan, makes me wonder why you read the news or choose to live here?

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Posted in: Police to get tough on sidewalk cyclists See in context

I ride both on the road and footpaths in Japan and have never had a problem, but i have been riding and racing bikes for 30 years. When i'm riding the city bike on the footpath i ride quite slowly and carefully, but as you all know, many don't. When i ride a racing bike, i certinally pick my time to avoid peak traffic, and also avoid the busy roads. Where we live when not in Japan, i work in the bicycle industry, and many people i know are always having problems with cars, pedestrians, other bikes but i very rarely have any dramas, i think it's mostly common sence and some education, most people in Japan and elseware, often do not realize that the way they ride in dangerous, till they have od cause an accident. Also i always follow the road rules, red lights etc, you just look like a fool to the other road users when you race through against the red, i find i get more respect from people in cars by riding this way.

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Posted in: Samsung passes Apple in smartphones See in context

Most of the guys i work all use iphones, the main thing i notice is they are always ringing at their desks as they are too fragile to carry around in their pockets, 2 in the last 3 months have broken the screens, and after repair by apple, now don't seem to work properly, and they always seem to be on the charger, that's the one thing that puts me of a lot of brands when you can't carry an extra battery with you. One guy has a S2, seems to be a pretty cool phone. I really don't understand why people get so wound up, if you like a paticular brand use it, if you don't like it, use something else. Remember the world still worked before all this. My wife went from 3 high end phones when she worked in Japan to a very basic LG pre paid now, she hates mobile phones these days.

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Posted in: Kindergarten bus driver held over girl's death See in context

Elbuda Mexicano, I don't think it really matters whay my name is? i was just trying to make the point that these things can happen to anyone, unfortunately there are bad parents all over the world, i don't think it is just in Japan, and with all the pressures of the modern, world it will probably only get worse. I was not trying argue with you. Luckily we have my parents where we live who help us very much, and a fantastic and gently Grandma when we are in Japan. Also i must add, i feel much safer walking with my children and also cycling in Japan, than many other places i have lived, but maybe that is just the area we visit.

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Posted in: Kindergarten bus driver held over girl's death See in context

Dear Elbuda Mexicano, i do not think you are a bad parent, i was just making the point that even the best parents can have moments of inattention or distraction, and sometimes horrible things happen. My daughter walked at 9 months and at 1 year she was quite capable of opening gates etc, i had straps on the 2 outside gates, but sometimes if someone visited the house when we were out, they would be left undone, luckily i always found this before she did. This mother and family will be devestated, and most likely no one can say or do anything to help, and like you said "I have no idea about this mother over in Chiba" no one knows the whole story at this time, but hopefully this will make everyone be that little bit more carefull with their children.

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Posted in: Kindergarten bus driver held over girl's death See in context

Elbuda Mexicano, so after all the abuse direcdted to this mother, you admit that your own child left the house by himself, so if god forbid your boy was injured or worse, what kind of parents would that make you? Would you expect the same horrible comments and abuse you and many others have made? It seems there are so many expert parents who appear to spend most of there time at the computer, passing judgement on terrible incidents, usually when they don't even know the whole story. Just remember, people never think anything will happen to them, but id does.

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Posted in: Kindergarten bus driver held over girl's death See in context

Good comment jforce, if this horror had happened to some of the people commenting, imagine how you would feel reading such heartless comments, just remember people, you never think this sort of thing will happen, but it can happen even to the most cautious people, show some compassion.

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Posted in: South Korea urges Japanese leaders not to forget history See in context

It is interesting how easy it is to hammer a particular county constantly, many people have very short memories, the British Empire destroyed cultures for years but because of the two world wars that they were on the winning side, that is all forgotten now. It will be interesting to see how the U.S is looked upon in 100 years or so. Re sfjp330's comment, they were probably just following the example set by most of the superpowers of the time, England, Germany, France, Italy Russia etc.

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