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Posted in: IS teen 'shocked' after UK revokes her citizenship See in context

Toasted HereticToday  10:01 am JST

If the British govt. revoked citizenship from white citizens who go abroad as mercenaries, trying to conspire to topple foreign governments, I'd be more inclined to see their actions as more even-handed but currently it does look like they are making examples of a certain demographic.

A major flaw with that theory is more often than not mercenaries go and do their thing for financial gain and pose no threat to their own nation upon returning. The ISIS crowd have followed an ideology that despises and wants to destroy everything about the western way of life, which obviously poses massive risks having them back. Over 150 ISIS Brits have been stripped of their citizenship since 2016 and many more will be, which I have no problem with at all.

If you have any knowledge of how the white extreme right are dealt with in the UK, I don't think you'll still be crying anti Muslim bias.

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Posted in: Frappuccino and macchiato celebrate Tokyo Reserve Roastery opening See in context

Yup that's some pricey milk

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Posted in: Uniqlo’s new 'communist dictator' jacket has Japanese commenters confused and snickering See in context

I'd rather just buy something decent thanks.

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Posted in: Dysfunctional economic planning dooms Okinawa to vicious circle of poverty See in context

I can take or leave Okinawa. I did visit once but tend to go to Vietnam, Thailand etc etc for my resort holidays as I find them much more enjoyable and better value.

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Posted in: Age limits - whatever you’re doing, you can’t do it forever See in context

If muscular strength peaks at 20 then a lot of 20 year old guys I see around will need scooping up off the floor at 40.

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Posted in: Samurai C-3PO is the Japanese warrior droid we’ve all been waiting for See in context

I'm pretty sure I can live without that.

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Posted in: Initial medical examination fee to rise by ¥60 after consumption tax hike in October See in context

All part of the scam. Also keep an eye on how the food products you buy shrink in size further with a rounded up price increase.

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Posted in: Tokyo to ban parents from physically punishing children See in context

You can ban actions all you like but it doesn't really stop people doing it. As others have stated, more emphasis should be given to the powers that authorities have in following cases up before they get too bad.

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Posted in: Bezos, world's richest man, shows won't be pushed around See in context

The guy is sick in the head if he feels he needs to keep $131bn for himself. I do not begrudge anyone their wealth at all, especially if they made it all themselves but I find it hard to respect him because he shares such a small % of his wealth and, from what i hear, treats his staff like cr@p.

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Posted in: U.N. rights committee urges Japan to let children be children See in context

I see one of my neighbours kids leave home the same time as me, 0730 but he doesn't get home until 2200, then still has homework to do. He's 9!

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Posted in: Deer-related injuries in Nara reach record number already this year See in context

PernodToday  10:03 am JST

Saw this news on tv this morning.........blaming Chinese tourists of course.

5 of the 209 injured were foreign tourists, what were they saying about Chinese?

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Posted in: Father suspected of forcing daughter to lie about abuse before her death See in context

A big problem is that many parents just don't answer the door to the child welfare services when they do actually call round and they are powerless to do anything about it.

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Posted in: Former part-time teacher arrested for paying high school girl for sex See in context

How old is this guy then?

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Posted in: 'Giri' (obligation) chocolates seen as power harassment; more Japanese companies ban practice See in context

Just give someone something if you want to, it's not that hard for chrissakes Japan!

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Posted in: Californian student remains in detention 8 months after breaking lamp in Tokyo bar See in context

Michael SchoolnikJan. 31  12:22 am JST

Adame’s case has been making news around the world, as he now approaches nine months in jail awaiting trial.

This story was broken by one staff writer in the US. To date, it has not been covered by Japanese language media. Why is that?

Because a Japanese person, if stupid enough to resist arrest and assault a police officer, would be treated in exactly the same way.

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Posted in: Gov't data show exodus to Tokyo from other parts of Japan continues See in context


That's not really surprising considering its the most populated area in the country. It ain't too bad on a global scale though.

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Posted in: As R. Kelly outrage festers, will music embrace #MeToo? See in context

I don't need to be told to mute R Kelly by anyone.

It goes without saying.

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Posted in: Gov't data show exodus to Tokyo from other parts of Japan continues See in context

Commuting daily by train is horrible in Tokyo, I was pretty stressed out a few years ago and thought it was down to my job but started cycling to work daily and the stress totally disappeared. I also don't find the air to be noticeably polluted for such a huge city. Anyway, this report is good news for my house value which has already risen.

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Posted in: Godiva takes swipe at Japan’s 'giri choco' king See in context

Free advertising for Black Thunder. I love BT, especially the ice cream. I'll buy them any day over Godiva.

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Posted in: Chinese trainee arrested over abandoning baby for fear of deportation See in context

Which is exactly why it's not exactly a legit internship is it.

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Posted in: Body of missing university student found; suspect arrested See in context

A male resident of Hirose's apartment building said that one evening last November he saw a young woman weeping, and saying that she could not get back to Tokyo because she had no money.

I hope he helped her out that time.

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Posted in: Chinese trainee arrested over abandoning baby for fear of deportation See in context

An intern at a food processing plant, sounds legit....

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Posted in: Ireland says UK demand for Brexit deal change is "wishful thinking" See in context

Political, economic and social suicide being committed by the hapless politicians and daft proportion of my fatherland, which is pretty sad to see from afar. I don't want my friends and family to suffer from it.

Many many people in the UK live hand to mouth each month from their pay cheque, with zero savings accrued, so an economic downturn will be felt very hard indeed.

I also feel bad for Ireland constantly being done over by the stupid Tories, Ireland should be reunited.

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Posted in: Craft sake takes experimental turn in U.S. as popularity grows See in context

kohakuebisuJan. 28  12:30 pm JST

I guess putting 'craft' in front of the product seems to make it sell for around a 30% higher price!

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Posted in: Moooove over, wagyu: British beef and lamb are back in Japan See in context

MaddenToday  02:50 pm JST

All I care about the price, if the British stuff is more expensive than the competition then I can't imagine it making much impact.

I think it depends on where it will be sold and what cuts. People pay crazy money for good beef in this country but each time I go back to England the beef I eat (and most people prefer) is the much leaner cuts than the expensive cuts here.

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Posted in: Moooove over, wagyu: British beef and lamb are back in Japan See in context

I much prefer to eat lean beef and i'm hoping some decent lamb chops will make it to the supermarkets, the ones I usually see here are teeeeeny.

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Posted in: Foreign media reporting conditions in China worsen, group says See in context

Has giving 1 man so much power ever ended well?

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Posted in: Californian student remains in detention 8 months after breaking lamp in Tokyo bar See in context

Well obviously he made a crappy situation much worse didn't he. Feel sorry for him being locked up for that time but he did resist arrest after all, even when he knew they actually were proper police! (if you believe the fake police story)

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Posted in: Overcompetition, demographics hitting beauty parlor trade hard See in context

At least empty shops seem to get re-let fairly quickly here, at least in my neighbourhood anyway. The only thing is you can almost bet your last $ it will be a hair salon, masseuse, or convenience store opening. ZzZzz

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Posted in: Woman killed by train after falling from platform at Nakameguro Station had influenza See in context

Yeah Pukey2 I was just thinking it might be worth the authorities looking into if she was being made to go to work.

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