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Posted in: 31 climbers found in 'cardiac arrest' on erupting volcano See in context

RIP, Japan is sitting on many active volcanoes so people should be careful when hiking in Japanese volcanic mountains.

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Posted in: Anti-Japan rally in Seoul See in context

I wouldn't call this anti-Japan rally when it was 1st of March Independence movement day for ROK, this kind of protest was always been there since 95 years ago. At least they did it front of embassy. What do call these anti-Korean rallies from usual Japanese streets? even calling with racial slurs.

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Posted in: Panic at Tochigi holiday resort as monkeys surround car with 3-year-old girl inside See in context

Scary, what was monkey thinking? hmm

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Posted in: Quincy Jones to promote K-pop globally See in context

First of all, Quincy Jones connection with Kpop world is nothing do with Japan. Secondly, this won't even impact Jpop/Jporn market. Lastly, what's up with all these useless bickering over who's best or better? C'mon grow up people.

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Posted in: Unfriendly relations See in context

I might add few more points:

I under stand this is do with bad feeling between Japanese & Koreans but why we have foreigners trying to stir up fight between Japanese & Koreans when younger generations don't seem to care. I smell rats here probably Chinese or Taiwanese or even Russian and American expats. For these expats communities in Seoul and Tokyo, if you don't under stand then please leave, Chinese, Russian and Americans are more guilty than Japanese or Koreans in this matter. The real threat for Japan & Korea isn't themselves, it's China, Russia and America. They're the real enemies of Japan & Korea. There's no time & energy to waste when China & U.S is trying to create war between Korea & Japan. At least Japanese and Koreans can talk each other out, trying talking with Chinese & American nutcases, they will try to kill you.

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The reality is hatred goes both ways. If hate is one way then it's not hate it's selfishness with big inferior complexity. Koreans do hate Japanese government for obvious reason, they have been humiliated under Japanese rule for around 35 years then Japanese still haven't really apologized sincerely and closed the chapter rather Japanese government have been resiliently have been provoking with Takeshima and other disputes and then Seoul tries humiliate Tokyo with Comfort women. This won't stop until Tokyo forgets Takeshima otherwise Seoul will pull out another card such as Tsushima, the problem is Tsushima wasn't even Japanese territory with begin with nor it was Korean. Even Okinawa wasn't part of Japan. Japan have been gaining a lot of territory when Korea was at weakest. Now that Koreans got their land back, they want retribution so they will chase Japan down anywhere they can. The hope is anti-Japanese sentiment is dying in Korea but in Japan takes opposite direction more & more young Japanese are turning into anti-Korean. This isn't clearly good sign for Japan. There's no need for Japan to stand with hardline attitude against to closest neighbor specially dealing with 1910-45 issues, The whole problem started with Moscow & Washington, they've divided up Korea and let Korea to bare all the blames. This is what we're facing now. What would you do just forget everything? No. It's time for Japan to show some peace, after all Japan occupied Korea and a lot of Koreans suffered under hands of Japanese puppets and officials.

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Posted in: Japan 4th in world liar rankings See in context

The article is seem very biased trying to shift blame onto Koreans again. This kind of article make Japan look obvious and insecure with big inferior complexity.

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Posted in: S Korean activists to put 'comfort woman' statues in Asia See in context

People should know Comfort women is Sex slaves and prostitution is another form of sex slavery, just glamorized word. Do prostitutes themselves wanting to sell sex for money? I don't think any human being wanted to sell sex for quick money if they're given better choice or opportunity. People should know prostitutes are also victim of sex industry dominated by underground criminals & corrupted people who buys sex, without the demand there wouldn't be supply.

Have you guys actually read the passage from link provided by previous poster? http://www.exordio.com/1939-1945/codex/Documentos/report-49-USA-orig.html RECRUITING;

Early in May of 1942 Japanese agents arrived in Korea for the purpose of enlisting Korean girls for "comfort service" in newly conquered Japanese territories in Southeast Asia. The nature of this "service" was not specified but it was assumed to be work connected with visiting the wounded in hospitals, rolling bandages, and generally making the soldiers happy. The inducement used by these agents was plenty of money, an opportunity to pay off the family debts, easy work, and the prospect of a new life in a new land, Singapore. On the basis of these false representations many girls enlisted for overseas duty and were rewarded with an advance of a few hundred yen.

The majority of the girls were ignorant and uneducated, although a few had been connected with "oldest profession on earth" before. The contract they signed bound them to Army regulations and to war for the "house master " for a period of from six months to a year depending on the family debt for which they were advanced ...

Approximately 800 of these girls were recruited in this manner and they landed with their Japanese "house master " at Rangoon around August 20th, 1942. They came in groups of from eight to twenty-two. From here they were distributed to various parts of Burma, usually to fair sized towns near Japanese Army camps.

Basically, they're hired by Japanese military under deception and false promises of good pay and working condition and the link basically saying they were sex slaves, go on read the entire article.

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Posted in: S Korean activists to put 'comfort woman' statues in Asia See in context

Fyi, Korean women were Not only comfort women who served as prostitutes to Japanese military during 1910~-1945, there are Chinese, Taiwanese, Filipino, Indonesian, Malaysian etc.. the fact about if these women were NOT prostitutes or forced sexual slaves is NOT important, what's important is Japanese government is NOT recognizing them as victim which is down right shame because these who served Japanese military are all victims due to the fact Japanese government surrendered to U.S allies, therefore Japanese gov have accepted all their war crimes, sadly many war criminals avoided punishment from war crime tribunal and Washington didn't cared as long as Japan served as base for housing U.S military.

Given these few survivals (comfort women) are protesting that they're victims of Japanese then we need to at least pay attention to them with humanly dignity since they're all dying, denying them completely or painting them as just mere prostitutes isn't right thing to do, it's like saying since you have volunteered as sex workers therefore you don't have any right. Japan is listed as one of few nation of Asia that respect human rights therefore claiming them as prostitutes is like insult to them. Beside, why Japanese government only came up with this now? why didn't Japanese said they're prostitutes back when Japan surrendered to U.S ally? why Japan have accepted their wrong doing and gave up entire country to U.S ally ? The fact is Japan surrendered therefore any excuses from Japanese gov is null unless Japan re-visit war crime tribunal and re-open the case to identify real victims and war criminals, but I don't think Japanese government will take this path since many of these war criminal's descendents still runs Japanese government.

Btw, why didn't these prostitutes went to their homeland during the war if they're NOT forced to serve Japanese military?, there's even Indonesian woman who said she was taken by Japanese military to served as sex slave for over 20 years and she was only 14 years old at the time. C'mon if these claims are real then Japanese government is hiding something considering Japanese gov is lying about Fukushima radiation leak even to Japanese citizen. We demand full investigation by UN and ICJ.

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