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Posted in: Osaka mayor's survey finds 10 education professionals with tattoos See in context

Funny, teachers might loose their jobs just because they have a damn tattoo. But in my school, the Principal smokes cigarettes while talking to the students during lunch time, I am talking about a JHS! So, tattoos are bad, cigarettes are what?!

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Posted in: 3 die in Saitama scooter crash See in context

Aren't they bosozo? In this age, to be at 5am in the streets in a Friday.... might be.

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Posted in: 99 requests for emergency help in 5 months due to 'law-evading herb' use in Tokyo See in context

Give them some damn marijuana and these things wont happen.

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Posted in: Police look for mayo-tossing assailant in Sapporo See in context

The should check the mayo.... must have some sperms in that. The guy must be doing this for sexual reasons. And I hope someone to cut out his small cincorino. BTW, the useless Japanese police will never arrest anybody keeping 8 officers eating matsuya inside the koban.

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Posted in: Do you think Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has to go for there to be peace in the country? See in context

Would be better a pool about: "Do you think American government should stop invading and killing in foreign lands?" The situation in Syria will resume to normal when US and UN stop throwing logs on fire.

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Posted in: Have your tobacco rolled by sexy women at Japan’s first 'shag bar' See in context

Patricia Yarrow - I'm with you.

I avoid hanging out in places were is allowed to smoke, Japan is so 1950 in these aspects. I hope the government to ban smoking in public and also inside the schools. It is a shame for this society! Even the Principal smokes in front of the kids, then later the government spend millions in researches "Why do the youth smokes cigs".

And the "Open Minded" guy, damn! Mate, is not about being hysterical "healthy life" moralist, but some people chose to not smoke. Then smokers supposed to respect this by not blowing that disgusting smell on people's faces. It is just about respect. I don't care if people smoke, since they do not invade my space.

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Posted in: Eating fish reduces risk of liver cancer, say Japanese researchers See in context

Last WED salmon was in promotion for 47JPY. I bought 1kg gurai. It seems that everything increases our risk of cancer, then what we can do is to choose what we think is the best. Then I choose to continue eating my shake every mornings! If people could care about the smoke of cigarettes as they care about radioactive contamination, Japan already would be a Tobacco-free nation.

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Posted in: Driver arrested after 7-year-old boy run over, killed in Chiba See in context

Would be interesting if you could update some info about the speed that the old man was. Probably the child was doing a route designated for many other kids, the driver supposed to be aware about the time, speed and surprises. Everyone knows how narrow the streets are in JP, also we know that is very common kids walk alone in everywhere. Maybe is about time to review the rules about kids in the street. Every week things like this are happening, or by lack of respect from the drivers or by the bad parenting. BTW, I am also taking driving lessons and our instructors are very clear about how careful we should be, all the times.

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