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Posted in: Australia's Optus caught in massive cyberattack See in context

Male photographer by any chance?

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Posted in: Toy firm allegedly bribed ex-Tokyo Olympics executive See in context

When will Dentsu get it's collar felt....

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Posted in: Ex-KAT-TUN singer Tanaka goes on trial for drug possession See in context

Shabu is a nasty substance. Had a neighbor when I lived in Thailand who was hooked on it. Turned him into a human rat, yuck.

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Posted in: Thousands in shelters as powerful typhoon hits Kyushu See in context

In Kobe the sea is a bit choppy and I can ride a bike with a kid on it with ease. Been downgraded to a Tropical storm. Cat5 - TS in 24 hrs.

Heading home for beer and a few movies. Will not be going out tonight just to be on the safe side. Kobe is a ghost town right now.

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Posted in: Kishida cabinet support rate drops to 40.2%: poll See in context

Kishida San get the moonies or you and you cronies in the LDP to cough up for Abe's funeral and this may improve....

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Posted in: Royal lying in state rituals endure despite changing times See in context

Mr Kipling.

Many worse things to be leading the world in...

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for putting bleach in school lunch See in context

And the stressed out nut bar of the day prize goes to......

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Posted in: 'Unprecedented' super typhoon approaches southern Japan See in context

Dib dib dob comes from scouts.

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Posted in: 'Unprecedented' super typhoon approaches southern Japan See in context

50l emergency back pack with tent clothes food and essentials for all dusted off and by the door. Be safe be prepared. Dib dib dob :0)

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Posted in: France sends reprocessed nuclear fuel to Japan See in context

Don't like the sound of this one bit!

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Posted in: 60% of people with foreign roots questioned by Japanese police: survey See in context


I had the same thing a guy (dressed as a woman) taking photos up a young ladies skirt right Infront of me as we as we waited for the lights to change. I stop it and made sure it couldn't delete the photos. Called out for help and a young couple helped and got police we were all taken to a holding room where photos were discovered. I left and received a little A5 laminated certificate saying the date and my name that is helped the police.

I avoid the police in any country but that won't stop me doing the right thing. Your story sucks and I'm sorry but they ain't all bad.

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Posted in: King Charles and siblings hold silent vigil to late mother See in context

Randy Andy banished to the rear. Out of sight, out of mind. Rightly so.

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth II's coffin takes long road through Scotland See in context

@Awa no GaijinToday  10:12 am JST

I was expecting a more elaborate vehicle.

I wasn't expecting such a fickle comment to such a somber occasion.

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Posted in: Anti-U.S. base incumbent Tamaki wins 2nd term as Okinawa governor See in context

Cant anyone see that Japan is a US outpost and has been since the end of WW2. The rest is just fodder for fools.

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Posted in: Why Japanese companies want you to delete the letter C from their products See in context

It's a honourable notion but are the potato chips not filled with acrylamide like most p.c's are?

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Posted in: Death of Queen Elizabeth II: What happens next? See in context

As someone who lived in Scotland for nearly a decade I can shed some light on the above comment.

 In Celtic mythology the unicorn was a symbol of purity and innocence, as well as masculinity and power.

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Posted in: Man arrested for setting fire to bar after being told other customers don’t like talking to him See in context

@maledae2Today  05:30 pm JST

The bar employee should not have make such a hurting comment to their customer. !

If people were pulled up on foolish and antisocial behaviour from a young age more people would have people skill and mature into men not this kind of self entitled grumpy toddlers who are prone to tantrums like we see here.

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Posted in: Putin attends joint military drills with China See in context

A easy way to pass lots of munitions from China to Vlad The Invader too.

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Posted in: New UK leader Truss vows to tackle energy crisis, ailing economy See in context

Good luck girl ya gonna need it!

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Posted in: Cost of Abe's state funeral rises to ¥1.6 billion See in context

The arrogance! When the people don't want it but they still continue...... Just wow!

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Posted in: Japan's plastic waste problem spurring grocery shopping novelty See in context

I use one of the bags that fit inside a basket so as they scan the stuff they fill the bag/basket for me. Time efficient and logical. But a number of store feel that it's not their place to do it and complain in a passive way, even though they would be doing that anyway.... Unbelievable Donki is the worst.

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Posted in: Kishida says gov't panel on inflation and wages to meet Friday See in context

Time to give the minions 5% if they are lucky...

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Posted in: 3 men break into house in Kumamoto Pref; beat residents and steal ¥1 mil See in context

"chairman of a construction company."

Always scum bags. He probably treated some works like dirt and they decided to get even...

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Posted in: Sri Lanka's deposed ex-leader returns from exile See in context

Returning to the scene of the crime. Lock him up

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Posted in: Man arrested over attempted sexual assault of high school girl See in context

Phew! Lock him up and chopum off!

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Posted in: Care home in Kanagawa tried to cover up abuse of disabled resident See in context

Hospital's here will regularly tie patients to the bed for being "troublesome."

Kick the dog syndrome on overdrive.

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Posted in: Kishida to explain decision on Abe state funeral at Wednesday news conference See in context

Thanks moderator. Do you mean here.

Kishida vows to sever LDP's ties with Unification Church

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Posted in: Kishida to explain decision on Abe state funeral at Wednesday news conference See in context

JT it's Thursday. Going to follow up?

Moderator: We already did yesterday.

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Posted in: We're hiring: Babies wanted for Kitakyushu nursing home See in context

I agree it's a great idea providing there is no risk of the elderly folks slower reactions putting the children's wellbeing at risk. Properly supervised a big thumbs up.

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Posted in: WHO director in Asia accused of racism, abuse indefinitely put on leave See in context


Aly RustomToday  12:47 pm JST

Superiority complex manifest from one psychological inferiority complex

VERY true

Yup it a form of projection.

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