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Posted in: Man suspected of murdering mother and sister in Hokkaido See in context

He had to wrap the bodies in newspaper to avoid blood spreading all over the places. I wonder what motived him to kill them.

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Posted in: 'Always' team impressed by Y30 mil vapor trail in sky See in context

I realized very recently that they are going to release the 3rd tilm soon....I'm looking forward to watching it...I've seen the other two...they are very good.

Cheers from Montreal

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Posted in: 20-year-old cop arrested for allegedly molesting girl in Yokohama See in context

It's the influence of so many Ero animes...also, probably this cop was jealous of other senpais who had done similar things....Anyway, from what I've seen in the past, it's not just young cop's behaviour... Cops and people from different activities, with wide age range have been doing such things in Japan, and it's not going to stop soon. Fortunatelly, this girl didn't suffer any injuries or anything.

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Posted in: Sawa named FIFA Women's Player of the Year; Messi world's best player See in context

I agree....it's shameful how the article doesn't mentione much about Sawa...she's been on the Nadeshiko Japan (japanese women's national team) form more than 18 years(since 15-year-old), and she deserved more attention.

I don't agreee with some people saying most people have never heard....from what I have seen, Women's World Cup held in Germany in 2011 had a huge viewership, and going to the Final match against USA....and then winning the World Cup....for sure many people know saw her, and heard about her...

Congratulations for Sawa and Japan...I'm lookig forward to seeing Nadeshiko Japan in the London Olympics.

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Posted in: Yoshimoto Kogyo president says he hopes Shimada will return to showbiz See in context

I agree....media wanted make Kusanagi's drinking incident a big scandal...that was ridiculous! It could happen to anybody...I was really pissed of by the media.

Greetings from Montreal! Hayashi

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Posted in: As year ends, Japanese reflect on fragility of life See in context

Yes, this year was definitely very tragic, especially for Japan...but, also the Nadeshiko Japan's World Cup win brought also oeverwhelming joy...nobody expected.

Happy New to people in Japan....here in Montreal it's still 11:10 of Saturday Morning, we still have almost 13 hours to enjoy last moments of 2011.(=^_^=)

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Posted in: Feline fans See in context

'I like how the people in the picture are not jaded.': What's the meaning of 'jaded'?

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Posted in: Korean drama backlash See in context

They are right.. I never found korean dramas interesting.

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Posted in: Kizaki wins Yokohama marathon See in context

I wish Japan Today made announcement about this marathon in advance.

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Posted in: Italy wins volleyball World Cup See in context

Sorry, I meant Japan was 3rd at the World in 2010.

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Posted in: Italy wins volleyball World Cup See in context

Japan will qualify to the London Olympics....they almost got it in this World Cup, and they showed it winning tough opponents like Brazil, and U.S, number 1 and 2 in the World, respectively. And the were 3rd at the World Championship in 2003.

I watched Japan's matches through Internet, on Key Hole TV...if interests somebody. You can watch almost all the open japanese TV broadcasters there, although the quality isn't that good.

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Posted in: Potpourri of post-quake crimes contradicts foreign media's reporting of placid Japanese See in context

I agree with many people here...these happenings are nothing compared to what would happen in somewhere else, hit by similar disasters. In Brazil, my home-country, much worse crimes happen everyday, and surprisingly, the culprits are often healthy, and didn't need to commite these crimes.

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Posted in: Sawa in running for another soccer award See in context

Aya Miyama would also deserve the FIFA Player of the Year award. In the the World Cup Final agains USA she scored the tying goal, and then the 1st Penalty Kick.

By the way, Ayumi Kaihori should have been awarded the Golden Glove as best goal keeper in the World Cup, not just the MVP of the Final...she stopped 2 Penalty kicks..., and made other amazing saves in that and other matches...she was awesome!!

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Posted in: Japanese woman killed after ferry hits her kayak in Malaysia See in context

I agree...it's weird that these elderly cuple were kayaking in such busy route...common sense says to not do that... They shouldn't be allowed to be near the ferry route. It's not much about the ferry driver.

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Posted in: Hyogo teen accused of stabbing 18-year-old boy See in context

Somebody is thinking the guy wanted to break up, and the girl stabbed him. But, the article doesn't say that. Probably it was the other way around. I have a feeling that this guy deserved that. Anyway, this guy is lucky...I've read some women cut off their partners dicks.

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Posted in: Frenchman to swim from Tokyo to San Francisco See in context

I don't know if this is the best way...he may die trying to cross the Atlantic...like many have commented, there's lots of Tsunami debris from March 11, happened in Japan, just to list a few adversities. Seriously, if americans could save the hundreds of millions of dollars of Presidential campaigns they waste every 4 or 5 years, it would make for lots of beneficial campaigns, including cancer cause. I've always thought how shameful they can waste money on.

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Posted in: World Cup women's volleyball results See in context

Japan X Brazil on Sunday(4h 20 in Montreal) morning will be very exciting. Too bad both need 3 points; I'm brazilian, and I really like both teams...it'll be sad to see one of them losing. Brazil, by the way, has been disappointing in this World Cup. Friday night(morning in Japan) the team lost to Italy in 3 straight Sets, and now it nees all the victories in straight Sets to have chance to finish within 3rd place; otherwise, Brazil won't qualify for the London Olympics in this tournament. Fortunately there'll be the American qualifying tournament, later on, if necessary for my home-country.

Greetings from Montreal!

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Posted in: World Cup women's volleyball results See in context

Why some people say nonsense? Stop being idiot...'Japan will lose in the end'???? Of course it'll be difficult, but there's hope. I'm brazilian, but I also love Hinotori Nippon(Japanese Volleyball Women's National Team).I'm looking forward to seeing both in the London Olympics.

Greetings from Montreal Hayashi

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Posted in: World Cup women's volleyball results See in context

No, brazilians are not going to be humbled by China. It'll be a tough match. Cheering for Japan and Brazil. I'm very excited to see both teams match up on the 3rd round.By the way, next rounds are getting exciting, and we can expect changes in the score board.

Greetings from Montreal, Canada

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Posted in: World Cup women's volleyball results See in context

To Serrano: No, USA lost to Germany, not for Italy USA X Italy will happen on the 4th(last) round. I'm looking forward to the next rounds, It's becoming very exciting, especially for Japan and USA who are going to face tough opponents. I'm cheering for Japan, of course...they are very talentous, young, and beautiful! (=^_^=).

Next Friday(November 11), Japan will face the strong Serbia, who pushed Brazil to the limit today(Wednesday morning, November 9). Serbia almost defeated the Olympic Gold medalist Brazil. So, it'll be a tough match for Japan. I'm brazilian, and cheering for Brazil and Japan. By the way, Brazil is not in good shape. I feel that they won't win this World Cup.

I'm looking forward to watching Japan X Brazil in the last round...it'lll be very exciting. I'll be cheering for both, no preference. If Brazil is qualified already in that stage, of course, I'll be cheering for Japan.

.頑張れブラジル!頑張れ日本!(Gambare Brazil! Ganbare Nippon!) Go Brazil! Go Japan!

Hhhmm! It seems that this site doesn't accept Japanese Kanji writing, What a pity!

Greetings from Montreal, Canada ...Hayashi

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Posted in: Brazilian held over fatal hit-and-run in Nagoya See in context

The news in a brazilian website:


Guys, it's shameful how this Japan Today site is lacking in information. I'm brazilian who also had lived in Japan, and now in Canada. You can translate the above article(it's in Portuguese language), to have a better understanding of the crime. In short, the brazilian had not driving license. If that wasn't enough, his car's Insurance(Shaken) was expired. Before hitting the cyclist, he had hit a car. Then, he run away and entered in a street against the traffic flow, and hit the cyclist. It was the driver who was hit who took note of the criminal's license plate and reported to the police. Nobody knows what the 19-year-old cyclist was doing at almost 4:00 in the morning...well, it was on Sunday morning, so he might be just going back home from some friend's party, or girlfriend? Or could have been a pervert who had just stolen some female underwears in the neighbourhood(it's a very common crime in Japan) and was trying to run away? Whatever...it's not the point here. The point is that a licenseless driver was driving a car(against the traffic flow) with its expired Insurance, hit and killed a cyclist, Very shameful. Unfortunatelly, we hear several similar cases of crimes commited by brazilians in Japan, and when I was living in Japan, I was embarassed to say I'm brazilian. Thank God this criminal has been caught. Sorry if my English is confusing or inaccurate.

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Posted in: Comedian Shimada quits show business over reported ties to yakuza See in context

Asagao said his wife is taking day off after hearing Shimada's retirement. Your wife said 'You are nothing compare to him, and stay out all night' Woow, that must be really schocking to hear. I feel sorry for you. By the way, Are you japanese?

Anyway, this news is nothing...in March 11 there was a gigantic tragedy in the Northeastern Japan, killing tens of thousands of people, and because of the nuclear leaking, it's going to be a long crises....new energy alternatives is also a huge issue in the country.

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Posted in: 2 dead, 3 missing after tour boat capsizes on Shizuoka river See in context

Beaches in Japan are also dangerous. I have heard many cases of death....there are treacherous streams that push them to the deep water. Yeah, I agree with many people here. People should have common sense and avoid dangerous activities, especially very young, or elders... and if they do, make sure to have proper life-vests, not just small pads.

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Posted in: Niagara Falls search for Japanese woman turns up man's body See in context

In the first place, I wouldn't even go to the Niagara Falls, or Iguaçu FallsI(in Brazil). It's not interesting to go to these risky areas. I don't know why they go. Well, if they really want to go, stay far away. Besides, I do think the patrols of the Niagara Falls should be more responsible. More than that, there must be more protecting barriers. In other words, it should be a Fool proof place.

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Posted in: Japan women's league boosted by World Cup victory See in context

I'm much more fan of the Nadeshiko Japan, rather than Samurai Japan. And for some people who said there's no enough cuteness, there are several in the team, like Sameshima Aya, Kawasumi Nahomi, Iwabuchi Mana, Maruyama Karina, Kumagai Saki, etc.

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Posted in: Japan to honor women's World Cup-winning soccer squad See in context

It's a more than deserved Award. They became World Champions, defeating super powerhouses like Germany and USA, and also Sweden, another among the favourites. And their win brought inspiration, hope and cheer for Japan, which has been through a very hard ordeal due to the March earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster. This Nadeshiko Japan made history for the country and for Asia. Viva Nadeshiko Japan!!

Greetings from a brazilian Montreal, Canada

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Posted in: Soccer star Kumagai in hot water over Twitter remarks during party See in context

I'm worried about her in the Nadeshiko Japan in the future. Will she be called again? She's a very good player. I liked her very much especially in the Penalty Kicks, where she scored and brought the 1st FIFA World Cup fo Japan and made history. She was very cool.

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Posted in: Japanese women, fans savor World Cup win See in context

How come people like NetNinja say they definitely are not pretty? Of course they are. For me, Nadeshiko Japan is the the team that has the more numbers of cute players of all teams...definitely. I love this team and the girls.!!

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Posted in: United States has the trophies, Japan the game See in context

To Lucabrasi: Whatever, I just don't like when people call 'America', for U.S.A. Are you from what country? I'm brazilian, living iin Canada.

Viva Nadeshiko Japan!! Greetings from Montreal

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Posted in: United States has the trophies, Japan the game See in context

For some people like NetNinja, calling United States as 'America', you should not commit this mistake. USA is not equal to America. America is the whole continent comprised the North America, Central America, and South America. Anyway, Go Nadeshiko Japan!!

Greetings from Montreal

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