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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan to K.O. you with new spicy McNuggets See in context

It's still a no from me Mr McD.

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Posted in: Is the wedding bouquet toss a form of harassment? Some Japanese women say 'Yes' See in context

We might've just found out a big reason why they are still single.

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Posted in: FamilyMart relaxes customer service rules for sake of foreign workers See in context

Will Family Mart be training their workers on something useful like cutting down on the pointless use of plastic bags? Or is that too hard for the foreigners to understand as well?

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Posted in: As outrage grows over children, Trump says he will not let U.S. become 'migrant camp' See in context

BlacklabelToday  08:52 am JST

Independents are the happiest they have been since 2005 with the direction of the country. 

That, unfortunately, says quite a lot about Americans then doesn't it.

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Posted in: 6 spots to get a bird's eye view of the Shibuya scramble crossing See in context

It's just a zebra crossing.

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Posted in: Holidays to be moved to ease traffic for 2020 Tokyo Olympics See in context

So we get a 4 day weekend and a 3 day weekend, great what's everyone moaning about?

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Posted in: Japan enacts law to lower adulthood age to 18 See in context

fishyJune 13  04:31 pm JST

So, my oldest is now 16 years old, in 4 years he will be 20.

Will he have the coming of age ceremony when he is 20 ? This is weird.

I reckon they will keep it at 20. It would kinda spoil the fun of the day if they can't all legally go out on the lash after the ceremony.

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Posted in: Japanese taxis now being driven by ninja; bodyguards armed with concealed water pistols See in context

I like those novelty taxis in Tokyo that know where they're going and get you there quickly. Not many of them about unfortunately.

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Posted in: Five reasons your partner’s political apathy means you’d be better off without them See in context

I call BS on this. I'm not massively motivated to vote unless there's something that really needs countering but that has absolutely no bearing on what i'm personally prepared to do daily for my wife and family. I actually don't really want to know too much about my loved ones political leanings, all I really care about is how people i'm connected to behave toward me and other people around them.

‘Obviously it’s not really about guys or girls, or relationships, He’s just saying get out there and vote.’

That is exactly what gets my back up about this article, they've dressed it up in nonsense.

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Posted in: Holidays to be moved to ease traffic for 2020 Tokyo Olympics See in context

But think of the animals!

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Posted in: Man, presumed dead, returns home a year after family cremated wrong body See in context

Ooooops! I wonder if his wife had moved on?

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Posted in: A Nobel Peace prize for Trump and Kim Jong Un? See in context

Oh do behave!

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Posted in: 2020 Tokyo Olympic organizers set Y300,000 cap for ticket prices See in context

Come the Olympics I will be watching either in the office, at the pub or at home. I might go and see one of the more obscure events though.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested in connection with woman's body abandoned on mountain See in context

Weird pervs, how unlucky she was.

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Posted in: Trump, Kim sign agreement; N Korean leader to get White House invitation See in context

SerranoToday  05:39 pm JST

Well, well, I wonder if Iran is paying extremely close attention to this...

I'm sure they are but what message are they getting from a US president who rips up a deal they were honoring, then runs off and lets a dictator tickle his tummy who's just developed nuclear weapons and threatened to use them on several countries?

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Posted in: Trump, Kim sign agreement; N Korean leader to get White House invitation See in context

I believe the main reason we got to this 'historic' meeting is that the previous US presidents actually had morals and would not entertain a despot without him giving clear concessions first. Whilst I do completely accept that having a relationship where they can talk directly is beneficial to all, it will be very interesting to see how this goes. However, this is now how the US rolls, it praises a despot whilst in the same breath beats down a guy like Trudeau. Americas traditional allies should be looking elsewhere for reliable partners now.

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Posted in: Robert De Niro bleeped at Tony Awards for Trump F-bomb See in context

If, in the eyes of America, Trump was allowed up on a soapbox to spout political crap then surely DeNiro must be, or do Trumpettes now want curtail one of the faux great Murican freeeeeedoms now it doesn't suit them?

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Posted in: Canadian man goes to court alleging paternity harassment See in context

^^^^^^ Does it really matter? However else you word it, it's still the mother of HIS child and it's not uncommon at all for western couples to have and raise children out of wedlock.

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Posted in: Abe expresses hope for resolution of N Korean threats, abduction issue See in context

The parties involved are so desperate to come out of this smelling of roses i'm pretty certain the majority of negotiation for this circus has already been done behind the scenes. We will see some hand shakes, smiles and a few documents signed as formality for the cameras.

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Posted in: Abe expresses hope for resolution of N Korean threats, abduction issue See in context

Didn't Abe pledge billions of $s of USA investment just a few days ago? Yeah thought so, this issue is a cash cow for NK and USA.

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Posted in: Storage for the urban kitchen See in context

My wife has a load of metal boxes of different sizes with plastic lids. The good thing is you can use them on the hob or oven to cook easily, as well as using them for storage. I couldn't really give a monkeys tbh but it keeps her happy!

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Posted in: 7 unfortunate Tinder dates and a happy ending in Tokyo See in context

I have never used Tinder as i'm happily married but have listened with interest to my mates experiences and met a few of their 'candidates'. I did use Metropolis Mag Confidential's a few times when I was free and single just for the fun of it, so I enjoyed reading about the different characters the author met. I'm pleased it worked out for her!

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Posted in: White House calls Trudeau back-stabber unworthy of Trump's time See in context

Trump seems to have this theory that the other world leaders are his employees. He's on course for a lot of egg on his face.

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Posted in: Airbnb says new law regulating short-term rentals 'stinks' See in context

It's amazing how quickly the government move to protect Japanese big business but when it comes to things like workers rights etc ........

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Posted in: Giuliani says Trump forced N Korean leader Kim to beg for summit See in context

Photo caption : Giuliani waves goodbye to his credibility.

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Posted in: Airlines hope flashier content for travel agents will boost sales See in context

The last time I went into an agent (H.I.S) was 10 years ago and it took an eternity in there. I got some quotes but wasn't really sure about what they were offering me, went home and found exactly the same stuff (but with much more convenient flights) online way cheaper. I haven't been into an agent since.

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Posted in: Over 75% of Japanese women say they’ve slept with a male coworker: survey See in context

I wonder what percentage of women would say they've slept with a female coworker?

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Posted in: Giuliani says Trump forced N Korean leader Kim to beg for summit See in context

We are absolutely ** as a planet with all these clowns in power.

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Posted in: Lonely furrow: Little pay dirt for organic farming in Japan See in context

The price of fruit n veg here is insane. I always go to the weekly market when i'm back in England to stock up on cheese and enjoy nosing around the green grocer stalls looking at the big bags of produce on offer for 1 pound.

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Posted in: Man arrested for driving among pedestrians at Shibuya scramble crossing See in context

I agree it's such an iconic crossing that security should be increased there. One idea would be to have bollards that pop-up from the road when the lights turn red, so cars cannot drive through.

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