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Posted in: Video of pick-up artist grabbing Japanese women on street triggers online protests See in context

A note to Japanese women:

When you encounter a guy like this, take a few steps back, aim directly between his legs, smile sweetly then kick him in the balls with all your might.

Make sure to bow politely, apologize - and walk away.

Lawrence Klepinger

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Posted in: U.S. general hopes China will avoid regional air encounters See in context

Yes, I am sure that China would be very excited to talk with our new general. They might even invited her on a bird-watching tour then see just what a real bird-brain she really is.

I am also curious as to how the Muslims will take to dealing with her.

Wake up, America!

Lawrence Klepinger

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Posted in: ANA's first-half net profit soars 78% See in context

If you have ever flown on ANA or JAL you will see why these airlines are so popular (although JAL is in deep trouble financially).

Their service is impeccable, the food is great, smiles all around - and the stewardesses (air hostesses, air hosts, flight personnel - or any other PC term you choose to call them) are attractive, POLITE and ATTENTIVE.

Not so, American air carriers.

Keep up the good work ANA and JAL. We love flying with both of you!

Lawrence and Akiko Klepinger

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Posted in: What’s wrong with English education in Japan? Pull up a chair See in context

I realize that a lot of these comments are written by non-native English speakers, so this observation is not directed toward them. However, the so-called "native" speakers, who took part in this conversation, should be ashamed of themselves. Their writing, spelling, many grammatical mistakes make me wonder who "really" is to blame. If any of these contributors are actively teaching English in Japan, they should learn the basics of writing, and of speaking, as well.

One hint to all contributors - make it a habit to RE-READ what you write, before posting anything connected with your name. It is one of most simple, yet overlooked, aspects of proper writing - no matter what language you are using.

Lawrence Klepinger

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Posted in: Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation: Japan’s awesome all-woman grindcore band See in context

No comment!

Lawrence Klepinger

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Posted in: Nishikori carrying weight of history at U.S. Open See in context

I wish Nishikori the best of luck. He is going to need it. It would be great to see Nishikori pull off one of the biggest upsets in tennis history.

Lawrence Klepinger

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Posted in: Vice economy minister: More caution needed on next tax hike See in context

Somebody had better check their math.

If the Abe Government does, in fact, raise the tax rate from 5% to 10% - this is NOT a 5% increase - as stated in the article.

It is a ONE HUNDRED PERCENT increase.

Lawrence Klepinger

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Posted in: Anxiety makes Japanese stingy, says psychologist See in context

I believe that most people call saving the best part of a meal until last - dessert :o)

Lawrence Klepinger

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