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Posted in: Inflation is rising faster than wages in many countries due to increases in the cost of raw materials and energy supplies. How can governments correct this imbalance? See in context

Something really needs to be done about the way energy contracts are traded, it's just wrong. Essential services should be affordable for all, with costs controlled by the government.

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Posted in: EU leaders agree to ban 90% of Russian oil by year-end See in context

RichardPearceJune 1  08:37 pm JST

Now, the East will also be moving away from oil and gas (China has the world's largest renewables energy production already, and is growing it at a faster rate than any other country) but unlike Europe (pre self imposed demand spike, it's short term needs are massive and staying that way

Cool well done, so you actually are aware that Russia is on a downward spiral.

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Posted in: EU leaders agree to ban 90% of Russian oil by year-end See in context

Sorry, 5 million more barrels a month I meant.

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Posted in: EU leaders agree to ban 90% of Russian oil by year-end See in context

But the 2022 figures show that the increased Asian imports dwarfs the EU drops.

Asian countries became the largest importers of Russian oil for the first time in April 2022, overtaking Europe, Bloomberg reported on Friday, citing Singapore-based analytics firm Kpler.

Roughly 71.7 million barrels of Russian crude were delivered to Asia last month

I was talking about natural gas. What you're saying is only approx 5 million more barrels a day than the EU was importing, then there are the other nations who are dropping off their imports as well, hugely. Russia still has a big void to fill.

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Posted in: EU leaders agree to ban 90% of Russian oil by year-end See in context

Mr KiplingToday  02:02 pm JST


That may not be hurting Russia now but it most definitely will.

Well, it would if they couldn't find another buyer. Luckily for them they have China, India and several other nations lining up to buy their oil. Also don't be surprised to see some of the European countries buying Russian oil on the quiet.

Yeah that's easy to say but India accounted for just 0.2% of Russia's gas exports and China 6.7% in 2021. While they will up their imports, I'm sure you can work out how much they need to do..

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Posted in: EU leaders agree to ban 90% of Russian oil by year-end See in context

It's really pretty simple and not a secret at all but you guys prefer a conspiracy.

Those who want/need Russian gas open an account at Gazprombank, pay them in their agreed local currency and Gazprom then converts it to rubles to pay for the gas etc. This will only continue until those western or other nations concerned have secured alternative supplies, which they are gradually doing.

Gazprombank itself is not yet subject to western sanctions but many of it's high level executives are.

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Posted in: Sievierodonetsk mayor says Russian forces have seized half of city See in context

You lot harping on about how Ukraine is bad and Russia not so, just need to look at the wholesale destruction and indiscriminate murder carried out by Russian forces in Putins wars to control the old empire since he came to office.

The pattern is there to see clear as anything and I do not blame Ukraine one bit for desperately trying to defend their country from a brutal invading army. Seeing as you are in favour of Ukraine just rolling over for Russia, would you give up your own country so cheaply? I can already guess the answer to that.

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Posted in: EU leaders agree to ban 90% of Russian oil by year-end See in context

> Mr KiplingToday  10:50 am JST

Bob Fosse...

But I thought they were going to pay in Rubles. Was that information incorrect?

They are for their gas, even the countries that said they wouldn't are quietly paying in Rubles. But its the thought that counts....

A "boycott" of Russian energy was bound to fail..... when two of the biggest users were not on board.

As far as the EU is concerned it might well be a bit stuck in the short-term but it will almost completely move away from dependence on Russian energy pretty soon. That may not be hurting Russia now but it most definitely will.

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Posted in: Elderly men dropping like flies in the loo See in context

That really is a crap way to die.

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Posted in: Russians, Ukrainians fight block by block in eastern city See in context

Sh1mon M4sadaToday  08:14 am JST

Ukraine is becoming a clear lesson that NATO is useless. Finland has been conned or coerced into giving Biden a pyrrhic victory.

The rules as dictated by Biden yesterday of only providing weapons that can't touch Russian soil means Ukraine and its cities is the only battle ground, ie loose/loose situation for Ukrainians.

Russia pushed Finland and Sweden towards NATO. Also, Ukraine is not a NATO member is it, so NATO troops are not facing Russia there. If Russia attacks a NATO member it will be a whole different and ugly story. We should actually be grateful Ukraine is the only battleground and let's hope it stays that way.

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Posted in: Gov't to fight damages suit filed by family of dead Sri Lankan See in context

So they J gov is basically saying the family should've been satisfied with their insincere apology, got it...

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Posted in: The Arctic's tricky quest for sustainable tourism See in context

It needs some kind of special protected status. Only scientists should be going there IMO.

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Posted in: Guns now the leading cause of death for American children See in context

What a disgusting society America has. No other nation should be looking to American 'culture' for inspiration.

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Posted in: How the NRA evolved from backing a 1934 ban on machine guns to blocking nearly all firearm restrictions today See in context

They're extremists. It should be a banned organization.

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Posted in: Married couple convicted for forcing single mother into prostitution See in context

this kind of thing is happening on a very serious scale in The EU and UK. Demand for Ukrainian women is up 600% according to Oxfam.

The supply of Ukrainian women is unfortunately up massively as well though.

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Posted in: 19 children, 2 adults killed in Texas school shooting; Biden says 'we have to act' See in context

bass4funkToday  08:00 am JST

Limit gun ownership to a “well-regulated militia” as the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution clearly states.

Ok, now let’s go back and deal with reality.

The reality being kids get shot up at school, people get shot up at supermarkets, concerts etc etc etc. You happy with that?

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Posted in: High school girl arrested for stalking Johnny’s 7 MEN Samurai member See in context

and so the revolving door of musical mediocrity keeps on spinning.

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Posted in: Kill Japan's elderly? Cannes film probes chilling idea See in context

Actually I do not just give the elderly blanket respect any more than any other age. It totally depends on their attitude, they still have to earn my respect.

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Posted in: Eye-openers in Akatsuka, a northwestern Tokyo suburb See in context

Cool. If you're interested in visiting parks or gardens have a look at Tetsugakudou Park in the Namabukuro area. It's very pretty and peaceful with a few old interesting moved/reconstructed buildings there too.

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Posted in: Ex-Olympic medalist Kotani battles objectification of women in sport See in context

Here we go with the thought police......

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Posted in: Tokyo Skytree marks 10 years as symbol of capital's skyline See in context

Paying to go up a tower in Tokyo is a mugs game when you can just go up to the top of a number of hotels or the Tokyo Government buildings for free, if you really want a view.

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Posted in: Woman dies after jumping from moving car; driver arrested See in context

William BjornsonToday  04:52 pm JST

It's pretty standard procedure while the police conduct their investigation.

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Posted in: Lebanon receives Interpol wanted notice for Ghosn See in context

Fighto!Today  10:35 am JST

France and Japan should take the carrot and stick approach. Promise $Billions to be given to Lebanese politicians when they hand over Ghosn. If they won't? punish Lebanon by withdrawing all future aid.

I'd rather not 1 more yen of my tax money is wasted on that numpty thanks.

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Posted in: Do you use toilet slippers at your home? See in context

No, I'd forget to take them off too often. I get why people have them, if they're plastic. Cloth material ones are nasty though.

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Posted in: Electricity, gasoline and many food and drink items now cost more in Japan. What are you doing in your daily life to cut back on costs? See in context

Not much really as we're in a fortunate position. Maybe moan at the wife n kids a bit more to turn the unnecessary lights off.

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Posted in: Japan OKs plan to release Fukushima nuclear plant wastewater See in context

Just in time for the beach season yay......

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Posted in: What can reverse late-night TV's decline? See in context

blahblah222May 17  12:48 pm JST

Probably because late night "comedy" have pretty much just turned into liberal state-media and are close to 100% politically driven and have clear political agendas.

Well, a conservative comedy just doesn't sound very funny eh. Conservatives generally are not known around the world for their sense of humour.

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Posted in: Finland, Sweden submit NATO membership application See in context

What is in it, is security duh.

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Posted in: Japan not considering new nuclear plants despite energy concerns See in context

Hello Kitty 321Today  02:28 pm JST

@ Rodney

And who is going to pay for all the solar panels? I certainly cannot afford them.

The government should subsidize them. I don't know what numbers are involved but i'm fairly certain even that would be cheaper than building and maintaining new plants AND the bent-over-the-barrel cost of importing so much of it's energy needs.

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Posted in: What can reverse late-night TV's decline? See in context

“How would you change late-night?”

More football.

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