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Kobe White Bar Owner comments

Posted in: WHO fires Japanese director in Asia, accused of racist misconduct See in context

Watch him get a slap on the back and a nice government job now, welcome to the old boys club. A truly sickening man.

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Posted in: Takoyaki stand in Nagoya sold side orders of cocaine, police say See in context

0.7grms aint jack! The nearby stash was not found by the boys in blue I guess.

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Posted in: Takoyaki stand in Nagoya sold side orders of cocaine, police say See in context

You can bet the customers were "lining up"!

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Posted in: Ghislaine Maxwell claims photo of Prince Andrew with abuse accuser 'fake' See in context

No names on Epsteins flight lists ever released yet she's in jail and he conveniently hung himself,cough cough.

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Posted in: Man indicted over fatal stabbing of neighbor in Asahikawa See in context

Toooo much pride as always.

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Posted in: Japan wins World Pastry Cup See in context

The French sulking cos the judges didn't give them first for a chocolate

ORANGUTANG head ... Congratulations Japan.

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Posted in: Ex-police officer sent to prosecutors over two groping incidents on train See in context

I'm no English teacher but should it not be On apposed to In.

Moderator: Yes, you are correct.

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Posted in: Japan refiles request to list divisive gold mine on UNESCO See in context

Like an insecure child wanting to be told how special and unique they are.

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Posted in: Man arrested over fatal stabbing of ex-girlfriend in Fukuoka See in context

At what point does too much pride become selfish entitled arrogance I wonder. RIP.

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Posted in: Acquittal upheld for ex-TEPCO execs over Fukushima nuclear crisis See in context

Expecting else from the old boys in club is the very definition of optimistic.

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Posted in: Toyota launches all-new Prius HEV in Japan See in context

I wonder if a new model will improve how they are driven on the highways.....

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Posted in: All-out drone war in Ukraine points to future See in context

This proxy war is paid for by American and British tax payers.

BlackRock just made a deal to "rebuild" Ukraine after the war FFS.

Disney Wars.

Go back to Instagram people it's much more relavant. Coffee and cake!

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Posted in: Toyota pushes zero-emission goals by converting old models See in context

Was this press conference/photo shoot done in 1960's retro fashion style or is japan inc still living in the past? Answers on a stamp addressed post card to Toyota HO1963.

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Posted in: 15 people injured in 20-vehicle expressway pileup in western Japan See in context

@ Randy such is life mate. The truth always stings the weak and hyper sensitive.

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Posted in: Japan reports 185,472 new coronavirus cases See in context

We all had it. Non vaxxed. I didn't even get a fever. It wasn't nice and I'd equate it to the flu but with more aches and a record headache, 5 days and back to normal.

Not worth all the hype and lockdowns. Masks off and live your life. It's here to stay, get on with in.

For those experiencing any chest pains I recommend The Kaufman institute.


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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing live-in girlfriend’s 10-year-old daughter See in context

2nd that Jim!

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Posted in: 15 people injured in 20-vehicle expressway pileup in western Japan See in context

To any Japanese reading this. Minimum 3 car lengths between you and the car infront. Also indicated before reaching the turning.

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Posted in: China halts short-term visas in South Korea in first response to COVID curbs See in context

Wow and I thought the Japanese were the most sensitive to any form for criticism. CCP takes 1st prize for hypocrisy today!

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Posted in: 5,000 sprint for title of Lucky Man See in context

Groundhog Day.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of 64-year-old mother See in context

Chrystal ball time...

34 y.o living at home Mom has a dig at his status which damages his snowflake pride and he pops.

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Posted in: Japan starts requiring negative COVID tests for travelers from China See in context

Although I agree with this move it's not just a move to protect against positive cases arriving from China it's also a typical move to be able blame shift.

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Posted in: Golden Globes are back on TV, but are reform efforts enough? See in context

Please have Ricky Gervais host, I could do with a good laugh.

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Posted in: Tuna fetches ¥36.04 mil at New Year auction in Tokyo See in context

Déjà vu, yawn.

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Posted in: Leaked Harry memoir details sex, drugs, fights, message from Diana via medium See in context

The heir and the spare. Harry needs to realise he is being used like a puppet by his toxic wife, much like will smith.

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Posted in: Sunak promises to tackle Britain's most pressing problems See in context

By dismantling the Tory party!

One can dream can't they...

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Posted in: New Zealand won't require travelers from China to show COVID-19 test See in context

Bad call, potential political suicide too.

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Posted in: Travelers returning from New Year holidays crowd train stations, airports, expressways See in context

2 more days for us then head back on empty highways as ever. Oh the joy of common sense and no boss. Excluding the Mrs! Kakadenka Christmas & NY.

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Posted in: 2 arrested over fatal assault of man on Fukushima street See in context

@Awa no GaijinJan. 2  10:58 pm JST

"Not enough details to form an opinion on this"

2 Vs 1.... Nuf said!

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Posted in: More than 60,000 view Benedict XVI's body at Vatican See in context

No smartphone policy would have been nice/respectful.

It's not a Justin Bieber concert.

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Posted in: 43-year-old man arrested for assaulting son at hotel See in context


My old man's preferred weapon of choice was often a thick leather belt.

He never got a tear out of me though cos no matter how much it hurt I would give him the satisfaction.

That's manning up not your crass little dig cos he did man up by stepping in and trying to I presume protect his mother from his drunk father.

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