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Posted in: Workman emerging from manhole on street dies after being hit by car See in context

With the amount of glow stick waving going on here, 3 guys watching 1 guy digging etc how the hell could this happen, RIP.

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Posted in: Man on trial for killing 19 disabled people contradicts defense claim he is not mentally competent See in context

Good good, HANG HIM HIGH!

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Posted in: Japan should ban confiscation of foreign employees' passports, lawyer says See in context

another example of japans barbaric injustice system.

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Posted in: China building a hospital to treat virus; expands lockdowns to 25 mil people See in context

Ordo Ab Chao.

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Posted in: Monty Python star Terry Jones dies at 77 See in context

Gone but not forgotten which is more than most will be able to say. Many thanks for all the laughs from the heart of my bottom.

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Posted in: Germany launches raids over suspected Mitsubishi diesel fraud See in context

"There is a suspicion that the engines are equipped with a so-called shutdown device" that makes them appear less polluting in lab tests than they actually are on the road, the prosecutors' statement said.

Wow, so even the engine lie through their teeth!

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Posted in: These things are likely to boom in the Japanese market in 2020 See in context

Unfortunately, in Japan, it is considered a motorbike, so you’ll need to have a license to ride one.

He layeth the problem.

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Posted in: Apologetic ex-ministers, lawmakers keep quiet on details of scandals See in context

Japanese mocracy at work, bow utter some b.s including key words like regrettable and your good to go.

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Posted in: Koizumi, wife have baby boy See in context

So another future p.m is born.

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Posted in: Court defers ruling on fatal car accident after driver's remarks See in context

Take responsibility for you actions is one of the main aspects of being and adult arghhh now i get it.

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Posted in: 39-year-old man arrested for abusing 3-year-old stepdaughter See in context

My daughter is 3 and throws some epic fits but to hurt a hair on her head is unthinkable or any child for that matter. Another man child with no emotional understanding or control.

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Posted in: Moonstruck: Japanese billionaire's girlfriend applicants top 20,000 See in context

just read this and feel its also fitting here "biased, lacked integrity and independence".

Pathetic on all fronts.

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Posted in: Ghosn lawyers rebut new Nissan claims against fugitive exec See in context

biased, lacked integrity and independence

Speaks volumes.

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Posted in: Kagawa politicians want to set daily limit on how much time kids can spend playing video games See in context

@JJ well said. I am happy i have a daughter and not a son on this point even though i do know girls game as well.

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Posted in: Russian prime minister submits resignation to Putin See in context

Dictators on every continent it seems.

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested over fatal hit-and-run of 87-year-old woman See in context

Are you not an adult at 18 now...... fishing

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Posted in: Teacher confronted by woman with knife at Chiba school See in context

First thing i thought was pissed off parent...

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Posted in: Emperor, empress to make state visit to UK See in context


Maybe the Japanese Royals might coach their British counterparts a little...

Errr one word abdication.... I was for it but your comment is the pot calling the kettle black no.

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Posted in: Ex-captive Japanese journalist sues gov't over passport denial See in context

Give him a passport and make him sign an understand contract that his actions go against the governments wishes and he will no be extended any assistance if he falls into trouble.

case closed.

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Posted in: 9 essential gadgets worth having in your kitchen See in context

those blending stick are great as much less messy than juicers.

How about pics with description?

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Posted in: No end in sight for strike as French gov't offers pension compromise See in context

Vive la France! Time for Macron to go!

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Posted in: Elderly woman robbed by intruders See in context

Scum of the earth.

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Posted in: Automakers display 800 modified cars at Tokyo Auto Salon See in context

Is there a mirror running down the middle of the car and only its a relection?;o)

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Posted in: Hydrogen to fuel Tokyo 2020 Olympic flame See in context

How to say gimmick in Japanese?

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Posted in: 5,000 sprint for title of Lucky Man See in context

Bottle neck causing people to get trampled on the right side of the photo.

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Posted in: Lebanon issues travel ban for Ghosn See in context

The prosecutors also formally asked Japanese authorities for their file on the charges against Ghosn in order to review the case,

let’s see what is coughed up shall we.......

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Posted in: Japanese gov't, prosecutors, Nissan call Ghosn's accusations baseless See in context

During preparations for his trial at the Tokyo District Court, prosecutors disclosed over 1,000 pieces of evidence to the defense team, the senior prosecutor said, while claiming Ghosn fled because he considered the evidence irrefutable

ok where can we see this evidence...

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Posted in: What to do with that leftover bubbly? Some ideas See in context

Who ever has left over champagne? Mixing it should be a sin, if it’s a cheap cava sure go for it but if it’s the real deal don’t waste it. Please.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't, prosecutors condemn Ghosn's remarks in Lebanon See in context


“Japanese race”

Japanese is not a race. Japanese of Asian race and members of one human race.

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Posted in: Prosecutors raid Tokyo office of Ghosn's Japanese lawyer See in context

Anyone know where to watch the speech online (10pm) ive been seaching but cant find who is going to cover it/upload to youtube.?

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