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Posted in: LDP comes under fire over anti-newspaper comments See in context

Other lawmakers present suggested the government put pressure on the Japan Business Federation to urge members not to advertise in the two Okinawan newspapers.

According to Japanese newspapers this is not only about the two Okinawan newspapers but also mass-media in much broader sense. Let me translate what a LDP lawmaker said:

"The best way to put mass-media in place is cutting their advertising revenue links. Our influence on Japan Business Federation must be exercised for that purpose. Publicly name the TV programs that are harmful (in a LDP sense) and list the companies that provide financial supports to them."

This is evidently anti-democracy and it would be natural for LDP leadership to try to distance the party itself from this news.

Having said that, somehow I feel this type of thinking can be found elsewhere in our society. Perhaps we should use this episode as a food for thought reflecting on our reality on free speech and their means.

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Posted in: New Chinese islands don't settle sea disputes: Japan See in context

Diplomatic negotiations between parties involved is more important than ever here. Although it is sad to see that significant damages have been done to the ocean, we do not afford to let some militant politicians use this political situation as an outlet of their aggressive means that will prove highly unproductive.

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Posted in: New security bills threaten constitution: experts See in context

I believe the expression

the constitution imposed by the United States after World War II

is about the view held by Mr. Abe. While it is a historical fact that our constitution is heavily influenced by then GHQ, its pacifist principle is upheld by Japanese people since. Born and lived in Japan for good part of the 70 post-war years, I can say the constitution is doing more good for Japan than bad.

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Posted in: Lawmakers scuffle over controversial temp worker bill See in context

The bottom line is, Japanese temporary employees will be put in a lot unstable and weaker position. It is said that this bill has been lobbied by one dominant temporary resourcing company so that the temporary resourcing industry can provide Japanese companies with skilled workers who will be a lot cheaper and more disposable.

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Posted in: Asia should put WWII behind it: Singapore PM See in context

Very balanced view from Singapore and I wish Japan moves first by acknowledging the past war crimes and initiate talks with Korea and China regarding these historical matters. Blaming each other is quite unproductive in the age when the World has plenty of issues that we have to solve together.

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