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Posted in: Japan to spend more on defense, refit 1st aircraft carrier See in context

I strongly assume there are better ways to spend at least some of that money.

Slash the purchases let's say by 50% (to satisfy those who want to see a military hardware upgrade).

At the same time distribute the other 50% where it really makes sense and is needed!

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Posted in: Standoff over Trump border wall continues as partial gov't shutdown looms See in context

"My way, my way ... you will do it MY WAY, or else wise ......"

The talk of a 5-year-old. Blame, threaten, refuse and deny!

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Posted in: N Korea warns U.S. over sanctions See in context

"...... North Korea's economy has "wonderful potential" ........"

So, is he (Trump of course) trying to invest in some major construction projects over there?

Maybe another wall, maybe another hotel or Trump Tower?

Or how about a golf course? A second Mar-el ...... what ever?

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Posted in: Climate talks pass baton in race to stop global warming See in context

Too much talking, not enough action.

Protectionism, obstructionism and any other "-ism" in that sense does not help.

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Posted in: Giuliani: 'Over my dead body' will Mueller interview Trump See in context

So, just go for it!

The sooner Trump is being questioned / interrogated, the better!

Drain the Trump-swamp!

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Posted in: Trump's son-in-law Kushner possible next chief of staff: U.S. media See in context

Family business as usual?

Get out of here before you even enter!

Once again: he wants everything his way!

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Posted in: Don't contact our board members, Renault tells Nissan See in context

Trying some "under cover bribing"?

Maybe those brown envelopes don't work in France.

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Posted in: Ninjas 'sneak' into Abe's office to ask for tourism promotion See in context

Did they teach him how to disappear???

Now that would be a very good lesson!

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Posted in: Japan treats its foreign workers like Kleenex. They have a use-it, toss-it mentality. See in context

He is right!

Working the same job but being treated differently than your Japanese co-workers isn't really a positive image or sign. And quite a few of us working for Japanese companies or in the education sector .... one year renewable contract is the best we can expect, even after many years of employment.

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Posted in: Court rejects Ghosn's appeal to end detention See in context

Once again: what a shame, what a disgrace!

Either let him go on bail or start a trial, if you have prove and evidence.

But I strongly assume there is almost nothing that can justify him being in prison for such a long time (detention center???)

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Posted in: Japan seeks 1st aircraft carrier to deploy stealth fighters See in context

Wasn't that said before already (at least I did in a previous post).

They are getting their aircraft carrier ...... which in the sense of defense makes no sense.

Aircraft carriers are designed to operate in areas far away from their homebase.

So, what in the hell are "they" thinking? What are "their" plans?

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Posted in: Embattled Trump struggles to fill key White House post See in context

"Like the fact that you guys need to find a suitable candidate for 2024 if that candidate exists at al...."

@bass4funk It looks like you are a little confused or not very familiar with the calendar.

The next election will be (latest!!) in 2020, but maybe that's fake facts, eh news, I mean?

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Posted in: Republicans beginning to worry about Trump re-election See in context

Worried about Trump's re-election?

They should be worried about much more than this!

As "smithinjapan" already said: "the clock is ticking".

It's one minute to twelve, according to the "doomsday clock".

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Posted in: 2 girls injured in hit-and-run; 70-year-old driver arrested See in context

Another one fleeing the scene.

How many more can we expect to come in the future?

And what will his sentence look like?

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Posted in: 23 years sought for man over fatal road rage accident See in context

Hope he will get more than 30 years.

He definitely deserves that.

But even this sentence will not bring back those who were killed because of his act.

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Posted in: Ghosn planned to oust CEO before his arrest: report See in context

Not just me, but also others said this from the beginning:

an act of jealousy. Don't want that "Non-Japanese" collect all the credits for taking care of Nissan.

What a shame, what a disgrace!

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Posted in: Ruling bloc to agree on tax reforms spurring car, home purchases See in context

Like some other politicians: they don't know what they are talking about. They don't know what they're doing.

Come up with something better, something that benefits those who need it, not those who got it made already!

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Posted in: Initial FY2019 budget to top ¥100 tril for 1st time See in context

Not too much to comment on.

All I can say is: "OH NO"!!!!

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan chief Ghosn to be served with fresh arrest warrant See in context

Just like in the good old days: inquisition.

It should be innocent until proven guilty.

But that's not how the Japanese (un-)justice system works, of course.

"NO SURRENDER", Mr. Ghosn!

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Posted in: Economy minister returns month's salary over pay offer to state-backed fund See in context

Of course he is (they are) getting away with it.

As always, 1 month salary cut to show "remorse", bow and that's the end of the story!

Wish Ghosn could do the same!!

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Posted in: Man pleads not guilty over death of husband, wife in road rage accident See in context

Send him to jail!

And, please, not for a short time or something like on parole!!

He doesn't belong on the streets!

Road rage incidents happen way too often lately.

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Posted in: Gov't to earmark ¥1.15 tril for infrastructure in 2nd extra budget See in context

I just wonder how much of that money will end up in "and other(s)" pockets.

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Posted in: Former Morning Musume singer Yoshizawa gets suspended sentence over hit-and-run See in context

Got off the hook the cheap way!

Suspended sentence? She should "enjoy" those 2 years in prison!

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Posted in: Koike invites university students to volunteer for Tokyo 2020 Olympics See in context

“I would like everyone here to consider becoming a ‘City Volunteer’ ..."

That's not really asking but more or less demanding.

Maybe they should consider some incentives (like a minimum wage) to attaract more applicants?

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Posted in: LDP not to present Constitution revision plan to Diet this year See in context

I hope they didn't get "cold feet"!

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Posted in: Kansas stops issuing license plates with offensive term for Japanese See in context

Pretty (or maybe over-) sensitive?

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Posted in: Trump told Mueller he had no prior knowledge of 2016 Trump Tower meeting: Giuliani See in context

Who, Sir? Me, Sir? No, Sir, not me Sir!

That's probably (and most definitely) the answer Trump gave.

But maybe then again, this whole thing (Russia collusion) is just fake.

He is standing high above everything, since he is the POTUS and thinks he can do what ever he wants to do.

And if something goes wrong, blame it on others (waiting for the time he's gonna get rid of Kushner, D.T.jr. and others in his "inner circle)!

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Posted in: Trump tests presidential limits with threat to General Motors See in context

Screwing up all over the place.

Threatening all and everyone.

Who is this man? The Allmighty?

Agreed: some "special clinic" should take care of him!!

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Posted in: Japan considers transforming helicopter destroyer into aircraft carrier See in context

No surprise at all!

They wanted it from the beginning, now they make it public.

Right, increase your army (ooops, sorry SDF) and expand where ever and when ever.

Waste more money and what will be next?

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