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Posted in: Is Trump mounting a coup -- or just putting on a circus? See in context

Coup. If Biden is prevented from rightfully taking office I think we will see a fair bit of blood spilt on the streets.

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Posted in: Money to support Trump court fight could flow to president See in context

What is it with Americans being so susceptible to these cult-like and evangelical figures?

Introducing the Con-man-duh in chief of America!

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Posted in: Trump files new election challenge in Michigan; Georgia announces recount See in context

America is now so tin pot it's unbelievable. It has totally lost touch with reality, gone to the dogs. The Republican party has totally cowered, it's now the Trump conspiracy party and the nation has bought generations of Trump family meddling into it's system. You get what you deserve, stupid nation.

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Posted in: Japanese clothing chain offers an answer to job-hunting suit conundrum See in context

I hate wearing suits. Fortunately I only need to wear one so infrequently (once or twice a year) I can just pull out the one I bought for my wedding 11 years ago.

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Posted in: GOP to let Trump fight election for weeks despite Biden's win See in context

The GOP has shown in their comments and actions for at least the last year that their election strategy is to undermine the process and steal it through the courts if necessary. They knew all along they wouldn't get the popular vote.

They are now nothing but a bunch of looney conspiracists who are a disgrace to democracy.

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Posted in: Jam first, and do it dreckly See in context

A friend bought some round from this shop recently and they're really good, the real deal. The scones are large but the portion of cream and jam they came with that time wasn't enough.

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Posted in: Trump-to-Biden presidential transition could be rockier than most See in context

If you want something from someone, you need to be civil and polite to them

Which is exactly why the chickens are coming home to roost with Trump right now.

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Posted in: Trumpism will outlast Trump, who defied the odds, grew the base See in context

Stupid people will always look for something stupid to cling-on to.

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Posted in: Johnson Town: Japan's own little slice of 1950s America See in context

When I look at those huts the first word that springs to mind is ........asbestos!

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Posted in: Biden seeks to move quickly and build his administration See in context

they will not move forward until all objections and accusations of fraud are cleared.

That should be pretty easy because it's down to the GOP to prove without doubt there was SYSTEMATIC FRAUD and not just the odd irregularity.

There will always be the odd irregularity when dealing with such huge numbers but systematic fraud would be more obvious, so it will be interesting (and probably quite funny) to see how they try to prove it exists.

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Posted in: EDITION, luxury lifestyle brand hotel, opens in Tokyo See in context

Visited the bar there recently and it's very nice. There's now even more greenery inside than in the photo, so each table is quite private. There's a nice chilled vibe up there and excellent cocktails to accompany the cracking view of Tokyo Tower.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 242 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,123 See in context

zatoizugoodoToday  05:46 pm JST

I wish I lived in Europe. At least they are taking measures. What is Japan doing? Reducing the number of tests and going about life like nothing is happening. Must be a superior culture thing.

Well you are perfectly welcome to go to Europe and share their misery. My family in the UK wish they were in Japan, 3 of them have lost their jobs and are now locked down for another 4 weeks, so their short term future prospects are very bad. Meanwhile over here we can go to work and use our own common sense to navigate our way through it without threat of being fined or harassed by the police.

I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here at the moment.

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Posted in: Trump claims election being 'stolen' from him See in context

BlacklabelToday  01:22 pm JST

link. the worker is filling in the ballots.

That has already been debunked Black. Get with the program and stop spreading fake news.

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Posted in: Trump claims election being 'stolen' from him See in context

Tangerine2000Today  10:07 am JST

When you are preventing official observers from watching the count being carried out, it doesn't look good.

bass4funkToday  01:11 pm JST

Funny how election observers won’t let any independent or GOP witnesses to oversee the counting, why would they block the windows or not allow them to watch? Don’t they want transparency?

International observers haven't been reporting any problems, quite the opposite actually, they have rebuked Trump and his representatives for undermining the process.

The only ones crying about it are GOP observers, as this is part of their election strategy now they know they're on their way down.

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Posted in: Trump claims election being 'stolen' from him See in context

Team Trumps strategy is to undermine the electoral system and they have been working on this for a while. They attacked the USPS as they knew most postal votes would be democratic, they are spreading misinformation to undermine their cult members faith in the system and it's clear from the speed in which they launched their litigation this is their strategy.

Trump is the only fraud in this election and he should be carted out of the White House in a straight jacket.

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Posted in: As virus surges, isolated UK leader Johnson faces many foes See in context

The general quality of world leaders at the moment is shockingly poor.

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Posted in: Can Trump call in troops to quell Election Day unrest? See in context

The champion of democracy isn't capable of holding an election anymore lol!

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Posted in: Lawmaker Anri Kawai released on ¥12 mil bail after 4 months in detention See in context

I agree with Maria. If you're 47 and can't draw 100k from a pot somewhere for an emergency, you're not in for a very rosy retirement, or any sort of retirement.

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Posted in: What is your favorite Japanese beer? See in context

My favourites are various Baird beers, Shigakogen IPA, Coedo Marihana and Yona Yona Aooni.

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Posted in: Do you think the century-old tradition of going to the movies will become a thing of the past due to the coronavirus and the increasing popularity of streaming services? See in context

Personally, I haven't really enjoyed going to the cinema in my adulthood, I'd much rather enjoy a film in the comfort of my own home. Cinema sound systems are really loud, my kids were covering their ears at times.

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Posted in: Olympic chief says Games cannot be 'marketplace of demonstrations' See in context

I don't have to watch and I don't have to buy the brands that support the athletes. That's fine by me, my life goes on but if I am amongst many thousands of people who stop watching, or stop buying brands that support the athletes, the sport in its professional capacity dies. That is why sports stars should care.

Play the game on the field, express views off the field.

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Posted in: Olympic chief says Games cannot be 'marketplace of demonstrations' See in context

Yes! What is so hard for you to understand about that? They are athletes after all. If they excel on the field, you know, doing that thing myself and people want to see them do and that thing their sponsors also pay them to do, they will attract more personal attention to their other platforms where they can bang on about the other stuff that's important to them.

What is so wrong with wanting/hoping that sports stays pure to the sport?

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Posted in: Olympic chief says Games cannot be 'marketplace of demonstrations' See in context

StrangerlandOct. 26  01:35 am JST

Can none of our objectors explain why the UNPAID athletes shouldn't be able to use the platform that makes a fortune off of them to spread the messages they believe in? There seem to be some vehemently against it, but no one can seem to explain why the UNPAID athletes shouldn't be allowed to do this.

Yes. I want to watch SPORT not political posturing. There's enough of that everywhere else and i'm sick of it. Athletes have social media accounts, they should use those for causes close to their hearts. Keep the sport on the field and politics off it.

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Posted in: Japan to create database to prevent sexual predators from babysitting See in context

egads man!Today  03:35 pm JST

All sex offenders should be registered in a database whether they're child molesters or rapists. Neighborhoods should have the right to know about these predators living among them.

I agree but I'm not sure Japan has a long enough scroll of paper.

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Posted in: Qatar 'forcibly examined' women from aircraft, drawing angry diplomatic response See in context

Surely they could've reviewed CCTV to see who used the toilet after it was last cleaned/checked.

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Posted in: Putin rejects Trump's criticism of Biden family business See in context

Trumps children and their spouses go around the globe using their position to champion business matters and causes that directly benefit the family and them personally, do they not?

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Posted in: Some helpful tips on Japanese etiquette See in context

Don’t blow your nose in public

Because it is so much better to keep snorting and hacking relentlessly trying to swallow the stuff after all.

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Posted in: GOP slowly gaining as early vote total surpasses 2016 See in context

Americans will still be bickering about left and right as China passes them by to become the global economic power. The rot has already set in whatever the outcome of this election.

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Posted in: Yakuza have their fingers in Go To Eat campaign See in context

I just directly support my local neighbourhood regular places.

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Posted in: Use of smartphones wasting more kids' time, wrecking their brains, says doctor See in context

Use of smartphones wasting more kids' time, wrecking their brains, says doctor

It ain't just the kiddos doc!

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