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Posted in: 'Evangelion' anime studio chief arrested for taking photos of nude teen See in context

Where were the parents???

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Posted in: Gov't preparing ¥13 tril economic stimulus package See in context

More roads to nowhere, Aso cement Ltd must be happy, no conflict of interest though.

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Posted in: Police step up campaign against drunk driving for party season See in context

How about all year round.........

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Posted in: Car hits, injures 3 children on crossing; driver arrested See in context

I think bungle boy meant loitering, which is true, just like driving the best indication is your positioning so standing back in a corner with a crossing should be common sense.

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Posted in: Local gov'ts adopting ordinances for bicycle liability insurance over accidents See in context

Totally agree with spitfire but Japan make it mandatory or don’t bother.

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Posted in: UK band Massive Attack urges music industry to pursue greener gigs See in context

Banksy has gone green wonder if he recyles his spray cans?

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Posted in: From 'Godfather' to 'Irishman', Mafia is gift that keeps on giving See in context

This looks great, amazing the tech which was design to anti age the lead actors as well.

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Posted in: Trump accuses impeachment witness of lying, defends use of Giuliani See in context

“saying Giuliani's crime-fighting abilities were needed to deal with a corrupt country” pot calling the kettle black!!!!

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Posted in: Trump awards medals to Jon Voight, Alison Krauss and others See in context

Did you know he is Angelina Jolies dad.

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Posted in: Amid turmoil, Prince Andrew to step back from royal duties See in context

His nickname aint Randy Andy for no reason.

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Posted in: Group riding bikes through underground shopping mall in Osaka cause ruckus See in context

Shock horror!!!News worthy?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics announce brand new heat-prevention measure: 1,300 tons of ice See in context

“They should just cover everything in gold. It’d cost the same and be just as effective.”


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Posted in: Amazon offers ad-supported free music streaming service See in context

French "Deezer" offers much better quality for those of us who care.

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Posted in: Japan considers issuing 50-year bonds to support yields See in context

The photocopiers and roads to no where are not working fast enough anymore...

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Posted in: Conservatives submit ex-imperial member restoration proposal to Abe See in context

Pathetic! Just allow woman to become heir, silly old dinogigis.

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Posted in: Actress Sawajiri admits taking illegal drugs for over 10 years See in context

With the big hauls of coke and meths these days it clear to say lots more’s getting through and someone’s taking it. Pretty pathetic how they milk these stories in the news and destroy careers what with the states of booze addiction here, but that’s a socially acceptable drug whoops I forgot. Yes I know the irony as I run a bar :0) doesn’t mean I condone alcoholism.

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Posted in: 71-year-old woman arrested for killing husband, parents-in-law See in context

Expat nailed it, Japan today please forward to your owners..

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Posted in: Abe denies allegations his office covered expenses for supporters See in context

Caught red handed and nothing will happen. I think it was Huxley who said "you can do anything to a person but sit on them", here is an example. Seems the only thing that raises an eyebrow here is when people pentions are affected.

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Posted in: Ricky Gervais to host record fifth Golden Globes See in context

Ricky ripping the rich and famous apart,good good!

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Posted in: Emperor completes secretive key succession ritual See in context

sure the people of Chida and fukushima are please with the ceremonies cost,.......

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Posted in: Australia bushfires renew anger over climate change See in context

Bush fires - climate change... let’s blame plastic bags and China while we’re at it.

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Posted in: New Zealand's euthanasia bill passes; referendum to be held See in context

If you are sound of mind no one should have the right to stop you. Only religions views hold peoples stances back. If I was terminally ill and in suffering I’d rather go and have my loved ones remember me for who I was not the sick version of me.

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Posted in: 88-year-old ex-bureaucrat to be referred to prosecutors over fatal car crash See in context


"He can hardly even walk. Give the old man a break. Literally."

What you smoking he killed 2 people and destroyed a father/husbands life. If it were my wife and daughterr i'd be a broken man and might string him up for my own gratification.

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Posted in: 88-year-old ex-bureaucrat to be referred to prosecutors over fatal car crash See in context

He'll be writing a big fat cheque and bowing deeply.

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Posted in: FY2018 wasteful tax spending in Japan 2nd lowest in decade See in context

Was this story paid for with tax money?

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Posted in: Alexander Graham Bell falls asleep meeting Emperor Meiji See in context

Patrick Parr many thanks keep them coming please.

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Posted in: 'Prepare to die' Trump adviser Stone texted witness, trial jury hears See in context

circling the drain.

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Posted in: Record 400 kg of cocaine seized at Kobe port See in context

Charlie has arrived but been detained at the port. 400kg is alot of marching poweder!

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Posted in: Toyota first-half net profit up 2.6% on sales, cost cuts See in context

Cos no thinking soul would buy a nissan again.

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Posted in: Single? I'm self-partnered, says British actress Emma Watson See in context

Where is that tiny violin?

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