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Posted in: Planes spot objects after search for lost Malaysian jet shifts north See in context

^^ agree. There is too much reporting based on speculation and sat images. Im tired of reading the same article just reworded and maybe a "new lead." I cant imagine what those people waiting on news, verse those delving into the "mystery," are going through.

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Posted in: Debris sighting boosts search for missing Malaysia plane See in context

Tohka no truer words have been spoken. It is a shame. It takes a major tragedy to bring ppl together and then they forget all too soon.

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Posted in: Cat takes Oregon family hostage See in context

The father said "you'd do the same thing," in regards to kicking the cat. No Sir. I would not. You remove the child or remove the cat. Pretty sure a 22lb cat can be picked up. And after all was settled, they kept the cat. Smh.

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Posted in: U.S. to combat anti-gay laws worldwide See in context

So let me get this. We (I'm an American), are fighting anti-gay in other countries while being divided here at home on the issue? I've lost faith in my Gov't years ago

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