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Posted in: Prosecutors appeal verdict in ex-Nissan executive Kelly's trial See in context

Hagerty had the escalator stopped for that photo op.

Otsukare sama, Kelly-san!

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Posted in: 2,000 Ukrainians, Russians and supporters in Tokyo protest against Russia invasion See in context

Let's not forget Belarus as an accomplice to these crimes against humanity. They will pay dearly for this.

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Posted in: Record 235 COVID-19 cases reported among U.S. forces in Okinawa See in context

Watching hordes of locals in a crush to throw their coins for hatsumode, it won't belong before 235 seems like nothing. Just because the military actually bothers to do a real count, shouldn't highlight culpability here.

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Posted in: Tokyo lawyers to collect info on police stopping foreigners for questioning See in context

This has happened to me twice, one minute from my apartment in central Tokyo. Because the young police have nothing better to do with their time.

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Posted in: Internet misinformation fans COVID vaccine hesitancy among Japanese young people See in context

Misinformation does not only apply to the young. An elder man in my building was using the common areas (mailbox, elevator) unmasked and I mentioned that he should be wearing a mask whereupon he replied "I've already received the vaccine twice." When I told him he could still be carrying the virus and could pass it off it others in the building who are still vulnerable, he gave me an incredulous look. I think Japanese see full stadiums in ie. the US and think the situation is the same in Japan. Am I wrong to ask him to keep wearing the mask as a courtesy to others?

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Posted in: Gov't considering quasi-state of emergency in Tokyo during Olympics See in context

It's all about semantics for this hapless government.

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Posted in: Schools pull out of Tokyo Olympic spectator program over virus fears See in context

School kids flipping the bird to the IOC.

Gotta love it!

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Posted in: Suga arrives in Britain for G7 summit See in context

He no doubt brought his "written notes" he'll read off of when it's his turn to speak. What a disgrace!

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Posted in: Japan disposes of over 7,000 mishandled doses of COVID vaccine: report See in context

Actually, they never threw them away. They're saving them for other APAC countries in need as a "good will gesture" (sigh)

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Posted in: American arrested on suspicion of smuggling cannabis oil See in context

Given that it's the year 2021, I think the authorities here need to re-evaluate what should be considered "kiken-drugs" from a penalty or incarceration perspective, especially where such substances could ultimately be used for medicinal purposes.

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Posted in: Japan to start COVID vaccinations at workplaces on June 21 See in context

Let's see, who's first on the list.

Oh, Dentsu.

Isn't that special!

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka pulls out of French Open, citing mental health issues See in context

As I posted last week about her zeal for BLM as opposed to her silence on JLM - I agree with Zoroto and many others that it's all about the coin for her. Sadly as up until recently I was an avid supporter of her. Her sister yesterday had mentioned that the press were getting on her for being soft on clay but that's not on reason to pull out. If she wants the fame and fortune that comes with - she's got to fulfill the rest of the deal, which she seems not up to the task.

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Posted in: Coates gets backlash after saying Olympics are on, even in state of emergency See in context

Someone like Naomi Osaka taking a stand on this lunacy would go a long way toward taking it to the IOC. I realize as an athlete she would like to get a gold medal and has many sponsors to think about. But she was so vocal about Black lives matter - yet why so neutral on Japan lives matter?

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Posted in: 12 train operators in Tokyo region won't run all-night services Dec 31-Jan 1 See in context

Refreshing to see some tangible action taking place as a preventative measure.

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Posted in: Olympics minister says it is not government's role to look into bid payments See in context

Drlucifer - Well said!!!!

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic swimming venue opens; now comes the hard part: COVID-19 See in context

Why don't they just say it's located in Tatsumi (if that's indeed correct)? It's like they're protecting the identity of the building. But I guess this is par for course in news reporting in Japan.

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Posted in: Suga reshuffles LDP leadership; likely to retain key ministers, except Kono See in context

As long as there's no sense of outrage amongst the general public, this type of patronage/OLD boy network will perpetuate indefinitely. The idea that there will be actual "reform" is in practice nothing short of some elaborate Kabuki dance. Retain and remain continue to be the order of the day.

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Posted in: Ex-justice minister and his lawmaker wife plead not guilty to vote buying See in context

Even if found guilty, it will be the usual "suspended sentence" with a slap on the wrist.

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Posted in: 22-year-old mother arrested for tossing newborn baby into sea See in context

Lest we forget there's a man involved here as well. Let's not cast stones at the woman without knowing the full situation.

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Posted in: Rip-off circumcision clinics shine harsh light on medical ethics See in context

Oi...This place needs a mohel...

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