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Posted in: Author Murakami withdraws from consideration for alternative Nobel award See in context

I don't understand the reason why he's considered for a Nobel every year. Yes, he writes popular books, and he is a clever, interesting man. But his work is faaaar from being Nobel worthy.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes tax breaks for car buyers to offset impact of sales tax hike See in context

So true mu-da. What about a 4% tax for basic stuff like food? Poorest people can't afford a car anyway, but they would benefit from tax reliefs in food, city taxes, or even public transportation. But the government is more interested on tax breaks for big automakers, because that's were friends are isn't it?

I can't believe Japanese keep voting them.

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Posted in: Defense Ministry requests record budget of ¥5.3 trillion See in context

I just cannot understand why Japanese people keeps voting for a government that says there's no money for education, kids or health expenses, yet they want to spend ¥5.3 trillion on weaponry.

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Posted in: 10 'onsen' in Chubu where men and women can bathe together See in context

Article doesn't talk about the number of perverts and weirdos that would go to a mixed onsen. Plenty of them in Japan.

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Posted in: Foreign casino operators go all in as they vie for Osaka license See in context

So all this fuss about casinos and the money is going to go to some billionaire somewhere. Osaka people will just get the 900/hour salaries for the staff.

"It's natural that we need to be fully open, and make sure that citizens have no doubts about unfairness or corruption," Matsui said.


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Posted in: Day at the beach See in context

Sure, these beach tents are comfortable, they protect you from the sun and the wind. But it irks me a bit that Japanese use them more like a privacy booth than anything, so they don't need to even make eye contact with other people while at the beach..

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 chief asks Abe to consider daylight saving time See in context

Sure, you could play the olympics at night time and still would be to much hot for sports. But daylight saving time should come and stay, there is no reason at all to have sunrise at 4am right now, and having the sunset around 8-9pm does feel great.

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Posted in: Tokyo Medical University confirms altering scores to limit women See in context

Why is media not asking to check all other medical universities right now? I suspect they'd find similar results.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers unveil ticket prices See in context

More than half the tickets on sale will cost less than 8,000 yen

As if 8,000 yen per ticket was something a family could easily pay for.

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Posted in: Japan, EU strengthen cybersecurity cooperation See in context

USA: Let’s start the cooperation..

Japan: Sure, could you send us an update for Windows 95? In Japanese, please.

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Posted in: Not having children is selfish, says LDP Secretary-General Nikai See in context

Well if everyone had your salary and benefits, I am sure more people would have more kids. 


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Posted in: Japan's antitrust watchdog sees 4-year payment plan for smartphones as problem See in context

I don't use a smartphone right now, but if I wanted one I'd rather save and buy a new one myself, rather than getting into that kind of contract with J-operators.

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Posted in: Kobe gov't official's pay docked for repeatedly taking lunch 3 minutes early See in context

Nonsense, with all the problems that Japan's officials should be working to solve, they spend time their time worrying about this??

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Posted in: Fans in Japan go wild after World Cup win over Colombia See in context

First time I see Japan playing a good game in a long time, they did deserve to win.

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Posted in: Lower house passes bill allowing casinos to open See in context

Excellent news! These Resorts will be a very big boost to the economy, while protecting Japanese people from any negative impacts. I expect resrautants, bars, Circus and concerts will be exciting attractions in the Resorts. Well done for realizing this, PM Abe, and Cabinet.

BS, it will only boost the economy of the already rich owners. The rest of the workers will earn the same low salary they'd get working for a konbini anyway.

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Posted in: Demand for foreign workers may soften Japan's immigration rules See in context

"We love you to work for us, but please don't stay, interact or bring any of your family. We don't really like you."

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Posted in: Gov't to go ahead with sales tax hike in Oct 2019 See in context

I'm sure Japanese politicians have heard about reduced tax policies for basic products like food, my guess is they just don't give a d*** about people.

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Posted in: Japan's home-share listings grow ten-fold on month to 1,000 ahead of new law See in context

The new law limits home-sharing to 180 days a year

And the reason for this is?

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Posted in: Second jobs, once rare in Japan, are reshaping attitudes about work See in context

How do you declare that extra income? Do people declare it? I can imagine tax would cut that profit a lot.

Do you need to set up a company? Anywhere to find info about it?

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Posted in: Knife rampage aboard bullet train kills 1, injures 2 See in context

What a terrible crime. As usual, the TV will focus and give all the details about what happened, but will not try to explain why such things happen in Japan.

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Posted in: Abe orders measures to prevent mishandling of public documents See in context

I can't understand why oh why Japanese still like to support such a corrupt political gang.

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Posted in: Japan to let in 500,000 foreign workers to help plug labor shortage See in context

So xenophobic. You can come to work with minimum wage and near slavery conditions. And you must talk Japanese first. Don't bring your family. You must leave after 5 years, and please don't make any ties to Japan.

due to concerns that an influx of immigrants could lead to a rise in crime.

Of course, dangerous foreigners!

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Posted in: 2 bodies found on Niigata mountain believed to be missing father, son See in context

Such horrible news. I hoped they’d find them after a day or two. RIP.

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Posted in: Japan, Pacific island nations urge N Korea to denuclearize See in context

Abe is just trying to show off here, as if his opinion was important in the international scene. NHK will open with this news I guess..

You can't just talk to North Koreans as if they were Japanese.

So true.

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Posted in: Amazon Japan hikes shipping rates by up to 50% amid rising logistic costs See in context

Amazon Prime's yearly subscription is quite cheap compared with other countries monthly fee.

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Posted in: Japan pulls out stops to improve nightlife for foreign tourists See in context

the real reason is that culturally speaking, people should be at home in bed and not out partying! Hurts the work production!

This is so true, it's the "train curfew".

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Posted in: Altered documents turn up heat on Abe See in context

Abe wants to be on charge for the Olympics, so badly. He will not resign, he will blame everyone else.

Shinjiro Koizumi,

LPD wants to perpetuate itself, the same families have had the power in Japan for the last 100 years! It amazes me that no Japanese cares about this. They even sympathetically agree to have the son of the previous leader following his steps.

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Posted in: 7 years after tsunami, Japanese live uneasily with seawalls See in context

I can’t help thinking there was too much quick money to be made by government fat cats with ties to construction companies by simply building a giant sea wall. Doing it like this needs the communities input and approval first.

Spot on.

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Posted in: Tokyo school hires guards after Armani uniform furor See in context

I don't think 80.000 Yen is that much expensive, compared with other expenses that school kids have in Japan, let alone a Ginza private school fees. This issue is just a mix of elitism, media garbage and a high ratio of unstable crazy people, and Japan excels at these.

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Posted in: Japanese men 'softening' but still assert dominance: UK research See in context

Japanese men are disappointing, in so many levels.

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