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Posted in: Fitness club challenges food waste culture through donation drive See in context

@Maria May 21  06:14 am JST

Great work by Curves! I hope that Japan can follow in France's footsteps and put a stop to food waste by stores - these precise expiry dates have led to so much wastefulness, when there are so many in need.

here here!

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Posted in: 3 women attacked by man in Chiba in separate incidents See in context

Was he looking to get a roof over his head?

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Posted in: Japan may become 4.5 C hotter if no anti-global warming steps taken See in context

This aint going to go down well but i dont mind.

Am i the only one who this human arrogance is just amazing. What we have been in heavy industry for a few hundred years and we have the conceit to think that its all due to us. No just the natural cycles the plant takes. Sure were like a bad case of fleas for the planet but this whole global warming oops changed the name to climate change thing is more like some globalist reason to slow productivity and population growth. Dont get me wrong i care for the planet and do more than my bit and sure we need to do more but we are sure full of ourselves thinking we can "save the planet". The planets gonna be just fine for a long long time. Maybe we wont be but thats nature. Rant over.

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Posted in: Man arrested for leaving bicycle on train tracks See in context

Stress relief J style is something ill never figure out.

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Posted in: Japanese fishermen start morning wake-up call service to help you get 0ut of bed See in context

Young Japanese guy being told what to do by an old Japanese guy from the minute he awakes (literally.)

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Posted in: Piko Taro appears in new music video for 'I Luv It' by South Korean superstar Psy See in context

When I thought the musical barometer could not get any lower, just wow.

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Posted in: Suspects in 30 conflicts detected since Yamaguchi-gumi split-up See in context

Police have detected suspects in 30 apparent conflicts......;o/

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Posted in: With a threat of tapes, Trump tells ousted FBI chief not to talk to media See in context

This whole Russia issue is such a load of bull, and i really dislike Trump.

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Posted in: Best Mother Awards recipients named See in context

And all of them probably have private nannies caring for their kids while they are working... yer great parenting. The best mother award should have an extra category: mothers who live in the real word category.

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Posted in: G7 finance chiefs warn U.S. not to upset global growth See in context


"First time I've seen Aso not drunk or sleeping. He looks kind of cool, like Frank Sinatra."

Old blue eyes is rolling in his grave.

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Posted in: Subaru employee arrested for stealing co-workers’ car tires See in context

What a spanner!

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Posted in: Global summit in Tokyo discusses women's empowerment See in context

@ JaneM2

Please read my post again, i did not use the word indoctrinate regarding the U.S

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Posted in: Gov't names and shames 'black' companies violating labor laws See in context

"Gov't names and shames 'black' companies violating labor laws"

Not worth the paper its printed on.... hold on its a pdf

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Posted in: Gov't names and shames 'black' companies violating labor laws See in context


"Why not just enforce the laws?"

Far too logical and proactive mate ;o)

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Posted in: Trial begins for couple over death of 3-year-old girl See in context

"Police were summoned by neighbors on two occasions in June and July of 2015 after residents had witnessed the children locked outside the house. At the time, however, police found no signs of abuse"

Locking your kids outside is abuse!

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Posted in: Global summit in Tokyo discusses women's empowerment See in context

Womans lib in the states was just a way of getting the other half of the population to work so they could be taxed and so that children would be raised more by the state than the parents. This is the real reason why it is so appealing to Abe and co, more tax revenue and an even more indoctrinated youth.

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Posted in: Fukushima village begins sowing rice for 1st time since nuclear disaster See in context

It should be served to all the TEPCO bosses who helped make the situation worse by putting their heads in the sand.

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Posted in: 91-year-old man, driving wrong way on expressway, dies after head-on collision See in context

Old people vote remember people!

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Posted in: More than Y85 mil in cash stolen from police station safe See in context

Every cop in the area is going to get rubber gloved on this one.

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Posted in: U.S. can no longer sustain huge trade deficit with Japan: Ross See in context

Because if foreign goods were allowed in, its harder to shaft the population with over priced products. A good read is the japanese conspiracy, even if its a little one sided its a good read.

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Posted in: 6 killed in apartment fire in Kitakyushu See in context

Sad lose of life. Make insurance premiums really high so wooden houses unless they have proper fire extinguishers and smoke alarms. RIP

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Posted in: Woman arrested after remains of newborn son found in septic tank See in context

Horrible story, hazarding a guess it was a shame based murder and that she was a big girl.

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Posted in: Wild boar runs rampant inside Kyoto hotel See in context

The boar must have been scared stiff. Whats the problem with it going for a swim in a lake. They are generally peaceful shy animals until someone starts on them. Got a lot around here and they have never really caused a lot of trouble just some opened trash bags, i like to see them to be honest. One time a guy went after a family with a baseball bat outside my place, lets just say i stepped in on the boars side.

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Posted in: Sandstorm observed sweeping across wide areas of Japan See in context

Yes it was everywhere here in Kobe Sun/Mon, not visible in the sky but on the cars etc, but to blame China for a sand storm under the pretext of deforestation..... where does the wood come from for throw away chopsticks and wooden housing? As for green"peice" they were compromised a long long time ago.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for starving to death husband who had dementia See in context


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Posted in: Tokyo creates new logo, slogan to promote city overseas as prime tourist destination See in context

At least it has not been pinched from another designer...

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Posted in: Okinoshima recommended for UNESCO heritage list; 4 other sites rejected See in context

Dear UNESCO, please give everything in Japan a heritage stamp and be done with it.

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Posted in: N Korea accuses U.S., S Korea of assassination attempt See in context

Propaganda being milked by all sides.

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Posted in: Aso says yen is a stable currency See in context

launch bilateral foreign exchange swap arrangements with Southeast Asian nations, enabling Tokyo to provide yen funds to these countries in times of financial stress.

Or to have someone else to blame when the Yen tanks?

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Posted in: Okayama Prefecture’s bubbly message to drivers who refuse to use their turn signals See in context

Thats why in English they are called "indicators". To indicate your planned movements on the road for other road users - not just other cars.

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