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While it's true that Disney mostly banks on children's movies, they have still made plenty of films for the adult audience. The pirates movies were not exactly kid friendly all the way through (opening scene where they hang a small child). Also, the original trilogy didn't have much in the way of blood and guts by today's standards, so even if Disney does go the way of not showing lots of blood, it should still be a pretty fun ride. I just hope they bring back the grittiness of the original trilogy and tone down the glitz of the new one.

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I'm a little confused on one point. I don't know a lot about radiation and how far the effects spread, but I was of the opinion that being inside doesn't change the radiation levels? Do the walls have some form of radiation shielding, or does radiation simply not penetrate indoors?

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The large knife, which you may think is a sword for photo purposes, is actually one of many large style butchering knives they use at the fish market. Depending on the size of the fish, and the butchering order, they use a larger or smaller blade. Yes, it looks like a katana, but it's reallyjust a large fancy fish knife.

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