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Posted in: 2 men arrested over record gold smuggling haul in Japan See in context

The amount of gold confiscated in Japan due to smuggling hit a record 6.2 tons in 2017, 

6,2 tons of gold.. amazing.

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Posted in: Russians protest any Kuril islands handover to Japan See in context

The press should be more careful when reporting this kind of news. "hundreds" of radicals do not represent the feeling of all Russians, at all. But they become the front page picture on Japan Today, but a "Russians protest" title. This brings more polemic and, would say hate, to the table than a more objective reporting would bring.

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Posted in: Spa! magazine apologizes for women's university 'sex listing' See in context

gyaranomi or drinking parties that male participants pay women to attend. 

This is much worse than that Spa! article, but nobody seems to be complaining about it.

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Posted in: Billionaire Maezawa says 'free cash' tweet most shared of all time See in context

He could be spending his money to help the poor and/or to contribute to the society, this give away is just another look-at-me excersise of selfishness.

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Posted in: More than 186,000 apply to be Tokyo 2020 volunteers; 37% non-Japanese See in context

It's not that many people! And only some 100,000 Japanese on the list? I'd have expected ten times that, for how heavily promoted the Olympics are.

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Posted in: Local governments struggling to secure childcare workers See in context

The government is going to spend $4 billion in combat planes, yet there seems to be no yen at all to help with the childcare problem.

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Posted in: Global arms firms show off wares in Japan See in context

There's no money for kids, but they have $4 billion to buy war planes. Sigh...

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Posted in: Gov't considering Y10 trillion stimulus to offset sales tax hike: sources See in context

I also heard on the TV that they want to give 2% "tax discounts" if you pay with credit card in the supermarket, which makes no sense. I just looks like someone in the government owes something to big banks..

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Posted in: Gov't considering Y10 trillion stimulus to offset sales tax hike: sources See in context

Tax breaks for car purchases

This is usual Japan, money for the big companies.

and shopping vouchers to help low-income households,

But this is an insult to low-income families! Don't do anything to help with their situation, give them some vouchers to shop because they are so poor they can't buy anything new.

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Posted in: U.S. carrier leads warships in biggest ever Japan defense war game See in context

World leaders are just chimps with big hats.

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Posted in: Japan won't introduce daylight saving time during 2020 Olympics See in context

Daylight savings are great, and would be great for Japan. I makes no sense to have a silly 4am sunrise, and a really early 7pm sunset during the summer.

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Posted in: Japan, 2 other Asian nations warn citizens not to use marijuana in Canada See in context

Most outsiders wouldn’t understand.


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Posted in: Temples aim to attract youngsters with disco balls, planetarium shows See in context

Transforming temples in "social hubs", when social hubs are also going to disappear.

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Posted in: Okinawa sees chances for economic independence without U.S. bases See in context

Yubaru is right on the second comment. Living in an island of nature, were the weather is good all year long, and the guy needs a mall to spend time with the family? Come on, the mall may be convenient and fun for a day or two, but you should not need it.

But Yubaru, tourism is the key for the future of Okinawa, as long as you make it right and go for sustainable tourism in the hands of its habitants. Please don't pledge to the usual big companies will.

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Posted in: Naomi Kawase named to direct 2020 Tokyo Olympic documentary See in context

The Japanese government hopes the Olympics will show the region is recovering and that products made there are safe.

How is that related to the Olympics?

"This will be an opportunity for me to show the world where Japan stands and what kind of changes Japan will be undergoing," Kawase said

Again, this film should be about Olympics in Japan. Not about Japanism.

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Posted in: Naomi Kawase named to direct 2020 Tokyo Olympic documentary See in context

Kon Ichikawa's one is a masterpiece, a beautiful documentary. This new one will be just as flat and lifeless as current Japanese films are.

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Posted in: More than 30,000 applications for Tokyo 2020 Games Volunteer Program completed See in context

Only 30,000? I'd have expected 50 times that number, considering the Olympics mindset campaign we have had on the TV for the last couple of years.

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Posted in: Japan to continue to push resumption of commercial whaling See in context

And exactly why? I don't see Japanese eating whale fish anyway, apart from the occasional izakaya dish. Who behind pushing this whaling agenda so much?

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Posted in: Preschools using tablets to prep children for digital age See in context

Kids need to play with crayons, toys and wood pieces! There's much more to these for learning than to use just a finger on a screen all day long.

Anyone with kids knows that they will learn to use any digital device in less than one minute anyway, no need to hook them to these since kindergarden!

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Posted in: Author Murakami withdraws from consideration for alternative Nobel award See in context

I don't understand the reason why he's considered for a Nobel every year. Yes, he writes popular books, and he is a clever, interesting man. But his work is faaaar from being Nobel worthy.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes tax breaks for car buyers to offset impact of sales tax hike See in context

So true mu-da. What about a 4% tax for basic stuff like food? Poorest people can't afford a car anyway, but they would benefit from tax reliefs in food, city taxes, or even public transportation. But the government is more interested on tax breaks for big automakers, because that's were friends are isn't it?

I can't believe Japanese keep voting them.

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Posted in: Defense Ministry requests record budget of ¥5.3 trillion See in context

I just cannot understand why Japanese people keeps voting for a government that says there's no money for education, kids or health expenses, yet they want to spend ¥5.3 trillion on weaponry.

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Posted in: 10 'onsen' in Chubu where men and women can bathe together See in context

Article doesn't talk about the number of perverts and weirdos that would go to a mixed onsen. Plenty of them in Japan.

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Posted in: Foreign casino operators go all in as they vie for Osaka license See in context

So all this fuss about casinos and the money is going to go to some billionaire somewhere. Osaka people will just get the 900/hour salaries for the staff.

"It's natural that we need to be fully open, and make sure that citizens have no doubts about unfairness or corruption," Matsui said.


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Posted in: Day at the beach See in context

Sure, these beach tents are comfortable, they protect you from the sun and the wind. But it irks me a bit that Japanese use them more like a privacy booth than anything, so they don't need to even make eye contact with other people while at the beach..

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 chief asks Abe to consider daylight saving time See in context

Sure, you could play the olympics at night time and still would be to much hot for sports. But daylight saving time should come and stay, there is no reason at all to have sunrise at 4am right now, and having the sunset around 8-9pm does feel great.

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Posted in: Tokyo Medical University confirms altering scores to limit women See in context

Why is media not asking to check all other medical universities right now? I suspect they'd find similar results.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers unveil ticket prices See in context

More than half the tickets on sale will cost less than 8,000 yen

As if 8,000 yen per ticket was something a family could easily pay for.

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Posted in: Japan, EU strengthen cybersecurity cooperation See in context

USA: Let’s start the cooperation..

Japan: Sure, could you send us an update for Windows 95? In Japanese, please.

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