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Posted in: All Olympic live viewing events in Tokyo to be canceled: Koike See in context

More cancellations, more cover-ups. Trying to avoid facing the facts? Those games aren't safe, get over it!

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Posted in: Former justice minister Kawai gets 3 years for vote-buying See in context

Getting off the hook, more or less can be pretty easy if you have the right connections. All he will say in a couple of weeks or months is. . . I'm back again!

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Posted in: Number of officials from overseas at Tokyo Olympics could be cut by another 25,000 See in context

Oh, yes! Soon there will be nothing and nobody left, except for the Japanese participants. Way to go!

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Posted in: Biden announces milestone of 300 mil vaccine shots in 150 days See in context

Job very well done! Setting an example for others to follow!

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't begins COVID-19 vaccinations for Olympic workers, media See in context

Another PR stunt for Koike?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 453 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,623 See in context

Almost same numbers like yesterday. Don't see a real downward trend. But some people like to see things differently. Keep up your dreams, sooner or later they will end.

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Posted in: Health experts warn of Olympic COVID-19 threat; prefer no spectators See in context

" ....... without spectators is the least risky option and we think desirable."

Friendly and politely spoken. I would've used a more direct language!

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Posted in: Japan to begin COVID vaccinations for foreign embassy officials on Monday See in context

Oh, yes, those privileged ones.

The plebs will be the last ones to get their (un-)fair share.

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Posted in: Suga calls on public to watch Olympics on TV as Japan eases state of emergency See in context

"...... no reasons to lie because of the backlash it would cause"

" ....vaccine being delivered at full steam pace will make any covid threat be 0 by olympics anyway."

Yeah, right, which would require a 5 second bow and after that back to normal.

I sometimes do wonder where "falseflagman" and NipponGlory" comeup with this.

Insider information, some secret source, just for the heck of it or trying to instigate something?

The vaccine delivery pace is so high that Japan still hasn't achieved what other developed nations have, more than 40 or 50 % inoculations! But maybe, just maybe Japan's pace is different, running on another clock?

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Posted in: Suga calls on public to watch Olympics on TV as Japan eases state of emergency See in context

More experts' advice, more meetings, more considerations, more "quasi-stuff".

Nothing new so far. Coming up with GOOD, sense-making ideas can be so difficult!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 452 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,554 See in context

Tara Tan Kitaoka,

I can tell you this much:

new infections for Tokyo on 17 June 2020 - 27!! (if proof needed, I still got the picture!)n

Hope this helps, even though it's not the number of tests!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 452 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,554 See in context

Down 49, what a success! Hail and praise the Japanese Government for what has been achieved so far! (/s)

Now, how about the numbers of those who diseased? How about other prefectures? How about the number of tests conducted? Nada mentioned so far!

Ehime is up 5 today, looking at the percentage the same increase like Tokyo's decrease.

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Posted in: Japan starts vaccinating people aged 18 or older at large-scale centers See in context

No vaccination centers in our (nearby) area.

We also got SDF here, how about engaging them, too?

Or is it that just Osaka and Tokyo (general) area is of importance?

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Posted in: Japan to lift state of emergency one month before Olympics See in context

They will regret all this sooner or later. Wrong decisions, wrong people, wrong timing, wrong everything! The plebs are going to pay the bill!

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Posted in: Japan looks to ease virus state of emergency ahead of Olympics See in context

In other news concerning those oh so great Olympigs:

"The Tokyo Olympics will need a public bailout of about $800m if the games are held behind closed doors, as organizers delay a decision on domestic spectators to the last possible moment." (Financial Times)

So here we go and are being told what we can expect.

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Posted in: Japan looks to ease virus state of emergency ahead of Olympics See in context

"..... with new daily cases falling just as the country begins making final preparations for the Olympics......"

But hold it, wasn't there an increase again lately? And how much more can we expect in the days and weeks to come before the Olympics? Yeah, sure, just go ahead with your preps .... athletes in lock-down at their quarters "under the circus maximus", just like during the good, old Roman times. Get on the stage for your "fights", bread and games for the plebs!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 501 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,703 See in context

Death cases increasing.

Infections increasing.

But, yes, for some it doesn't look that bad. Come on folks, wake up! There will be even higher numbers very soon!

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Posted in: Japan to cap spectators at 10,000 after COVID-19 state of emergency See in context

Plan, consider, decide (maybe), if not plan and consider again.

After that re-consider and plan again and look for some more meetings.

This flip-flopping is so exhausting!

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Posted in: Mass vaccination site to fill vacant slots with police, other officials See in context

" ..... the government has started allowing bookings from elderly people outside seven prefectures...."

So, once again. Do they really expect people from Okinawa, Kyushu, Shikoku or Hokkaido to come to those oh so great mass vaccination centers? People in their 70s or 80s definitely won't be able to go there. What a great idea again, based on the inability of those in charge!

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Posted in: Lawmakers vote down no-confidence motion against Suga's cabinet See in context

Didn't expect anything else.

Suga will continue with his "show" and the opposition should have stronger arguments for a no-confidence vote. We are stuck with this cabinet until.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 337 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,418 See in context

Immune? No vaccine needed? Living in an alternate universe? For some people this might be facts.

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Posted in: Japan to secure COVID vaccines for 20,000 more Olympic workers See in context

23 million shots so far for Japan. (13 June stats)

That's 1/3 or even less of what other G7 and countries in that league have achieved.

I'm also a perm. resident in Japan (+30 years), consider it my home, but I am a "little unpleased" concerning those delays. There are, there must be better ways to inoculate a higher percentage of the population!

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Posted in: Gov't considering quasi-state of emergency in Tokyo during Olympics See in context

I just don't get it!

" ...... a quasi-emergency with smaller fines for noncompliance under which restaurants and bars will still be asked to shorten opening hours but may be allowed to serve alcohol."

This doesn't make sense at all. But maybe the virus is afraid of smaller fines and shortened business hours?

Or maybe that serving alcohol things will chase it away? What kind of logic is all this?

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Posted in: Mass vaccination site to fill vacant slots with police, other officials See in context

Running out of Pfizer? So Moderna it will be. And after that nothing left but AstraZeneca. Well the saying is - per aspera ad astra.

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Posted in: British medical journal calls for global conversation on Tokyo Olympics See in context

There will never be "sufficient measures to prevent the spread of the virus."!

It can't be 100% safe despite what IOC and the Japanese Government want us make believe!

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Posted in: Suga not ruling out election if no-confidence vote submitted See in context


well, he got "his translator" whispering in his ear, it seems.

Everything else, well, nothing to be expected, except considering, pledging, promising, and asking for favors as always. This includes the "snap-election" which won't change anything if it is done.

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Posted in: Olympic organizers estimate 225,000 fans per day at Tokyo venues See in context

Let the super spreader games begin. Latest beginning of September Japan will have to face the consequences!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 467 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,944 See in context

So up again! Anyone ready to praise the government's efforts? Don't think so. This is going to be a never ending story for the time being.

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Posted in: Johnson backs Tokyo Olympics; Japan wants more G7 support See in context

"Tokyo 2020 would be "grateful" if G7 countries could support ...."

A couple of million Yen should solve that problem, Suga(r) should know!

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Posted in: Japan eyes lifting state of emergency, but will keep some restrictions See in context

As always:

"..... Suga will convene a task force meeting ....."

More meetings and considerations to come.

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