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Posted in: Racist messages pose quandary for mainstream sites See in context

I am not surprise that someone wrote yahoo news website as one of the website that is filled with racist comments. Just read the news heading in yahoo and you will find that it is written to elicit hate comments. The article that they post is filled with hate monger journalist. No wonder more and more people is avoiding website such as CNN, Fox News, etc. I live in US for 8 years, and to tell you the truth, racism and hate is still alive there. Even the blacks are racist themselves. Just look at the LA Riots event, the blacks and Hispanic targeted Asian store especially the Koreans and the used of boycott against a certain race. When reading articles and news from the Russian, Chinese and Japanese website, I find their article do not promote hate and racism. Even their comments seek tolerance. Believe me, Yahoo news also practice censorship.

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Posted in: Japan, China test each other's diplomatic resolve See in context

I guess the Japanese blunder on this one. They open up a Pandora box that should not be opened in the 1st place. Anyhow, can't blame them, all Democratic system has a major flaw. In order to get elected, the Japanese politician plays up the nationalist and territorial sentiment against the Chinese and Russian during their last election. Now, they have won the election but has put themselves in a corner. The Japanese has no room to move but to apologize or damned their economy. Like its last Prime Minister, he played on the Okinawa sentiment against the US. This Prime Minister will have to step downed. Like the US, the Chinese will not give in. Maybe the world should be better off with democratic system as it only makes the politician to lie to the voters. Just look at the US today, in order to get elected, the Americans politician would lie to its voters and when in power, they serve the lobbyist instead. The Japanese would be better serve if they have follow the Pre-WWII political system. At the very least, it is the Japanese way.

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