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Posted in: Prosecutors drop rape case against 6 Keio University students See in context

Well, not really sure what happened. If you ever went drinking with Japanese girls maybe you won't be so sure about if the story about gang-rape is actually what happened.

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Posted in: Over half a million uncensored porn DVDs seized by Tokyo police in Japan’s largest raid ever See in context

DVDs? Mosaic censorship? Wait a minute, which year is this? 1925?

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Posted in: Nepali speaks on 1st visit to Japan after being wrongly jailed for murder for 15 years See in context

This is terrible and probably he will never receive apology because he is gaijin. The real murderer must be Japanese but seems like police is not interested in resolving the case? Deported him? Because of what? They took his life, life of his family, guy deserves to get permanent citizenship (which he should refuse) not deportation. What an animals!

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Posted in: Japanese whalers head to Antarctic See in context

Japan never provided any research results, Japanese people blindly believe there is some research (just like anything else government tells them).

The most disgusting thing is that I watched documentary where they asked a guy why he does whaling and the answer was "It is tradition and it makes me feel so powerful to kill such huge animal." -There is no need to say something is wrong with your tradition, but anyway, the justice always come to all and everything so it will for Japan.

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Posted in: Man loses appeal over life imprisonment for killing taxi driver in Akita See in context

@quercetum haahahha exactly!

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Posted in: Mujirushi’s Japanese micro-houses are finally on sale to general public See in context

Japanese being very famous for low quality houses, and for the same ones in the size of a matchbox. Human being should not live in this kind of place, I cannot understand people who don't want to feel comfortable at home. These people live in few square meters under neon lights, often in very very dirty place. No heating system in winter, floors and walls without insulation, windows made by standards which are in other countries against the law. Sitting in Japanese house in winter is like sitting outside in the park.

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Posted in: N Koreans in Japan loyal to roots amid discrimination See in context

Not just case with Koreans, Japanese discriminate everyone, including those who are born here but do not have a grandmother or grandfather Japanese.

As for North Koreans, well Japan is a modern communism and in pretty much everything very similar to North Korea. No freedom, everything controlled by government, I remember one nice sentence I have red somewhere: Japan is North Korea with GDP

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Posted in: 3 high school girls among serial killer's victims See in context

The woman who talked to him after he offered different scenarios of killing her is similar level of craziness as him. What's wrong with these people? Seriously!

For the people who think he might be selling organs, no way, this guy just butchered people, selling organs would include some knowledge of how to do it, not just chop it!

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Posted in: Suspect used Twitter account 'hangingpro' to contact suicide wishers See in context

This guy gave me nightmares! Another horrible thing is that Japanese on TV are discussing how bad Twitter is and asking parents how many of them know their child has a Twitter. Society is missing the whole point.

It is not Twitters fault, and they should be asking how many parents know that their child is thinking about suicide or how alarming for the society it should be that there are thousands of accounts like that.

Kids never talk to their parents, neighbors never care for neighbors. I mean people becoming strange everywhere but Japan is exceeding the boarders of this. People here refuse to admit that something is wrong.

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Posted in: Netflix cancels flagship series 'House of Cards' See in context

Why Mr. Rapp was in his bedroom? 14 year old boy in a bedroom of some drunk guy, what's the point here?

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