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Posted in: Trump says he backs Abe's efforts to talk with Iran See in context

What kind of wording is this?

"I may be right, I may be wrong."

Darned, make up your mind and confess when you're wrong!

But that would be asking too much, I know.

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Posted in: U.S. President Donald Trump says that some imported vehicles and parts pose a threat to U.S. national security. Do you agree with this? See in context

As always: he doesn't know what he is talking about.

Maybe someone should tell him?

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Posted in: Trump is first head of state to meet Japan's new emperor See in context

Maybe he got some new ideas for his parade plans?

I mean, inspiration is all he needs (in addition to motivation, education and whatever "-ation"comes to ones mind).

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Posted in: After sumo, golf and dinner, Trump and Abe get down to business See in context

In other news this here:

"...... Trump tweeted that North Korea had tested "some small weapons" that had "disturbed some of my people, and others, but not me".

So, he is still good friends with Kim, too, it seems. Another one of his mis-calculations.

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Posted in: Trump hints he won't push Japan for trade deal before summer election See in context

Supporting his buddy so he doesn't have to worry about country.

What a great diplomat, what a great leader (NOT!!!!!).

As always, he is only looking for his personal advantage.

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Posted in: After sumo, golf and dinner, Trump and Abe get down to business See in context

Watching TV (the sumo thing) I can assure you, that Melania didn't look too enthusiastic .... more bored than anything else.

As for everything else, it was a nice trip for deDonnie, enjoying what he likes the most, G&E (golf and eating).

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Posted in: Trump fan See in context

Japan loves Trump?

What has this guy been smoking (or drinking) lately?

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Posted in: U.S. judge deals blow to Trump's border wall plans See in context

Well, some people show him (his) borders (or limits).

Such great news ... except for good ol' Donnie!

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Posted in: Trump's visit to focus on personal ties, not substance See in context

Of course just personal ties!

Didn't expect anything else from him.

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Posted in: Clash of the titans: Trump set for sumo showdown See in context

Nice "headline"!!

Is he gonna do that head-shaving with Shin-chan, too?

Now that would be a show worth to watch.

Elsewise, I see no other titans, except for those sumo-wrestlers.

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Posted in: Trump moves to escalate investigation of intel agencies See in context

Distract, deny, make false claims and so on.

That's what Trump's agenda looks like (besides a couple of other things not noteworthy).

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Posted in: Families of Japanese abducted by N Korea hope meeting Trump will help See in context

De Donnie and of any assistance?

Don't think so! His so "tremendously great relationship" with Kim is over, at least for now.

In addition, if there is nothing to gain for him (personally) he doesn't give a rat's arse!

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Posted in: Judge rules against Trump, paving way for banks to provide his business records to Congress See in context

All the Trump talk reminds me of an old (German??) saying:

The jar returns to the well until it breaks.

Sooner or later this will be the case for sure!

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Posted in: Japan hopes to avoid trade battle by wooing Trump with pomp See in context

FizzBit, maybe not Cleopatra, but Nero.

Ya know, the guy who was quite successful in burning all and everything.

But I am sure, Abe is pretty good at pleasing Donnie in each and any way.

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Posted in: Kono to ask foreign media to switch order of Japanese names See in context

Wonder what they will do with Japanese wives' names once they decide to accept the husband's surname.

What will their passports look like, since most countries (as much as I am aware of) use given name - surname.

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Posted in: Kono to ask foreign media to switch order of Japanese names See in context

Got to love the sarcastic comments by some!

Guess there are no more important things to do for him.

One of our English teachers even told the students today they should use family name first.

So, it's not just those politicians who got nothing better to do then going back to the past.

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Posted in: U.S. House Democrats subpoena more Trump ex-aides, including Hicks See in context

Looking at that picture ..... no explanation needed.

"I'm the boss man! I tell ya what to do! "

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Posted in: Trump's sumo attendance raising security issues for organizers See in context

"Every Japanese prime minister likes to trumpet ......." and so on.

Got to love the wording of this sentence!

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Posted in: Packing his bags: Trump plans jet-setting summer of travel See in context

Again trying to promote his business worldwide?

And does he know how to pack things up? I doubt it.

In other news this here:


Maybe it's really the time for him to pack! But where is he gonna go?? Probably no where, as always!

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Posted in: Work of art See in context

Do I see any missing fingers??

Just a thought!

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Posted in: Japan's economy expands for 2nd straight quarter See in context

Right! Wasn't there some different data a couple of weeks (or was it days) ago?

Change the stats, manipulate as much as possible and hope for another election winner.

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Posted in: Trump, Saudi Arabia warn Iran against Middle East conflict See in context

The bully is at it again!

He wants his war .... ask yourselves WHY!

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Posted in: Trump lifts tariffs on Mexico, Canada; delays auto tariffs See in context

Paddling back again.

As always, his way.

Didn't expect anything else from him!

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Posted in: Trump pitches U.S. immigration overhaul See in context

Oh, yes!!! That's it!

A knowledge test is all it takes.

Actually Trump should take such a test first, with his knowledge I am sure he is going to fail instantly!

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Posted in: Japan aims to cut number of dementia patients in 70s by 10% over decade See in context

Was going to ask the same question: SO HOW????

Please tell us more about that plan.

Hope they will not go back in time, like 75 years or so ago!

Anyways, this article somewhat and somehow sounds scary!!

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Posted in: Gov't to urge firms to hire employees until age 70 amid labor crunch See in context

Make it a mandatory 65-years-of-age retirement!

Full salary and all the other benefits.

Then let them (us) retire if we want to.

Everything else is just "cosmetics" ..... and abusing those who worked all their life to finally enjoy retirement.

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Posted in: Republican senators question immigration plan presented by Kushner See in context

Family ties, family business, that's all it is.

Me personally thinks that he has no qualifications at all to be in this position.

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Posted in: Nissan profit nose-dives 57.3% See in context

Saikawa blaming the loss on all and everything, with the exception of the mistakes he himself and his buddies make (made). That's the easiest way, of course. So how come everything was int the "green" when Ghosn was "the man"?

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Posted in: Japan’s host club king wants to sell you some ¥54,000 hair product in a tiny bottle See in context

Have to agree!

If I were a woman looking for some fun definitely not him and others like him.

But maybe his host club is designed for some other clientele?

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Posted in: What habits by your co-workers annoy you the most at your workplace? See in context

Same like "Maria", but ........

...... even worse when every sentence they try to utter contains numerous "AHs", "EHs", "OHs", "ETOs", "ANOs" and so on. What happened to their communicative skills when using their native language?

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