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Posted in: Both ship captains to blame in whale protest sinking: NZ gov't report See in context

Every wonder why they were all sitting in the back of the boat? Why they didn't make any effort to put it in reverse? Big boats "generally" are incapable of changing their course very quickly. Small boats however....

Why would Bethune do such a thing beyond the obvious sympathy play is a difficult fundraising environment? Perhaps Bethune scuttled his craft to either get out of the payments to the bank or collect insurance money. I hope we find out!

Anyway, there are “rules of laws” which might apply if you have the time or money to waste pursuing a remedy. However, the “rule of common sense” says you mess with people long enough, you will eventually pay a price. Bethune is lucky he didn’t kill crew with his stunt! Bethune is a reckless pirate!

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Posted in: Both ship captains to blame in whale protest sinking: NZ gov't report See in context

I like whales as much as the next western guy, but I am happy that Buthane's boat was destroyed and that legitimate conservation groups view him as the pirate he is! Buthane is an idiot, and even though I understand he is a Kiwi, I dislike him and people like him immensely. I look forward to a day when no one cares what his opinion is!

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Posted in: Son of U.S. Air Force officer found guilty in rope incident case See in context

Kid should be ordered to be her servant for a year - bring her coffee, do her shopping, laundry, and carry her shopping bags. If he screws that up, put him in jail.

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Posted in: Japan asks China to pay for damage to patrol boats See in context

Logic about "who is right" and "who is wrong" is meaningless. What is important is only what do you want and what will you give.

Japan has done a horrible job at cleaning up the mess it caused by its 77 year imperialist binge after the 1868 restoration of imperial power. I point to that fact that Japan is still technically at war with Russia as prove of how willing Japan is to not resolve important issue and move forward with constructive dialog.

That said, Japan is great at using delay tactics to get what they want because most people/countries get frustrated. Japan is trying to use this time proven technique with China. Problem is Japan needs something from China more than China needs something from Japan.

KAN is a fool to think his little ploy is going to work. I am very pro-Japan but this "pay for the damaged boat" is so silly it gives me the impression that the government's top leaders are children. If I were advising the Chinese, I would tell them to not respond. This issue will bury Kan if he is not careful.

The American military planners (recently screwed by Japan’s predictable drag out base negotiations plan) love seeing all this drama, and it would not be surprised if Chinese and American diplomats are drinking beers right now shaking their head about how non-sensical the Japan response is. Many Japanese people love this “get tough with China” posturing, but it is so inappropriate given how important Chinese natural resources are.

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Posted in: New ID requirements for Net cafes unlikely to deter cyber-crimes See in context

Excessive regulation in the name of public protection. I am saddened by the though that if the become a trend, Japan will become as bad at violating person freedoms as the USA does in the name on anti-terrorism.

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Posted in: Mystery over runaway Prius in Calif deepens See in context

Sarge said "Doesn't mean it didn't happen" Equally true however, "people saying or thinking so also doesn't mean it happened"

This is not the first time Lawyers in the USA have used "sudden acceleration" for damage suit against the Auto makers or defenses for crashing or speeding. Lawyers want to get paid, insurance companies want to recover claims. Including "sudden acceleration" in ones claim can just be a legal strategy - truth doesn't matter as we are talking about lawyers.

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Posted in: Principal fails in cover-up after student's rib fractured by teacher See in context

Some people are clear not suited for the teaching profession. The teachers act may have been a one time event or perhaps ever a habit. Unless investigated, we will never know. I agree timorborder - the assault should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

I am equally offended by the actions of the principal and the inaction of the school board. Who knows how many similar acts of violence the principal has covered up. Furthermore, the longer the school board waits before taking strong and decisive action, the more incompetent they look. Furthermore, the longer they wait, the more it looks like they even knew about this or similar incidents and were perhaps complicit in the “failed cover-up.”

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