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Posted in: Players, coaches criticize IOC for dropping softball for 2024 See in context

Too many sports is why it costs 30 Billion.

Shrink it down in order of the expensive ones, sailing first probably, and do more universal things like tug o'war that do not need super expensive fancy stadia.

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Posted in: What is umami, the mysterious taste of Japanese cooking? See in context

I'm not anti-MSG, but those who care about it should note that it is in Kewpie mayonnaise.

I don't mind Japanese mayo on tako yaki etc. but prefer the usual Western one I grew up with. I don't like mayo on bakery stuff or pizza, which are both very common in Japan. I find it very greasy.

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Posted in: What is umami, the mysterious taste of Japanese cooking? See in context

Foods naturally high in glutamates include parmesan cheese, yeast extract, shiitake, katsuo-bushi, nampla fish oil, oyster sauce, .... basically a list of ingredients used all over the world as flavour boosters or hidden tastes. The difference, which isn't much of one, is that Japan had a name for it

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Posted in: Nishiya, just 13, gives Japan sweep in street skateboarding See in context

Fantastic performance by the two girls. Rayssa Leal was also completely stoked and did Brazil proud.

While this is called "street", as JCB says, this level of skateboarding is really only possible in dedicated parks. At this level, the competitors will also break a phenomenal amount of gear, way beyond what an ordinary unsponsored street skater in the West could afford. Twenty decks a year is not uncommon.

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Posted in: The next big financial crisis could be triggered by climate change See in context

My town has been over 30C for ten days straight. It's never happened before. The streak looks like it will end today with .... 29.5C. Any arguments about global temperatures being hotter way back in the past are irrelevant, because there weren't six billion people needing food and drinking water then. Those six billion include you.

To get back on topic, you have to question what would happen to the world financial system if all investments in fossil fuels went to near zero. There is probably too much money at stake for that to be allowed to happen. Fossil fuels are subsidized by directly and indirectly, to a certain extent as "energy security". Governments have a huge role in how FFs are valued.

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Posted in: Skateboarders hope Olympic gold changes minds in 'strict' Japan See in context

Its a bit off if people are allowed to jabber on for hours sitting next to each other in a Starbucks but a skatepark is closed due to Covid. A quick Google brings up photos showing that Komazawa Skate Park is outdoors.

As for the number of skateparks, I think you'll find its the same as many other sports. Tokyo isn't exactly blessed with full-sized pitches where people can play football or rugby.

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Posted in: Suga, Koike agree Olympics going 'very smoothly' See in context

There's an election in the autumn. This Olympics is Suga's only hope.

Just the ol' "country as a household" metaphor, but if we had gone 300% overbudget when building our house, it would have been a complete disaster. Anything more than 20% over is usually a red flag.

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Posted in: With first posthumous album, Prince pierces the American condition See in context

Rather than being cutthroat, Prince was just a complete control freak, something far more common among musicians. This comes out in all the stories about The Time, including firing the (then unknown) Alexander O'Neal. The Time included Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam, but Prince wouldn't let them play on their records and did all the parts himself.

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Posted in: Osaka in Olympic spotlight, but biracial Japanese face struggles See in context

If this is to cause change, a fine place to start would be Japanese schools that have rules and inspections about kids having black hair, straight hair, and banning sunscreen regardless of skin type.

Osaka and Hachimura are adored in Japan, and boast lucrative sponsorship and advertising deals.

I don't think Osaka is adored in Japan, but to a certain degree its inevitable with her limited language ability and upbringing/socialization overseas. The same thing happens in other countries. There are sportspeople who've represented Britain but were raised in South Africa, like cricketer Kevin Pietersen and cyclist Chris Froome. Neither of those men were "adored", in the manner of say Andrew Flintoff or Bradley Wiggins, but it has nothing to do with race. While it is important to combat racism, you cannot force Japanese people to love Naomi Osaka any more than you can force British people to love Chris Froome, or back in the day, American people to love Martina Navratilova. I've not mentioned Hachimura here, because he speaks Japanese and was socialized in Japan, giving him personality traits and sensibilities that Japanese can identify with more than they can with Osaka.

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Posted in: South Korean TV network apologizes for offensive Olympic broadcast See in context

While this is not the Olympics' fault, it is yet another example of the Olympic experience falling well short of what we are told are its ideals. Strip away the ideals and its just an overpriced sports day.

I won't suggest any, but I would remind Koreans who like this that there are ways to belittle their country when the boot is on another foot.

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Posted in: Carapaz wins men's road race for Ecuador's 1st cycling medal See in context

Nice photos, but mostly of the breakaway that was caught. None of the actual medalists.

It was a great race. Pogacar had a go on Mikuni, but didn't get clear, and after that it was a case of whether someone would gamble really big or we'd be left with minor cat-and-mouse and the inevitable WvA sprint win.

McNulty went with perfect timing, Carapaz hitched on, and with no-one wanting to help WvA, the move proved decisive. It would have been nice for McNulty to hang on for silver, but not to be. Carapaz was already a national hero, and he's just cemented that in spades. Chapeau!

Road cycling is quite possibly the most underrated sport in Japan. Outside the cities, there are so many great roads with good tarmac and hardly any cars. As we saw today, there are climbs that will rival anything in the Grand Tours. If your knees aren't up for it, get an e-bike to help you. There is lots to great riding out there.

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Posted in: You can find green tea ice creams all across Japan, but it’s extra special when you make it yourself See in context

It doesn't look very good in the (fashionably highly overexposed) photo, but this sounds like it will be delicious from the ingredients. They are far higher quality than what gets put in commercial ice cream.

You can make very good strawberry ice cream in about five minutes with frozen strawberries, cream, and sugar. Just whack em in a food processor or an American-style powerful blender. Lemon juice is optional. This will be creamier and have a much stronger strawberry flavour than any commercial strawberry ice cream.

In Japan, commercial ice cream is ranked as racked ice

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Posted in: Olympics addict who spent $40,000 on tickets left on the sidelines See in context

The guy should follow high school athletics. It's a far purer form of competition. No doping, no rampant commercialization, no rich countries with special suits or special shoes.

The world's biggest football fans are not automatically obsessed with the Champions League. As the European Super League debacle showed, many actively reject it.

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Posted in: The Tokyo Olympics are rigged to fail. Why hasn’t the media noticed? See in context

Great piece. The main point about the need for journalists to talk to people close to the centers of power and investigate what is happening is very valid. We do not need countless "man in the street apathetic about Olympics" type impressionistic articles. Even the main sponsors are embarrassed. The important thing is why this is happening.

Nothing about Suga suggests he is anything more than a stooge there to pick up the poisoned chalice. This suspicion should drive those with access to find out what is actually going on.

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Posted in: Japan ups 2030 renewables goal in draft energy policy See in context

I'd fit solar panels immediately if the government gave me an interest free loan for 15 years and a warranty on the panels. Installers won't give me a warranty because our area gets snow. My roof is 45 degrees, so the snow slides off before 10cm accumulates.

I can guarantee that my plan would provide more power far more cheaply than most things the government will finance, nuclear and court cases about restarting nuclear included.

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Posted in: Olympic opening ceremony director fired for Holocaust joke in 1998 See in context

Taro Aso famously suggested that Hitler had the right motives


but was allowed to retract it. I wonder why that's not happened here.

Mori was at that 40-person inner circle party for the IOC the other day. He's still involved with the Games.

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Posted in: Olympic opening ceremony director fired for Holocaust joke in 1998 See in context

Compare the speed with which this decision was taken to the delays and reluctance behind the forced resignations of Mori for sexism and Oyamada for sadistic treatment of the less advantaged.

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Posted in: Toyota adds 'kei' makers to technology partnership See in context

Isn't Daihatsu already part of Toyota?

Regarding the "sell in Asia" idea, Suzuki already sell the Wagon R, one of the most popular kei cars, in India, but with a 1000cc engine. Its because 660cc only makes sense when the government is giving you a big tax break and other perks for it.

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Posted in: Coates, Queensland premier at odds after Brisbane gets 2032 Olympics See in context

Shinzo Abe isn't going, is he? So it's not just the sponsors abandoning it.

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Posted in: Fury cross the Mersey: Liverpool loses world heritage status See in context

I like Liverpool, it's a great city, and I'm sure it will survive this.

The situation with the docks is complex. While the old buildings may look nice, it should not be forgotten that the vast majority of the money that developed the area came from the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Liverpool even had major slave owners as its mayor and MP. Penny Lane, famous in the Beatles' song, is named after a slave trader and arch anti-abolitionist. The slave trade is up there with the greatest crimes in human history and is certainly the biggest one the UK took part in. No-one would knowingly celebrate nice buildings financed by the Jewish Holocaust, so you have to question why its okay to do so for the slave trade. Many country houses in the UK were similarly financed, but the main ports were Liverpool and then Bristol.

Liverpool the city thriving and progressing without such tainted money is worthy of celebration, and a football stadium should be welcomed regardless of whether its architecture reflects what was trendy in the 1700s.

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Posted in: Sex Pistols singer calls TV show 'nonsense' in songs dispute See in context

A Sex Pistols drama made by Disney?

"Your future dream is a shopping scheme...."

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Posted in: Fukushima people find ray of hope in Japan's softball win See in context

Kyodo interviewing elderly softball officials for positive quotes about softball events in Tohoku. Then over to our Dear Leader (current support 35%) for a line about "recovery of Fukushima". No wonder young people sit in the street drinking chu hai.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics boast equal gender participation for first time See in context

There are an equal number of women and men for every sport, excluding baseball and softball because of differing roster sizes.

This is not true for road cycling. There are half as many competitors on a course that is half as long. It sounds like the IOC simply lets the UCI cycling federation do want it wants.



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Posted in: Chilean, Dutch, American athletes test positive for COVID See in context

On the subject of the USA Gymnasts, they are moving out of the Olympic Village into a hotel. They think it's safer outside that "bubble" we keep hearing about. It appears that they have made this decision without consulting the JOC.

“We feel like we can control the athletes and our safety better in a hotel setting!”


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Posted in: Chilean, Dutch, American athletes test positive for COVID See in context

A Dutch skateboarder has tested positive in Tokyo too.


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Posted in: Pork or beef? A peek into how Japan’s curry preferences change from place to place See in context

This is hardly surprising. In Kansai, niku means beef, so a steamed Chinese bun with pork is a "butaman", the popular 551 ones included. The same thing in Kanto, where niku means pork, is a "nikuman".

In Kanto, it can be hard to find 100% beef mince in the supermarket. All mince has pork mixed in.

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Posted in: Johnson resisted 2nd lockdown as 'most of those dying were over 80': ex-aide See in context

The UK has had tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths from Covid. These include medical staff who were not given adequate protective equipment. The UK did not close the border with India as the delta variant emerged, seemingly because Johnson was desperate to go there himself to sign a post-Brexit trade deal. The delta variant is currently rampant and infecting around 50,000 people a day. The biggest sign that the UK has not dealt with Covid successfully though remains the tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths.

Cummings' comments here are probably all true, but he has tarnished his own brand with the Barnard Castle episode, so no-one is listening. Unlike other, far more worthy critics of government policy, he has marginalized himself.

It may be wishful thinking, but I believe the general lack of uproar is because we are living in extraordinary times. Historically, people would not put up with a government this inept and this corrupt. Governments have fallen in my lifetime for much less.

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Posted in: Tokyo launches info hub on culture, tourism See in context

This sounds like Kyodo rewriting a press release in a typically unhelpful way, but I guess what is happening is Tokyo is holding sessions to spoonfeed the foreign press (here, "visitors") with travel info about Tokyo to get them to write about it.

Tokyo's history includes being very extensively destroyed twice in twenty odd years with a huge loss of life both times. There are museums to both events, but they are small, out of the way, and attract very few visitors.

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Posted in: Create an izakaya at home with amazing all-in-one kitchen gadget See in context

Electric grills like this are very weak. You'd be better off using an oven toaster, which most people already have and therefore costs zero yen.

For grilling at the table, you'd get way more heat for proper searing off a cassette gas-powered grill like the one Iwatani make, "Robata-ya" or whatever it is called. It is also cheaper to buy than the set in the article and can be used anywhere, outside somewhere or when you go camping.

That precooked corn is a terrible mushy mess, worse than tinned corn, and will not taste good even if you grill it. At this time of year, you should buy fresh corn on the cob and cook it with the leaves on on high in the microwave. It comes out perfect.

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Posted in: Australia to deport British commentator Hopkins for quarantine breach boast See in context

this smear label these days is applied to anyone who disagrees with the corporate legacy media narrative

Far from it. The "corporate legacy media" is why people get to hear Hopkins, x time failed political candidate Nigel Farage, the 2% of scientists who deny climate change, .... She is entirely a product of the media. People who disagree with it are not given a platform, including those on the right like Peter Oborne.

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