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Posted in: Pair of Yubari melons fetch Y1.5 million at season's 1st auction See in context

You could have feed a family for a year, or paid for education fees for kids, or... there are a hundred things you could do with that money to help people, to buy a couple of melons is not one.

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Posted in: LDP calls for free education among other areas of Constitution change See in context

This government is pure evil, they just want to divert the attention about the constitution amendment by adding something else to the equation. Not that they care a bit about education or the cost of it, they just want the public opinion to support their plan.

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Posted in: Japan's potato chip shortage likely to linger until fall See in context

Meanwhile, nobody noticed it.

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Posted in: Fukushima village begins sowing rice for 1st time since nuclear disaster See in context

Disillusioned Today  07:11 am JST

I doubt if this rice will get to the supermarket. It will be sold off cheaply and used to make sake and sochu or, it will end up in your convenience store onigiri (rice ball).

This. It will be sold to food producers and chain restaurants. And they will never say who bought it.

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Posted in: Japan's gov't debt swells to record Y1,071 tril as of March 31 See in context

"Let's ignore it and keep wasting money as usual" Abe was heard to say.

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Posted in: Ex-actress Saya Takagi gets suspended term for marijuana possession See in context

If marihuana was legal Japan would be a better place.

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Posted in: Japanese museums abandoning no-photos policy See in context

Quiet contemplation of art is worth nothing, an Instagram selfie is the reason people go to museums these days.

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Posted in: No end in sight for Japan's potato chip crisis See in context

I'd say that to call it a "crisis" is an exaggeration, in a country with a hundred different snacks on the shelves. Most people won't notice there are no chips.

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Posted in: Luxury spenders defy Japan's tight-fisted reputation See in context

Some other Chanel shops in Tokyo have a separate cosmetics and perfume section reserved for top Japanese customers

I understand the logic behind this, but it's called discrimination.

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Posted in: Labor shortage a stress test for Japan's convenience stores See in context


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Posted in: Japan Post to book 1st net loss in FY2016 since privatization See in context

So why the privatization? They had a great company that excels in service and no Japanese would ever think of stop using it. Yet they have to give it to private hands? The first thing they did was to rise the prices btw.

Why people don't even think about these topics?

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Posted in: Venture firm develops device to prevent kids' smartphone addiction See in context

It would be easier to not to give them a smartphone, which is a tool they don't really need. But apparently parents can't do that these days.

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Posted in: Cabinet approval rate rises to 58.7% See in context

This is so terrible, it means that more than a half of the Japanese support war activities.

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Posted in: Ethics textbook change causes widespread constroversy See in context

If the book was about ethics it would have included both the bakery and the wagashi shop. And the kids wold have to decide which one to open as a business, the traditional one or the profitable one. This would have explore paths the Japanese "educators" are very far from.

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Posted in: High court upholds obscenity ruling against 'vagina artist' See in context

In a country with thousands of porn films -half of them of the weirdest kind-, soaplands and teenagers prostitution, the Tokyo High Court finds this punishable!

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Posted in: Over 1,000 idol singers to gather in Tokyo for massive fan event at Budokan See in context

Notice that the linked website looks like it was built in 2001.

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Posted in: Olympic organizers promote fair play and diversity See in context

So all that people in the picture is going to be sucking tax money.

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Posted in: Minister yells at press after he criticizes remaining Fukushima evacuees See in context

A 70 years old pointing finger politician, that thinks this is the 70's and nobody is going to question him.

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Posted in: Safe trip See in context

These people have no choice.

On the other hand, they will never have to do night shifts in a factory. They will just live like rich people.

I feel sorry for these Japanese women in 2017 who have to dress like they are in a Ken Loach film.

We are paying for these silly hats, and I bet they cost a fortune.

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Posted in: Japan's first Premium Friday shows mixed results See in context

1) to nurture an opportunity in which lifestyles can be changed to foment a greater sense of fulfillment and satisfaction; 2) lead to a strengthening of community functions and harmony in localities;

I can't believe Japanese people doesn't get furious listening to all that BS. But they just watch it on the news and nod in agreement.

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Posted in: Murakami fans pack stores at midnight for new novel See in context

"contender for the Nobel literature prize"

Is Murakami really the best literature Japan has to offer?

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Posted in: Japanese film director Seijun Suzuki dead at 93 See in context

Such an interesting director. Nobody in today's Japan has ever seen any of his movies, and it's a shame.

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Posted in: Japanese killjoys wage war on Valentine's 'conspiracy' See in context

In any case, chocolate should be given both ways.

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Posted in: Japan's frugal millennials a bad omen for economy See in context

Maybe they don't like brands anymore, but most of my uni students still list "shopping" as their favourite hobby.

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Posted in: A blue Christmas See in context

It's a bid sad that all the Christmas lights in Japan are just blue. It's such a polite and formal color that makes everything look a bit cold and boring.

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Posted in: Muslim fashion show See in context

Would these women be allowed to not to cover their head? What would happen if one of these women went out with just a t-shirt, say in Iran or Saudi Arabia?

How can some people still justify this?

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Posted in: Trump wins White House; Clinton concedes defeat See in context

Bill Clinton must be laughing hard.

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Posted in: Music icon Bob Dylan wins Nobel Literature Prize See in context

I'm so glad Murakami didn't get it.

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Posted in: Japanese fishermen say they are portrayed as 'sadists' in Oscar-winner 'The Cove' See in context

Because We The Japanese.

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Posted in: Google gets aggressive with new phones, other gadgets See in context

$650 for a device designed to track everything I do, to try to sell me stuff I don't need? No thanks.

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