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Of course they're profitable--they're charging a fuel surcharge of 300$/person for each international flight. Flight to California is 6 man--with fuel SC it shoots up to 12 man.

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Unfortunately, this mentality is pervasive in America today and it is why hasn't had it's national debt under control for nearly 50 years. And the worst is yet to come!

In the words of Dan Ackroyd, "Jane, you ignorant sl_t"

I'm sure it has nothing to do with our trillion $/year military budget or the fact that top marginal tax rates were 90% plus under Ike, who, if I recall correctly, was a republican. Ironically, he also warned us about the military industrial complex that's since contributed mightily to bankrupting the nation. There has been class war waged against hard working Americans since Reagan took office. It's been waged by elites against the rest of us. In a just world, these parasites would be imprisoned or have their heads on pikes.

BTW, I'm no democrat--their neoliberal "medicine" is also amenable to the oligarchy which long ago bought both parties outright and used its corporate media to propagandize foolish rubes like you to misdirect your anger against your fellow citizens.

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Darn and here I thought if only the billion plus Chinese (or Indians for that matter) would just buy a J-car, all our troubles would be over, right? I mean, all that sturm and drang about biosphere collapse is just nonsense after all. Ostrich, I give you sand.

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Alternative titles:

Mussolini, Hitler discuss possible alliance

Darth Vader, the Dark Lord Sauron ...

And what tkoind2! While I think the two major parties suck much like the two main parties in the US, the right sure isn't going to make anything better. Too bad the left is so fragmented and impotent virtually everywhere but that's what unfettered capitalism and corporate-state partnerships get ya. Maybe the CIA will start funneling more $ to the LDP like the 50s/60s so that the US interests remains stable. With loons like this in power, god knows what happens in East Asia.

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On the trains around here they're selling pachinko. That particular nexus of mainstream Japanese culture makes me want to retch. When I ask the middle aged wankers at my co. who their favorite band is, you guessed it they all rave about girls their daughters' age.

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B/C when times are tough and your government doesn’t have your back, they have to focus on external (i.e. imaginary) bogeymen to distract you. Anything to help you forget about austerity and nuclear wankery. Anything to prevent you from holding them accountable. Blaming the furriners is always the wise course for aspiring fascists. It’s ironically universal—what unites us is our penchant for divisiveness.

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Honestly, could the leadership at all levels be any more developmentally disabled? In winter, I see the reverse, kids running around in freezing temps in shorts and Ts.

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What Gwrag said. I'd guess that families with means long ago moved elsewhere. That said, it's hard to imagine that the number of remaining children would be so high at this stage in other nations. Consequences be damned, you have no choice where your children are concerned. I say this with tremendous sympathy for the parents involved but...

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Makes me wonder why she put her hand in in the first place.

Was groping someone's junk?

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That said, I do like Tran a lot and Kikuchi is pretty talented, so this could be a case of film being > than the book. Helps when the book sucks.

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Thank you, thepro. I just read it for the first time a few weeks back and it was absolute shite. I actually dig some of his short fiction and he comes across as a pretty cool guy in interviews/speeches. Are there any other of his novels that you do recommend, b/c this being my first, I can't imagine I'll ever try another.

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Erika, the 80s just called and they want their hair back.

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