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Japan, parents are parents!!! Love for a child is a universal right that exists in Japan or in the United States. I don't know whats going on with this custody battle. I think the dad or mom of "any" child should have the right to see their children. Both of our Countries belief in freedom, human rights, liberty, free expression, and the right to live a peaceful life.This custody could be resolved in a custody agreement or child visitation rights.No parent should be denied the right to see their children, no matter where they live or what country they reside in.

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Its time for China to free the 4 Japanese captives.This patrol boats incidents must be viewed with extra caution. Japan do not allow Japanese patrol boats near Chinese patrol boats. If Japan is going to have patrol boats make sure you have cameras on them. Yes, video images could often deter an opponent.Plus having video images is the best method of achieving diplomatic success with out having to engage in any diplomatic crisis. Video proof could silence the critics and provide Diplomatic cover. Make sure those patrol boats have video cameras.

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