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Posted in: Ghosn's new lawyer takes aim at Nissan and prosecutors See in context

Fingers crossed he's out soon and the old boy system have to eat a giant humble pie. FREE GHOSN!!!

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Posted in: Trump visit to Japan eyed for May 26; may be 1st guest to meet new emperor See in context

Start as you mean to go on I guess, poor bloke. Really is being passed a heavy Barton from his father but his dad sure as hell deserves to retire. Really hope he enjoys the rest of his days.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for abuse after nearly 100 scars found on 4-year-old daughter’s body See in context

Sometimes I despair with the human race I really do.

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Posted in: Extended Golden Week loses luster for working parents See in context


Great post but far toooo logical as tij.

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Posted in: Hamamatsu: Quenching your need for speed and gyoza See in context


no no gambling is illegal in Japan didnt you know? Cough cough.

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Posted in: Video of Ootoya restaurant employee exposing himself posted online See in context

he gets his kick on route clickerty click.

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Posted in: Road rage driver arrested for incident in which man fell from truck See in context

So much pride such little common sense.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for smothering 74-year-old husband to death with pillow See in context

@ blue in green, you think she'll do time?

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Posted in: Kono denies S Korean account of talks; calls for appropriate response See in context

Has anyone else noticed how he likes his watches.

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Posted in: Tour brings foreigners to areas devastated by nuclear accident See in context

You couldn't pay me to go near fukushima.

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Posted in: With legal team shake-up, Ghosn seeks punchier defense See in context

As an X prosecutor I would have to question where his loyalty lays. Fellow traveler and all that.

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Posted in: Parents arrested for abuse of three children See in context

Would the down voter please voice his view point please.

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Posted in: Parents arrested for abuse of three children See in context

How someone down voted Do the hustle is beyond me!!

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Posted in: Parents arrested for abuse of three children See in context

It a continual cycle, they thrmselves were not raised with love or integrity and expect child to know what to do and to follow their benevolent parents who are in fact children themselves. Said it before and I'll say it again b cluster disorders like NPD BPD are a everywhere here. Hope the children get the love and support they need.

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Posted in: Harrison Ford attacks leaders who deny climate change See in context

@Kestrel: up vote from me, its all about money and population control.

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Posted in: U.N. rights committee urges Japan to let children be children See in context


Great post mate and as a father of a 3 y.o who will be staying here, thanks!

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Posted in: Anti-Valentine’s Day protest march held in Tokyo by Revolutionary Alliance of Unpopular Men See in context

Oh god thanks for the laugh I needed that, nearly made me pee. Eyes are watering , how pathetic can you get????

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating girl after she helps woman who vomited on bus See in context

Sick guy, lock him up for as long as possible. Hope she get better soon.

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Posted in: Nissan cuts forecast in first earnings report since Ghosn's arrest See in context

Saikawa the snake at it again, when you want to get out of the hole first you need to put down the shovel.

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Posted in: Mother, 2 children found dead in submerged car at Okayama port See in context

Why take the kids with you they are not extensions( like NPD people see them,,,) RIP

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Posted in: 3 die in Hyogo residential fire See in context

Tragic, parfin heater? RIP

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Posted in: Chanting 'Death to America,' Iranians mark 40 years since Shah's fall See in context

"paving the way for the fall of U.S.-backed Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi." More like installing its own c.I.a backed puppet leader. Like we have seen in many countries look at south america.

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Posted in: Thai princess' bid for PM scuttled as party obeys royal command See in context

The king doesnt even live in Thailand he lives in Germany!!!! Strange character the apple feel far from the tree as his father was so loved.

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Posted in: U.N. rights committee urges Japan to let children be children See in context

The lack of childhood and cold parenting style here in Japan can lead to personality disorders (b cluster) NPD BPD etc. After many years studying this topic it quiet easy to spot and scary how many are walking around. Kind of like the glasses in the movie They Live. Learn more about BPD and NPD at your own risk.

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Posted in: Suspected abuse of record-high 80,100 children reported in Japan in 2018 See in context

Only good thing to be taken from this is that people are coming forward, hot place in hell for child abusers.

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Posted in: Japanese mobile pay service PayPay offers new, easy-to-use cashless payment system See in context

I like the way japan is a cash society, hope it stays that way while im still kicking.

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Posted in: Nissan to freeze payments of unstated remuneration to Ghosn See in context


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Posted in: 10 films that mirror the complicated lives of Japan’s contemporary families See in context

The opening part of Mishima (a life in four chapters) by Francis Ford Coppola · George Lucas and Leonard Schrader is also good. Its on youtube think its never been released here sadly.

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Posted in: Aso retracts remark about people who don't have children See in context

How long until we see the back of this fossil, tomorrow is too late.

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Posted in: WW1 grenade found in French potato shipment to Hong Kong See in context

What the hell is a crisp = British English for potato chip. Plus bonus info a Chip is British English for french fry, here endeth the lesson.

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