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Posted in: Go To Travel push linked to surge in COVID-19 infections: study See in context

Rocket scientists!

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Posted in: Don't shout, don't cheer: Olympic fans face coronavirus curbs See in context

Don't cheer, talk loudly, eat, drink, or wave flags.  Don’t keep denying the fact that IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN!

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Posted in: Foreigners without face masks punished with push-ups in Bali See in context

They can do 25 push ups unlike lots of the fat westerners who are sxxting it from COVID. Being in shape gives you confidence in many ways.

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Posted in: Vogue to release new Kamala Harris cover after controversy See in context

Pathetic! Stay away from such trivia in the world of sns people must learn to count to 10.. 100

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Posted in: Man admits strangling 90-year-old mother in Kumamoto Prefecture See in context

My in-laws need/expect help in a neighboring prefecture. Both daughters are married with kids and were all working away with little time for ourselves. They expect us to care for them in a dieing prefecture where all the local schools have closed. I hope when I’m older and if I need help that I will be selfless enough to check my old ass into a care home and let my daughter live her life as full as possible. Sad thing is they have money but are rigidly inflexible with unreasonable expectations.

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Posted in: China triumphant one year after Wuhan lockdown See in context

One of my sideline business involves importing some good from China (I know hang me) I sent this pic to one guy I am fairly friendly with and asked his opinion and he sent me back just one thing....., a laughing emoji...

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Posted in: Kono denies reports of mass vaccine roll-out for general public in May See in context

I like Kono and wish him all the luck in the world with his new hellish duty. Give the guy a break, who would you prefer did the job? Kono is a thinker and get the job done! A rare thing. Hope he gets Dr Iwatei involved and starts knocking heads together.

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Posted in: YouTube bans Trump for another week over inauguration violence concerns See in context


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Posted in: World facing 'catastrophic' moral failure on vaccines: WHO chief See in context


Prove that they needs replacing.?!

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Posted in: As Diet opens, Suga pledges to get pandemic under control, hold Olympics See in context


Get your wife to say she had fever headache and muscles pains all night. Then she will get tested. Only way we could get my nurse wife a second test in a hospital covered in COVID, bloods boiling still. Oh but she was given a nice lunch box and as many Monster drinks as she likes, grrrrrrrrrr.

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Posted in: Disarray as 47 players affected after positive tests on Australian Open planes See in context


”over-sized influence it has over society.”

I wanted to thumb you up but you pic makes me think your comments a tad hypocritical no?

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Posted in: Ghosn hid scale of Nissan salary, fearing dismissal from Renault, Tokyo court told See in context

Making coffee now but don’t know if it will help me understand what I just read...

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Posted in: Popular Japanese pub chain shuts 20% of its locations due to virus See in context

The wife is supplied with lots of monster drink and 50k. That the thanks for a COVID-19 front line nurse. She didn’t sign up for this.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after selling counterfeit Chanel item to police officer at flea market See in context

Pathetic on multiple levels.

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Posted in: Ex-farm minister Yoshikawa indicted without arrest on bribery charge See in context

Suga said Yoshikawa's indictment was "very regrettable," / that he got caught!

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Posted in: Fukuoka town erects 7-meter gorilla scarecrow as symbol of strength against COVID-19 See in context

Not like people will gather to get photos taken with it and upload to sns. Sure social distancing will be followed properly

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Posted in: Hiroshima to conduct PCR tests for 800,000 to battle COVID-19 See in context

This will cause the dreaded shame for other cities/ prefectures and watch the all run to up the counting more to save face and look like they are not behind other. Good!

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Posted in: Japan to expand virus state of emergency beyond Tokyo as cases top 300,000 See in context

how to install a sense of proactiveness rather than reactiveness?

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Posted in: U.S. to require negative COVID-19 tests for arriving international air passengers See in context

Now watch everyone else follow.

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Posted in: New Asahi Super Dry cans generate more head with wide-mouth to recreate beer mug drinking See in context

Would you like some beer with your foam sir?

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Posted in: Gov't to expand state of emergency to cover Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo See in context


” I,d just add that its quite an enigma though since the country has both a "superiority " and "inferiority" complex at the same time.”

like with NPD the superiority mask is projected to protect again inferiority.

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Posted in: FBI warns of plans for nationwide armed protests next week See in context

He will sit back and enjoy watching it all burn like the sociopathic narcissist he is.

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Posted in: Gov't to expand state of emergency to cover Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo See in context


“well said mate.

Last year, everyone was patting themeselves on the back (government types that is) for the low numbers being reported, as "proof" that the Japanese were better than other countries at controlling the spread.

As I have said, in all my years here, Japanese are no different, and no better than people throughout the world, the media and government just likes to keep saying they are!”

Here I’m my circles I has average Taro & Hitomi congratulating themselves for being “cleaner” taking shoes off etc. I nearly blew a fuse.

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Posted in: Izakaya stagger under blow of 2nd coronavirus state of emergency See in context

Travelled to 35+ countries lived in 7 and never before have I seen so many bars and restaurants. Let Darwin deal with it and yes I have a bar.

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Posted in: London mayor seeks help as UK sees record new virus deaths See in context

28days ....., later

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Posted in: Vaccine mistrust in Japan dates back decades See in context

Even the amount of aluminum used in vaccines as an adjuvant worries me...

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,268 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 7,790 See in context

Until mass testing is done these numbers are as much use as a chocolate tea pot.

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Posted in: Japanese approval of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine unlikely until May See in context

@HBJToday  07:43 am JST

If a vaccine has been approved in India, Britain, South Korea, USA etc. shouldn’t Japan be able to administer the vaccine to foreign nationals hailing from those countries?

you think they care about foreign nationals?..,,

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Posted in: Japan to lose trillions of yen in consumption with virus emergency See in context

““But still, at least it’s not a lockdown like the UK or Australia.”

chalk and cheese mate!

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Posted in: Tick-Tock: Tokyo Olympics hit the 200-days-to-go mark See in context

How’s that old 60s song go? Dreaaam, dream dream dreeeeeam, dreeaaam dream dream dream.

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