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Posted in: Kishida says foreign tourists should follow Japan face mask rules See in context

To be fair, it was in response to a question from the opposition when they asked Kishida to explain how the government intends to ensure entering tourist wear masks.

Not much else he could say without upsetting to many people.

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Posted in: A lot of time, energy, and money has been wasted coming up with some really bad drinks—and it’s because of the tax system. See in context

Should read “happoshu” AND third beer.

Happoshu is like a really bad beer. "Third beer" is like... urine.

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Posted in: Rescue helicopter crashes in Nagano; at least 3 dead See in context

Do the rescuers know those under the helicopter are dead and don't want to fight the snow and dark to bring the dead out?

The rescuers probably know the victims personally. They likely wouldn't suspend activities on their comrades if there was a chance of them being alive. They would know that there is no surviving in a space smaller than a living human body can fit.

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Posted in: Moscow-to-Tokyo express: World's longest railway or just a pipe dream? See in context

Please please build a highway to Europe.

There already is one once you take the ferry to Vladivostok from Sakaiminato. Gets boring after a while seeing the same taiga forest trees for days on end, though.

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Posted in: Kurdish authorities detain Japanese journalist in Iraq See in context

Why would the Kurds detain him?

"Tsuneoka - who took the Muslim first name Shamil when he converted to Islam in February 2000 – is one of the only journalists who have been allowed to report from inside the caliphate, where he counts some of commanders of the terror group as personal friends. "

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Posted in: Two families brawl in Kobe home center over diapers See in context

these people should just head inland where the could find thousands of home centers and drugstores.

They would still have to make the rounds of lots of stores to get enough to resell. Most of the places nowadays limit to one pack per group (not individual as the Chinese tend to come in groups) per day. Lots of places have signs nowadays in Chinese informing of the diaper limit. Even with such limits, stores are often out diapers for local parents with real babies.

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Posted in: New law takes aim at Japan's glut of vacant houses See in context

The article does not say and none of the commenters (as far as I know from not reading them all) pointed out that this is not actually an increase in tax. It is more accurately a reversion to tax status of a vacant lot. Land with a house built on it is taxed at a lower rate than most types of vacant properties. As the houses are not being lived in and nor kept up, the land is in effect the same as a vacant lot. So, they should be taxed at that rate.

The summer home next door has not been used once in the past ten years, but the owners pay to have the grass cut so I don't mind. Maybe the shack down the road with trees growing through the roof will finally get torn down.

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Posted in: More Suica cards go on sale to mark Tokyo Station's centenary See in context

Can they not just do it online?

Did you stop reading the article halfway and just go to the comments? Try reading the last sentence a couple times carefully.

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Posted in: PayPal faces many challenges in Japan See in context

Unless things have not changed, you cannot add funds to your PP account in Japan. You MUST use credit card. I guess she didn't want to mention the things you cannot do.

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Posted in: No other advanced country makes people live like packed sardines in evacuation shelters. It shocks people from overseas. See in context

Yes, we need to follow the excellent example of the Louisiana Superdome after Hurricane Katrina.

But seriously, what is he asking for? Permanent structures with room for everyone waiting for that disaster that most likely will never come?

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Posted in: Chaos as Tokyo Station celebrates centenary See in context

Just saw one go for 10 million yen at auction.

While I doubt that one was legitimate, there are many going for around 40 to 50,000 yen.

At least there were no riots like when the Chinese couldn't buy iPhones due to lack of stock. In this case, there is more to be angry about as there was still stock left.

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Posted in: Group claiming Sony hack demands 'The Interview' not be released See in context

I doubt it will be shown in Japan. One specific threat and the theaters will pull it from the schedule.

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Posted in: Nuts! Korean flight delayed by first class spat See in context

Cho, 40,

Sure that wasn't supposed to read "Cho, 4"? She certainly was acting like a 4 year old.

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Posted in: More than 400 arrested as Ferguson protests spread to other U.S. cities See in context

A big part of the racial disparity in arrests and incarceration of blacks is a by-product of the "War on Drugs".

And they were forced to deal/use drugs that they knew were illegal? If there was no "War on Drugs", all these people who are incarcerated would have stayed out of trouble and led productive lives? While I can see that keeping crack or whatever illegal makes it expensive and a temptation to make big profits, does that prevent people from looking at the risk of prison and seeing that they stand a better chance by doing something more productive? Blaming a bad life on drugs being illegal sounds like an excuse for not taking responsibility for one's own life. But this is just me. You can believe whatever you want.

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Posted in: 12-year-old boy with fake gun dies after shot by Ohio officer See in context

the looters are still rampaging

Not looters, insensitive jerk. They are undocumented shoppers! Be more politically correct and there will be less crime.

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Posted in: National Guard ordered in as Ferguson businesses torched See in context

Don't call them looters! That is so unfair. They are undocumented shoppers!

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Posted in: Chinese buyers in Tokyo lead charge in iPhone 6 global debut See in context

if they want to buy and resell, who cares?

Because they are obnoxious and disorderly, for one thing. Apple shop ran out of stock in Osaka and they practically caused a riot, occupying the store until the police came. If they minded their manners nobody would care that they are here. Their attitude is what makes they unwanted in Japan.

As for telling Chinese by their looks, they often dress differently, act different, and have hairstyles that differ from what is more common in Japan. I can usually tell a group of Chinese from a group of Japanese even if they don't speak a word.

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Posted in: Japan again delays rollout of C-2 cargo plane See in context

Our tax dollars hard at work. Thanks, Abe.

How does it become Abe's fault when the C-2 project started in 2001 when Koizumi was PM? Love how everybody blames things on the boogie monster of the time rather than looking at the true cause of the problem. (BTW, we are taxed in Yen here, not Dollars.)

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Posted in: All you need is Cruise See in context

Are Japanese viewers so simple minded that the Japanese movie industry needs to change every movie title?

You got it backwards. All You Need Is Kill is the original title of the novel the movie is based on. So, Hollywood changed the title.

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Posted in: 1 killed, 6 injured after man drives car on sidewalk at Ikebukuro Station See in context

This is why marijuana should be legalized,

Yes, because it is natural and natural is always good.

Because is is natural, it would even be safe to smoke right before driving.

Legalize marijuana and all the worlds troubles will be solved!

(the above is sarcasm for those who would take me as seriously as this supposed "reasoning" for legalizing marijuana.)

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Posted in: Princess Noriko to marry son of Shinto shrine's chief priest See in context

I have been here 20 years and only found out this woman existed yesterday... When NHK spent at least the first 10 minutes of the 7 o'clock news covering her engagement and lamenting that there will be a lack of royalty when she becomes a commoner. If much of the royal family not in line to be emperor can be unnoticed by the masses, are they really important enough for us to fund them?

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Posted in: Government generosity awaits astute subsidy shoppers See in context

I think it would be great to include some useful vocab for those people who don't know this kind of Japanese.

If you are illiterate to the extent that you can't ask a simple question, they probably don't have any subsidies for you. They are aimed mostly at citizens and long-term residents. They aren't for "just off the boat" foreigners already looking for a handout.

How can people ask for these perks at a countryside city hall?

As the article says Local governments are offering subsidies . These are just a small sample of those avaialble. WIth Tokyo's 23 special wards, 26 cities, 1 district, & 4 sub prefectures, there is no way the article covers everything available in every municipally of Tokyo. What do you want? Every subsidiary of every municipality of all 47 prefectures?

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Posted in: Singer ASKA arrested for drug possession See in context

lol again with the "illegal stimulant drugs" when will they ever say, he was using meth, coke, weed, or something.

When Japan changes the Stimulants Control Act to include coke and weed? They are covered by different laws than illegal stimulants meth and ecstasy.

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Posted in: Man arrested after grabbing police officer's gun, shooting him See in context

the man somehow got the sidearm out of the officer's holster, switched the safety off, and then fired it,

The police revolver does not have a safety. It is always ready to fire (if loaded).

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Posted in: Elementary school principal arrested for possession of stimulants See in context

exactly what was the drug?

Most likely Meth or Ecstasy. Marijuana and Cocaine, while both illegal drugs in Japan, are covered by different laws (Cannabis Control Act and Narcotics and Psychotropic Control Act respectively). Meth or Ecstasy are covered by the Stimulants Control Act. While JT is can be creative in their translations sometimes, I can see no reason for someone arrested for anything other than violation of the Stimulants Control Act having possession of (psycho)stimulants.

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Posted in: Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten halts whale meat sales See in context

So, if none of the already harvested meat can be sold, what will they do with it? Just throw it out? Regardless of a stop to new harvesting, they should at least put the meat already in the freezer to good use.

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Posted in: Vietnam suspends four officials over Japan aid graft allegations See in context

So this incident is really about Japanese corruption.

Well, it is about Japanese agreeing to the unofficial terms of doing business there.

Sure, they shouldn't have paid the bribes. But if they didn't, I bet that the contract would have gone to the Chinese, German, American or other company that did pay the bribe. You're pretty much screwed if you do and screwed if you don't.

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Posted in: Urawa plays in empty stadium after racist sign See in context

Urawa president Keizo Fuchita has said it was a warning

AFP, JT or somebody left out that Fuchita said that "I heard that the banner was..." (as is included in Japanese sources). I really don't think the team itself would make a sloppy hand-panited sign like that.

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Posted in: Gov't to help farmers hit by heavy snow See in context

Many greenhouses collapsed and fruit tree branches were broken because framers neglected to clear the heavy snow.

Now that is an ignorant statement if I have ever heard one. The the RECORD BREAKING snowfall occurred in a short period of time, much of it overnight. Access to fields and greenhouses was pretty much cut off in many of these areas. You make is sound so easy when you sit behind a keyboard not having actually been to any of these places to see with your own eyes (I have, by the way). This was not a normal snowfall. And it was in areas that usually do not see much snow.

I guess negligence needs to be redefined as failing to go outside in a blizzard in the middle of the night to shovel snow.

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Posted in: Snowstorm leaves 19 dead; 6,900 trapped in small communities See in context

At least a few should be on hand in case of emergencies like this. While it is understandably why some people would get caught out unexpectedly, the government should not.

There are "at least a few". In fact, there are lots of snow removal vehicles in some of the affected regions. The snowfall in some areas was 30 times that of a normal year! Most municipalities don't have the funds to have hundreds of bulldozers sitting idle. They only keep as many as is needed in a normal year. Spend a winter in someplace like Nagano and you will quickly see how things work.

Most of the traffic stuck in the snow was trucks. The drivers didn't really have a choice as to whether or not they wanted to drive that day. I bet that if they all stayed off the road for two days and things started to be scarce at your local convenience store, many would be complaining that they didn't have the guts to drive in the snow.

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