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These guys seem to be pretty young, and aren't affiliated with the Uyoku-Dantai in any obvious way. But fascist political leanings seem to have more and more political clout these days in this tiny, insular and largely mono linguistic island nation. The workings of the government are a mystery to the vast majority of the populace and of the thousands I've met, I've only known of two Japanese people who have ever voted (whom were forthcoming about it). It seems apathy is the one thing that allows the tacit approval of how things are run in Japan today. Without any political representation for gaijin, and a stronger movement for Japan's political leaders to assume a more communicative role in the global community, it's not such a stretch of the imagination to think that this sort of fascist right wing politics to become a diet majority in the future. I'm sure we all recall, it has happened before. The emperor was given the only power he had by those who listened, followed and believed, after all. I'll shut up now.

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