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Posted in: Clinton says 'comfort women' should be referred to as 'enforced sex slaves' See in context

This is like being friends with a couple who are having a fight. Using the softened wording would be a great offense to a Korean diplomat, so she had to correct him. The Korean newspaper published it because it would stick in the craw of the Japanese media. The Japanese diplomat has to say something to the right wing reporter when it gets thrown at him.

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Posted in: Woodford demands to know why he was fired as Olympus CEO See in context

Sounds like time to do another "Hagetaka" series. Some of these characters are right out of the show.

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Posted in: Tokyo Gas, Panasonic to launch new 'Ene-Farm' fuel cell See in context

Where does the carbon go? Does it make pencil leads for school kids?

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Posted in: Japan welcomes China becoming world's No. 2 economy See in context

If China gets its entire population above the poverty level, it will be the worlds largest economy. However, it still lags far behind Japan, German, and the US in per capita GDP and standard of living which I believe is what most people are really concerned about.

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Posted in: Toyota developing alternative electric motor See in context

The majority of applications in industry and around your home use induction motors that require no rare earths. They work fine but they complicate the inverter and control design. There have been major advances in super capacitors and power mosfets since the drive for the Prius was developed. Permanent magnet motors where always a temporary fix.

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Posted in: Toyota device alerts pedestrians to approaching quiet hybrid See in context

I would like to see the raw data they used. With the modern exhaust systems most conventional cars engines can barely be heard over the rolling noise. With a 65 dB ambient noise in a urban area, hybrids and IC are both effectively silent.

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Posted in: Eric Bossick talks monsters, metal—and being the 'other Iron Man' See in context

When did Canada get moved out of North America? If it hasn't whats the conflict

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Posted in: Japan: A paradise for entrepreneurs See in context

I think it depends on your industry. In the states, you can start a telecom company in your garage, but starting a sandwich shop with out joining a national franchise is a daunting task. Japan is kind of the reverse of this.

I run a start-up in industrial instrumentation. I have a joint venture with a large Japanese corporation. They have no access to small, independent job shops for prototypes. They have to do everything internally or farm it out to us. However, I love all the small retailers and restaurants that seem to have disappeared here.

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Posted in: Murder in Japan See in context

USA 5.6/100000 JP 1.53/100000. How do they get 1/10th? They could get that if they use the US's "intentional homicide" number, but that includes suicides. But back to the point in the article the US rate dropped form 9.8 in 1991 to 5.6 in 2007. I would guess most people watching Fox News would guess that.

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Posted in: 52 unmarried Malaysian Muslim couples face jail for hotel liaisons See in context

One thing the article did not state is that if you are of Malay ethnic decent, you are considered Muslim regardless.

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Posted in: U.S. Honda exec says model updates may come faster See in context

I wish the Japanese car makers would go back to making cars out of steel instead of what ever crap they are making cars from for the last 10 years. My last CRV had severe corrosion after just 5 years. They take so much care in the assembly and quality control, but they dissolve ii driving on de-icer.

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Posted in: Japan suspends U.S. plant's beef amid mad cow fears See in context

The "mad cow" scare is a red herring as part of trade negotiations. The auto and steel guys should go beat the crap out of tysons for slipping up and giving them an issue. For the record, there has not been a case of mad cow in the US herds. The two cases were Canadian dairy cattle that were slaughtered in the US. The contaminated feed that causes BSE was only distributed in EU and UK countries like Canada and (wait for it ) Australia. So enjoy all that SAFE Aussie and NZ beef

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Posted in: Nissan gives preview of prized electric car See in context


I don't know if I am that much of an expert but a superheated coal plant with HP/LP turbines runs at about 40% efficiency. More if they have a tri-gen system to scavenge waste heat.

The motor runs at 90% and you have a transmission loss of maybe 10% That gives you combined thermal efficiency of 32%

A normal gasoline engine can get about 18% mechanical conversion. Refining losses are about 68% (it takes energy to crack crude into gasoline). The distribution energy to get the fuel to your station is another 10% loss. That leaves a hybrid at 11% thermal efficiency.

That doesn't say anything about the heavy metal and other emmisions from the coal plant, but CO2 wise, its almost a three fold drop.

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Posted in: Toshiba to build 2 nuclear plants in U.S. See in context

Toshiba own BNF whis owns Westinghouse. Most of the design will be out of the office in Britian

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