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Posted in: Vigil for slain hostages See in context

Goto is hero who is always focus on the weak we don know. Im very sad at that moment hearing his death in that morning but I fully don understand y they need "I AM KENJI"?? They are not Kenji at all. I think they fully confuse Je suis Charlie. why ppl on pic didn't show their mourn by Japanese way? This is really weird for me.

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Posted in: Kennedy urges Japan, S Korea to mend ties See in context

Im seriously wondering and doubting she is right person for the ambassador to Japan. During ex ambassador Roos, 5 our p-minister had changed and was including one of our ex crazy p-minister, Hatoyama. the Great East Japan Earthquakes have occurred. Mr Ross really did the best. We thank to him and come back RIGHT NOW!!

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 chairman Mori critical of Asada, ice dancing brother and sister See in context

Read the article below if you can understand Japanese.


I think he didn't criticize and blame Mao. About the Reed, I can understand his saying a little. What is difference with the Reed and other members is we know the members growing since they were young. We know how they fought the competitions in the past but the Reed. Of course the Reed has a right to be Japanese citizens. so I think some ppl don't feel very special to them.

We see some athletes changing national citizenship and participate the competitions cuz of many reasons. Some ppl say Olympic is getting board-less now, then it does't need national flag or song anymore. What is the Olympic? For who? For what?

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Posted in: Kumamon visits Boston See in context

Ummm They seem to be asked in Boston, but it must be at Japan.....??

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Posted in: Lawmaker breaks taboo by handing letter about nuclear fears to emperor See in context

I can understand his act, but I don't think he did right. Emperor has no right to control political. Taro Yamamoto just wanted the emperor to speak out something sympathy more in the emperor speech or visit Fukushima a lot?

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I do hate seeing people cutting or burning pictures, symbol, and flag of the others!

Korean says Japanese learn nothing from the past, huh? Japanese go the Yasukuni to respect and pray for all people who fought in the past, including nurses or soldiers. Also, not only Japanese, but also other countries ppl is enshrined.

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