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This does not exist only Japan, but in the US too on a lesser degree. In the US there are laws protecting the employee and often are applied when rights of employees are infringed upon or at least threatened. However, that does not mean upper management cannot apply mental force. This happened to me while working for a US based international consulting firm. Such as being implicitly told my project costs would impact my bonus if I did not try to come under budget by at least 20%. This sometimes meant having 24 hours at home once a week or flying all over North America just to save $300 on a Sunday when I could have flown directly. Having worked for a Japanese futures and options brokerage firm in Tokyo, I am aware of the tactics used on sales teams and they are somewhat brutal. One of my memories was marching into Meiji Shrine at 6:50AM on the first business day of the month. This was required of all sales staff and males from other departments. Luckily my Taiwanese colleague protested so I stopped going after several months. I cannot wait to buy this book.

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Fraser makes some interesting points, but unfortunately does not back them up with any supporting evidence, making this article very weak. The generalizations are too much regarding a very interesting topic. The complexity surrounding sex is Japan is similar to other countries and follows the patterns exhibited in many other countries whether it is the US, France, etc.

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Obviously written by a novice of both Japanese culture and kids. Not worthy of a posting since it is one of generalizations as another poster noted.

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