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Posted in: All American presidents have lied: The question is why and when See in context

I thought Biden was president now. Why the continuing obession with Trump?

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So cases are increasing and they are discussing easing restrictions. Shouldn't that conversation be had when caseloads are decreasing rather than increasing?

If the goal is to cut hospital caseloads, limiting entry make sense. It means fewer people in the country, fewer people that can get sick.

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Hasn't Russia been invaded three or four times? No sure why there would be a need to expand Nato to the border.

Is this entire things on both sides about increasing arms sales?

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Had Covid and was later vaccinated. My reaction to the vaccination was worse than when I had Covid, though the reaction was shorter - one week versus two.

If the vaccines work, then why force people to get them? How are the unvaccinated a risk to the vaccinated?

The vaccinated are not at risk. Or that means the vaccinations do not really work as promised.

What is the risk versus the risk of getting Covid versus the risk of getting in a car or a plane?

Now everyone is being pushed toward a booster. How many times will a booster be needed? When will it stop?

No mention of natural immunity. It is basically ignored. Will testing for natural immunity be required before the booster? Shouldn't it ber available so people can make a more informed decision?

Nobody knows the long term ramifications of these vaccines.

My experience is that social distancing in Japan is not so distant. My assumption is that the official reports of cases underreports by a large percentage. I would say the same about the U.S. Between acquired natural immunity and vaccinations - I would think we are closer to herd immunity than the drug companies want to admit.

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And yet again not talk about the impact of those that have already recovered from Covid. No mention of how wide the virus has already spread in society.

Yes the two dose make sense given the risk. The third seems more about money than anything else at this point. The exception being the super high risk groups.

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