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Posted in: Japan's exports fall for 9th straight month See in context

"......  imports from the United States dipped 9.2%, causing Japan's trade surplus with the world's biggest economy to rise 3.8% from a year earlier ......"

Don't think deDonnie will like this. But then again, he probably doesn't know since he doesn't read the "fake" news.

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Posted in: Abe says ASDF may evolve into 'Air and Space SDF' See in context

Oh, yeah!

And now get some of those "space cadets" up there ....

..... you know, like those politicians we don't need down here!

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Posted in: The biggest challenge (for the new cabinet) is tackling the country's aging population and low birthrate. I'll push ahead with reforms to create a social security system reassuring everyone. See in context

Words, words, words, notin' but words!

Those promises are like the famous 3 arrows.

How about cutting wasteful spending, how about cutting the money those politicians and others make?

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Posted in: 'Flying motorbike' to debut at Tokyo Motor Show See in context

Wanna have! Now!!

But probably not designed for "road use" yet.

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Posted in: Gov't tightens rules to clamp down on smartphone use while driving See in context

I generally agree with Chip Star, but those increased fines are still not high enough!

However, I totally agree with you concerning the cops!

If they were actually patrolling the roads (as they are supposed to do), actually checked for offenders 365 days a year and not just on sunny days, maybe ..... but only maybe this would help, too.

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Posted in: Disputing Koizumi, new industry minister calls no-nuclear power policy 'unrealistic' See in context

Sugawara and Koizumi .... now this will be an interesting "game" in the months to come.

Guess Sugawara will play his "seniority card" sooner than later.

And yes, Japan could survive without nuclear energy!

Renewable energy is popular and used in many other countries, why not Japan?

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Posted in: Revamped cabinet lineup signals Abe's gambit to stay in power See in context

Oh, and by the way, I just love this word:

"Gambit". Do "they" really know the meaning?

Wikipedia gives a very good explanation:


Note that it says right at the beginning: "sacrifices material".

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Posted in: Trump calls Fed members 'boneheads' See in context

Excuse the guy ... but he doesn't know what he is talking about.

Nothing new here, same ol', same ol'.

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Posted in: Nuclear regulator to re-investigate Fukushima nuclear disaster See in context

More and more investigations.

More and more wasting money for so-called experts.

And nothing new will come up, except for what the government and TEPCO want people to know.

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Posted in: Trump says Bolton a 'disaster' on North Korea, 'out of line' on Venezuela See in context

Another one gone (well, actually 4, since 3 Bolton "employees also resigned).

And of course Trump is blaming all his mistakes on others.

He never does anything wrong! He knows everything! He's so smart"!

The man should finally listen to those who got the knowledge, the experience!

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Posted in: Revamped cabinet lineup signals Abe's gambit to stay in power See in context

".... It is a cabinet favoring his close aides and friends ...."

Of course it is, buddy-buddy business as always!

And what a line-up, 2 female cabinet members only? What's up with that?

Besides, at least 8 to 10 of those showing up in the picture should be way past retirement age.

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Posted in: Nissan chief Saikawa to step down Sept 16; successor to be named See in context

"..... and blamed the system he said Ghosn had created at Nissan for the dubious payments."

What a jerk - blaming it on others. He should be investigated and charged if he committed any wrong-doing!

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Posted in: JASRAC wants to collect royalty fees for music recorded during weddings See in context

"...... if it is adopted on a full scale, it will still take some time before the impact ....."

Oh, yeah, get married fast, the sooner the better, because they wont charge you for the time being.

What a joke .... and I hope this is not government sponsored!

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Posted in: Britain's Johnson vows to fight on despite Brexit blows See in context


since the French already indicated that they will not go with another extension ... no, there won't be one, since ALL member states have to agree. Besides, another delay would lead to even more confusion. Better an end in pain than pain without end!

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Posted in: Nissan to discuss Saikawa successor at meeting on Monday See in context

" ...... by increasing doubts over his ability to steer the automaker to recovery ....."

What a surprise (not). The one who helped Nissan got fired and is under investigation.

The same should happen to Saikawa, because I'm sure, there is more!

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Posted in: Gov't to use family name first in Roman alphabet in documents See in context

"Hello Kitty 321",

oh really? Did you read the complete article or just the comment section?

"Foreign Minister Taro Kono, who was educated in the United States, also raised the issue, saying that Asian leaders such as Chinese President Xi Jinping and South Korean President Moon Jae In retain their original name order in English."

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Posted in: Gov't to use family name first in Roman alphabet in documents See in context

What a brilliant idea (NOT)!

So, whenever I sign something over here in Japan using the alphabet I have to write in reverse order.Now, this sucks, gonna mess up my whole thinking (of what is still left). I always went given name and then family name, for xx-amount of years. And now they want me to get used to this?

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Posted in: Putin woos Asian investors in Russia's Far East See in context

Well, with Abe and others here in Japan supporting this LNG project, the great master in Washington will not be too happy! I mean, he's already condemning the Russia-Europe pipeline! There goes the great friendship! But maybe golf will unite them again!

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Posted in: Abe urges Putin to fulfill 'historical duty' to sign peace treaty See in context

"I welcome the fact that our agreement is being steadily implemented," Abe said ....

What is he talking about? The new seafood processing factory on Shikotan built by (or for) Russia?

This meeting as the many others before will not change anything.

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Posted in: Trump displays incorrectly altered map of Hurricane Dorian path See in context

Again, he wants it his way!

Like a kindergarten kid: just use a black marker, some crayons and draw your own picture.

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Posted in: Abe eyes keeping 80-year-old Nikai as LDP secretary general See in context

Another oldie without any connections to the real world.

But that's how the Japanese government works (or not).

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Posted in: Japan briefs diplomats on Fukushima plant's radioactive water See in context

"....... Fukushima nuclear plant's safety ....."

"....... the importance of combating rumors ......"

So, still everything under control.

Still no problems.

When will they finally admit what's going on? Probably never!

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Posted in: Abe to reshuffle cabinet on Sept 11, with Suga, Aso likely to remain See in context

"Re-shuffle" the positions to those who please you.

Don't worry too much about qualifications.

Keep the old gang going.

Maybe that describes it best?

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Posted in: Gov't to launch smartphone-based rewards program to soften tax impact See in context

More smartphone payment options,

more waste of money by the government,

and in the end nothing achieved.

I mean, "they're" talking several hundred billions of Yen.

Can't "they" come up with any better ideas, more consumer and family friendly?

If you don't have those Yen 20.000 to upload, what're you gonna do?

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Posted in: Japan holds nationwide disaster drills See in context

Besides the necessity of getting people prepared for those disasters ......

.... this picture of PM Abe is just so great. Getting ready for some dance practice?

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Posted in: WWII start marked in Poland with German remorse, warning See in context

"I bow in mourning to the suffering of the victims," Steinmeier said. "I ask for forgiveness for Germany's historical debt. I affirm our lasting responsibility."

PM Abe (and others following in his footsteps) did you hear or read this?

Maybe a lesson to learn? I, however, got my doubts!

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Posted in: Trump's message to G7 leaders this weekend: Be more like U.S. See in context

Stay at home, Donnie!

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Posted in: TEPCO toughens stance toward nuclear disaster damages settlement See in context

Shame on them, all I can say!

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Posted in: Fukushima nuclear plant out of space for radioactive water See in context

Yeah sure underground injection. What a not at all great idea. Anything else? Get your act straight! But this will probably never happen!

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Posted in: Trump heads for golf club holiday - but summer storms loom See in context

Well, when he's not around .... he can do only little to no harm.

Get out of the office ..... the sooner the better!

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