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Posted in: Man arrested after sneaking into woman’s apartment and washing her lingerie See in context

I'm glad he admitted it and didn't say...[I don't remember].

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Posted in: Tokyo's Shibuya sees subdued Halloween as tight security dampens mood See in context

Somebody said:

"I think they should welcome (Halloween) rather than resist it. After all, everyone is coming because they love Shibuya,"

The above statement is stupid...government is preventing accidents, terror attacks, and people leaving the streets dirty with so much trash and garbage.

I'm glad authorities are preventing this Halloween gathering。

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Posted in: Japan defy crowd to beat North Korea for Asian Games women's soccer gold See in context

I watched the match, and the North korean players resorted to dirty plays...

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Posted in: Toyota to offer Century SUV in bid to win more wealthy customers See in context

The design with the long head is not appropriate for tight streets in Japan...very difficult for drivers to check for pedestrians and bicycles on the crossings.

I would never buy...smart people would never buy such a cumbersome and impractical car.

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Posted in: Gov't may seek to dissolve Unification Church: source See in context

The government should consider also dissolving 冨士大石寺顕正会(ふじたいせきじけんしょうかい)/Fuji Taisekiji Kenshoukai, which is very similar to the Unification Church.

They also ask members to buy their books and products, and ask to donate money.

At least, I wish some TV Network make a documentary on their activities...it's very similar to what the Unification Church has been doing.

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Posted in: U.S. loses to Sweden on penalty kicks in its earliest Women's World Cup exit ever See in context

U.S. barely advanced to the Knock out stage...so, I was expecting Sweden to win this match. No surprise at all.

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Posted in: Miyazawa scores her 5th goal of Women's World Cup as Japan beats Norway 3-1 to reach quarterfinals See in context

It's Colombia, not Columbia.

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Posted in: Miyazawa scores her 5th goal of Women's World Cup as Japan beats Norway 3-1 to reach quarterfinals See in context

I'm hoping Japan has 3 more matches, until the Final one.

I'm also cheering for Colombia, especially after my home country has been eliminated.

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Posted in: As e-bikes proliferate, so do deadly fires blamed on exploding lithium-ion batteries See in context

Here in Japan, it seems like it's not a concern...At least, I'm not worried that my Electic Assisted Bicycle's battery will explode.

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Posted in: Japan rout Zambia 5-0 in Women's World Cup opener See in context

Shameful that no regular TV Network Channel broadcasted this match. NHK did, but it was on BS version.

So, I watched on FIFa Plus website, which is free, and is available to watch in several languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Deutsche, and Italian:


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Posted in: 3 schoolgirls drown in Fukuoka river on 1st day of summer vacation See in context

I wish they had gone to a pool, instead of this dangerous river.

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Posted in: Man dies from being hit by float at Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival See in context

No photo of this float? I have no idea what is that piece.

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Posted in: Couple convicted of 2021 murder of Tokyo high school girl See in context

If I were the judge, would sentence to at least 40 years to the man. Not sure about the sentence to his wife.

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Posted in: Couple convicted of 2021 murder of Tokyo high school girl See in context

Woow....they planned to kill this girl, and just 23/18 years in prison?

It seems too short.

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Posted in: Can a doorbell ring justify a 'stand your ground' shooting? See in context

It's scary to live in the U.S.

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Posted in: Tokyo ramen restaurant bans customers from watching YouTube videos on their phones while eating See in context

So, if it's another video site other than You Tube, is OK?

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Posted in: Teenage girl arrested after saying she strangled man in Toyama See in context

But, how did she kill him?

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies after being left inside car for 9 hours See in context

Car manufacturers need to develop more intelligent cars, in order to alert people when they forget children in the cars.

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Posted in: The newest Godzilla movie is coming in November 2023, but fans concerned it won’t be any good See in context

I can't wait for watching this new Godzilla sequel. If Yamazaki directed 'Always: Sunset in the 3rd Street', then I'm sure the movie will be great...

I've watched all 3 episodes of 'Always: Sunset in the 3rd Street'.

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Posted in: Master kanji with Takara Tomy’s Kanji no Jikan See in context

On Amazon is cheaper: ¥5,180

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Posted in: Italian rugby player who bit Japanese opponent banned for 12 games See in context

The italian player should also lose medal, if Italy gets one.

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Posted in: Makoto Shinkai announces new anime movie 'Suzume no Tojimari' See in context

My favorite anime from Makoto Shinkai is 'The place promised in our early days'.

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Posted in: Man gets 15 years in prison for killing woman in 2020 See in context

I seems like a very short term for killing somebody...just 15 years?

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Posted in: Unification Church ex-members in Japan say they were treated like an 'economic army' See in context

People should be warned to also avoid cults like Fuji dai sekiji Senshoukai(富士大石寺顕正会), which is based in Saitama and also persuade its members to make big donations.

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Posted in: Unification Church's donation coercion in Japan is problem: ex-exec See in context

Not just Unification Church, but also others like listed below, force donation:

-Universal Church

-Fuji dai sekiji Kenshou kai(富士大石寺顕正会)

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Posted in: Girl arrested over knife attack in Shibuya says she wanted 'death penalty' See in context

I wonder why she wanted to kill her mother (or parents).

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Posted in: Man gets 2 years in prison for assaulting 17-year-old boy who asked him to stop smoking on train See in context

Hew deserved 20 years.

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Posted in: Shooter says he believed Abe promoted religious group that bankrupted his mother See in context

I'm firmly against a religious group making people donate their money.

However, that's not an excuse to kill somebody, especially someone like former Prime Minister Abe, who contributed so much to the country.

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Posted in: Man, woman found dead in Yokohama apartment in apparent murder-suicide See in context

Never end a relationship telling in person...just don't tell, or if you want to tell, just do over the phone.

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