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Posted in: ACCJ urges Japan to end 'double standard' re-entry rules See in context

It’s the land of do as I say not as I do - Double standards.

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Posted in: Tokyo health officials ask over 800 theatergoers to get tested for coronavirus See in context


Is have and urge to ask the same.

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Posted in: Olympics must go ahead next year as symbol of overcoming COVID-19, Koike says See in context

She’s nothing but Abe with a wig.

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Posted in: With a satirical fictional memoir, Jim Carrey gets real See in context

His Mrs killed herself and he blew a gasket. He now views the world very differently and despises the plasticness of hollyweird. When your life’s turned upside down you realize what’s valuable and what’s cheap, Jim’s just taken it to the extreme. Keep on keeping on Mr Carrey!

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Posted in: Tokyo Disney parks cancel Halloween, Christmas, other seasonal events See in context

So USJ will follow suit shortly.

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Posted in: Member of fraud ring who escaped from police in March arrested See in context

Stealing is bad enough but stealing from the elderly make you scum.

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Posted in: 82-year-old woman dies after being stabbed as she gets off bus See in context

WilliBJuly 11  08:10 pm JST

Support for mental patients is very poor in Japan. One of the things that should be improved here.

yup they still tie them to the bed with rope for their own good of course and rarely turn them so bed sores are common.

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Posted in: French bus driver dies after attack by passengers refusing to wear masks See in context

Bring back the guillotine for these cowards!!! RIP Monsieur Monguillot.

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Posted in: 82-year-old woman dies after being stabbed as she gets off bus See in context

A lot of mentally sick people are in OPEN facilities/ housing where they can go out as they please. The being yashashi factor is what killed this old girl. My wife’s a nurse at one facility and the stuff she tells me would give you nightmares. Watch ya back folks it really is One flew over the cuckoos nest out there!

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Posted in: Gov't urges Tokyo host, hostess clubs to act to stem coronavirus spikes See in context

Economy Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura, who leads Japan's pandemic response...

errr why..... lots of experience with viruses???? Or just the only thing that matters to his own ilk,money.

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Posted in: Former Marines pitcher Jackson arrested for possession of cannabis See in context

He is rich but he’s not Japanese he’s a gaijin.... will being rich be enough??? Let’s wait and see.

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Posted in: Official: Feds feared Epstein confidant might kill herself See in context

That would be convenient for many powerful men wouldn’t it.

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Posted in: Japan to limit financing of overseas coal power plants See in context

What a load of rubbish, like putting lipstick on a pig. Purely for show as ever.

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Posted in: Ex-justice minister, lawmaker wife indicted for suspected vote-buying See in context

@ Yubaru.

taking responsibility for ones actions is not the Japanese way though. Deny, deflect find a scapegoat anything but standing up and admitting they were wrong. Unless you include the deep bow/then back to business bull we often see.

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Posted in: Mother arrested after leaving 3-year-old daughter alone for week to die See in context

My blood is boiling. I’d love to be in a room with no windows with this creature. I have a 3 Year old & this story breaks my heart! hope She is in a better place and may her mum suffer for eternity for what she’s done. Scum of the earth!!!

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Posted in: At libel trial, Depp blasts Amber Heard's 'sick' abuse claim See in context

This is what you get when two narcissists marry.

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Posted in: Names of 18 and 19-year-old criminals to no longer be concealed from 2022 See in context

Will 18 year olds be able to choose which parent to live with if they divorce?

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Posted in: China detains professor who criticised Xi over coronavirus See in context

to say Xu was arrested for allegedly soliciting prostitution.

ive read this tactic before, is it the Chinese way of shaming the person to destroy their Name and credibility ?

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Posted in: Koike wins 2nd term as Tokyo governor See in context

@B. JayToday  06:31 am JST

Congratulations! She won in the absence of any real and meaningful competition

That’s Japanese politics for you. No meaningful competition.

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Posted in: At least 20 dead, 14 missing after floods in southwestern Japan See in context

To those suffering I wish you a speedy recovery. May the sun come out soon! Stay safe people.

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Posted in: Rapper Kanye West announces 2020 U.S. presidential bid See in context

If Donald Tramp can become POTUS why not another narcissist like Kanye.

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Posted in: Japanese women feeling pressured by image of perfect 'mama': study See in context

Only if you buy into the propaganda instead of seeing through it.

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Posted in: Summer limited-edition dishes and food See in context

Deja vu.

overpriced gimmick of the year.

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Posted in: Images of submerged homes, cars, and rescue calls flood social media See in context

Images of submerged homes, cars, and rescue calls “flood” social media.

Pun intended?

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Posted in: Man who fled from Osaka police given 17-year prison term for rape, robbery See in context

He shamed the system by slipping out, hence 17yrs. The amount of police they sent out looking for him was just astonishing I recall.

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 131 new coronavirus infections on Saturday See in context

@OssanAmericaToday  04:12 pm JST

Just hope Tokyo is prepared to fall back into a self-lockdown again if the need arises. Other parts of Japan don't need Tokyo residents taking advantage of the lifted domestic travel restrictions.

lockdown again and say goodbye economy

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Posted in: Prince Andrew under fresh scrutiny after Maxwell arrest See in context

Wonder if she silenced as well.....

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Posted in: 15 feared dead, 9 missing after massive flooding in southwestern Japan See in context

That’s why it’s called the rainy season.

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Posted in: As coronavirus cases in Tokyo surge, gov't gives expert advisory panel a makeover See in context

Kiyoshi Kurokawa, a physician who has served a variety of government posts and chaired a commission on the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

lol, a LDP yes man per chance......

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Posted in: Trump says he looks like Lone Ranger in a mask and likes it See in context

I’d like to tell you what he looks like but it would get deleted! Sick puppy.

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