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Posted in: 18-year-old arrested over hit-and-run death of cyclist See in context

Old enough to be given a license but not old enough to fully take responsibility when it goes wrong. There's something not quite right about that is there.

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Posted in: 6 killed, 2 injured in motorcycle crash in Nara See in context

Jonathan PrinToday  01:26 pm JST

How possible to be 3 on a motorbike ?

Have you ever been to Thailand or Vietnam?

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Posted in: Are more doors opening to tattooed visitors? See in context

There are quite a few tattoo parlours in my neighbourhood and many punk type younguns sporting them, so there are pockets of Japan where no one gives a hoot.

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Posted in: Trump warns of violence if Republicans lose fall elections See in context

It is illogical to fight hate with hate.

I wish this was true but unfortunately I have to point out that a barrage of roses and chocolates would not have defeated a guy like Hitler.

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Posted in: Scorching heat continues for much of Japan See in context


(Btw, aren't there clear blue beach for swimming in Japan (or nearest to Tokyo, like in Bournemouth or Cornwall?)

I love going down to southern Izu, some lovely beaches and clear water down there but it does take at least 2 hours from Tokyo, (much longer if the traffics bad) so I usually take the kids to Onjuku in Chiba. It's a big beach so there's plenty of space and the sand is decent enough. You can do it in an hour and 15 if the traffic's OK and it's a nicer beach with better water than you get down by jellyfish ridden Zushi.

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Posted in: Food expert's advice: When in Japan, do as the French do See in context

We almost always ate family meals round a table together in England. My wife's Japanese family did the same when she grew up, so in our home we have breakfast together every day, although i'm back a bit late on weekdays to have dinner together with the children, on the weekends we have a very slow breakfast together, lunch out somewhere and dinner round the table together, with music and lot's of discussion. I thought that's pretty normal tbh.

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Posted in: How to plan a debt-free vacation See in context

I would say the best way to enjoy a debt-free holiday, is to holiday within your means.

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Posted in: Mrs and Mr Marilyn Monroe honeymoon in Japan See in context

She's gorgeous but no doubt was very hard work to be in a relationship with. I do feel very sorry for her being passed around as a child, then exploited as an adult.

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Posted in: Bullet train operator holds drill involving knife attacker See in context

CrickyAug. 22  07:00 pm JST

Wait a minute, no one is wearing a costume, is it really a serious drill.

WRONG, it's actually a drill performed by Ueno zoo pandas in JR employee costumes.

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Posted in: Trump cites woman murdered by illegal alien at West Virginia rally See in context

Desperate men unfortunately turn to desperate deeds.

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Posted in: AI robots to help teach English in 500 classrooms next year See in context

My kids are 3 and 5 and speak both English and Japanese as fluently as they can for their ages. Both went/go to English pre-school for 4 hours a day, 3 times a week but now the 5 year old goes to the local kindergarten and has a private English lesson an hour a week, focusing on reading and writing. Of course, they have the benefit of speaking English with me in the evenings and at weekends and Japanese with mum during the day or any other time but we see a lot of parents who take their Japanese kids to the same English pre-school, who I feel are wasting their money because their children have absolutely zero exposure to English other than that (most of the parents can't speak it at all). Sadly, their kids will likely forget what they have learned when they get into the Japanese school system.

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Posted in: 4 Japanese basketball players sent home from Asian Games after spending night with prostitutes in hotel See in context

I hope they were worth it lads!

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Posted in: Salah sets up 2 goals as Liverpool beats Palace 2-0 in EPL See in context

Haha you guessed right with the 'pink' kit but Charlton, Millwall and Wimbledon also especially hate Palace.

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Posted in: Salah sets up 2 goals as Liverpool beats Palace 2-0 in EPL See in context

It is quite reminiscent of that grey CANDY sponsored shirt they had around 1990 isn't it.

My team had an away kit that looked like a pink Chewit wrapper and a home kit like Andy Pandy's pajamas in '91.

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Posted in: Salah sets up 2 goals as Liverpool beats Palace 2-0 in EPL See in context

I hate Palace.

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Posted in: Discovery of London cannabis farms raises child slavery fears See in context

Weed is openly smoked in my home city in England and there's some really potent stuff around.

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Posted in: 5 scary Japanese foods and why you should try them See in context

Shirako tempura is really nice but it's grim raw, however, like a good girl I swallowed it anyway.

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Posted in: Gov't panel begins discussions to slash plastic waste See in context

I've said it before but a good start is to train the store clerks to be more thoughtful with their use of plastic bags. However, it's also ridiculous the amount of plastic waste you end up with when buying stuff for lunch from supermarkets etc in this country.

Whenever I've been to the beach this summer I've picked up any plastic rubbish I've walked by but there's way too much out there in general, it's pretty sad so I do hope they are serious.

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Posted in: EU hits back at Italian gov't over bridge disaster comments See in context

I can't see this government being any good for Italy and I can't see a break from the EU being any good for Italy. The EU is determined to make an example of Britain to deter others.

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Posted in: Human traffic jam on Mt Fuji shows why weekdays are best days to climb See in context


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Posted in: Japan must act to protect Fukushima clean-up workers: U.N. experts See in context

Given the governments lack of desire to protect common workers throughout the economy, i'd say the chances of them doing anything are slim to none.

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Posted in: Exercise linked to better mental health - but too much may do harm See in context

I find myself totally incapable of exercising for the sake of exercising. I need to actually be going somewhere.

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Posted in: At least 25 killed as suicide bomber hits school in Kabul See in context

Happy with yourselves scumbags?

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Posted in: Keep bribes quiet for 10 years, FIFA won't punish you See in context

Soooooo FIFA are a law unto themselves eh?

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting guy he thought was a woman See in context

Instant karma

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Posted in: ANA announces contributions to effort to teach practical English See in context

The thing that irks me about ANA is when they deliver the meals they then go around only offering asian looking people miso soup, which I did point out to them when I requested mine after they ignored me.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for leaving 8-month-old daughter in freezing bathroom in January See in context

She will now find herself in a very hot cell.

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Posted in: More Japanese women falling for 'international romance frauds' See in context

Ike-in-Tokyo-from-89Aug. 11  08:54 pm JST

What do you call it when a “friend”, a colleague, asks for a loan, fails to repay it and skips the country?

You hunt them down without mercy of course.

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Posted in: Still no trial date set for suspect in 2015 abduction, murder of two children See in context

They won't send it to court unless they are at least 99% certain he will get convicted, can't mess with the stats people!

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Posted in: We taste-test 7-Eleven’s new fusion cuisine: the Cheese Dak-galbi Burrito See in context

There's hardly any filling! They appear to have pushed the filling up to one end for one of those photos, just like the combini sandwich makers do to make them look fuller on the shelf.

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