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Posted in: North Korea says it put military spy satellite into orbit on third try See in context

The alert was, .. quite alarming. It was nothing like an advice to be careful with a satellite and more about the risk of a missile incoming. People in Japan are used to these alarms but in case of an earthquake they have been trained for it.

This was a brand new risk to be fearful of. So, the "J-alarm" serves nicely for Kishida's plan to double the army budget, isn't it?

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Posted in: Japanese billionaire Maezawa's moon flyby pushed back to 2024 or beyond See in context

Spend that money helping people, you egomaniac!

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Posted in: Japan ruling parties eye talks on allowing anti-air missile exports See in context

The question Japanese reporters should be perusing is: Who’d make a lot of money off lifting the ban?

A detailed list of politicians and company execs would be greatly appreciated.

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Posted in: Imperial garden party See in context

Right there in the party is the elite of Japan, the ones that should be taxed the most. Will not happen.

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Posted in: Toyota hikes annual forecast as first-half net profit doubles See in context


I kind of agree with you. Specially because all these profits only benefit the top of the pyramid. The major part of Toyota workers and subcontractors will not see a penny of these record profits. You would think that with all the public tax breaks they get from the government they should be obliged to return back something to the society. Morally obliged at least.

This is just a reflection of what the world is these days, the rich are getting richer while the medium class is having a hard time to survive.

Ten richest men double their fortunes in pandemic:


Some time ago, a Japanese guy working at a Toyota factory in Nagoya told me about his work conditions and they could only be described as modern slavery.

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Posted in: Japan mulls economic package of around ¥17 tril See in context

Over 1 trillion yen will be used to give 70,000 yen each to low-income households exempt from paying income and resident taxes.

That’s Japan’s hidden poverty no one talks about. There’s a lot of people that wouldn’t be able to survive if they had to pay taxes.

That’s 1 trillion yen giveaway money that will not change their economic position in any way.

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Posted in: Japan's two major airlines log profit jump as COVID curbs removed See in context

All airlines have increased their fares in an abusive way. The governments could do something about it. Flying is not a civil right, but these days it's something only wealthy people in Japan can do.

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Posted in: Japan chocolate producers stamping out child labor in supply chains See in context

Fuji Oil has set itself the goal of removing child labor from its supply chain by 2030 

Why not by tomorrow? Does it take 7 years? And how is this a "goal" and not a "commitment"?

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Posted in: Tokyo's Shibuya district raises alarm against unruly Halloween, even caging Hachiko statue See in context

Be ready for the media covering it all day long on Halloween. Sure, they will show mostly drunk people wasted and a few misbehaving gaijin, not the fun side of the party.

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Posted in: Kishida cautious on same-sex marriage, separate spouse surnames See in context

On another hot-button issue, the prime minister said there are still "various opinions in the public" over permitting separate surnames for married couples and called for more discussions to win "broad" support for the issue.

But when a Japanese woman marry to a foreigner all of the sudden they permit separate surnames. Why is so, Japan?

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Posted in: Kishida cautious on same-sex marriage, separate spouse surnames See in context

Is it 2023 or 1823 here?

Indeed. I'd think that someone living in another country would have a wider view of things.

Are the naysayers saying so because they are deep into a religion? Probably Christian? Why all the hate on how others decide to live? I'm curious.

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Posted in: JAL announces int'l fare fuel surcharge for tickets issued between December and January 2024 See in context

Traveling overseas from Japan has become completely unaffordable. The same tickets with departure from Europe instead of Japan, are up to 70% cheaper.

Yes it is, prices have doubled since late 2021. I wonder how all these Chinese tourists can afford plane tickets when Japanese salaries cannot.

I just don’t understand why the public and the Consumer Affairs Agency aren’t complaining about it.

Maybe they also get a piece of the cake?

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Posted in: Kishida plans income tax cut for households and corporate tax breaks See in context

Tax cuts for households. How much Kishida? Care to share?

Corporate tax breaks??? WHY?

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Posted in: 'Dark patterns' deceiving online consumers in Japan See in context

In Japan, the revised Specified Commercial Transactions Law, which was enacted in June 2021,

In contrast, the European Union, under the 2002 Digital Services Act,

19 years. That alone speaks volumes about this issue.

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Posted in: Apple scraps Jon Stewart show over China, AI clashes: report See in context

Jon Stewart is too much straight about facts for Apple to handle it.

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Posted in: Japan to OK train fare hikes for holidays, weekends due to 'overtourism' concerns See in context

What happens to people that works on holidays and weekends? they get an special pass?

In some areas and during certain periods, there has been an impact on the lives of local residents due to inbound tourists, such as bad manners,

Let's insult foreigners, we just want their money anyway.

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Posted in: Japan lagging world in introducing livestock welfare standards See in context

The more I live in Japan the more I despise their business ethics.

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Posted in: Japan's Self-Defense Forces struggling to recruit new members See in context

To be ready to defend your country and loved ones cannot possibly be regarded as underdeveloped

To have to do so is very much underdeveloped. Puts the advancement of humanity back to Neanderthal level.

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Posted in: Japan's Self-Defense Forces struggling to recruit new members See in context

Mandatory enlistment in the Japanese forces has been in discussions for quite some time

Oh boy, that would be so regretful. It would send Japan 200 years back in all senses of human evolution. I'm shocked every time a Korean student tells me he has to go back to do 2 years of enforced army training.

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Posted in: Publishing exec gets suspended sentence over Tokyo Olympics bribery See in context

Out of curiosity, those complaining about a suspended sentence, what is the problem? Do you think the only punishment for something that matters is jail? That kind of thinking is what has led America to incarcerate more of its people even than China.

A strong sentence with jail would prevent others in the elite to take advantage and be corrupt. Suspended sentences, which is always the case for these, actually encourage corruption.

In Japan, a suspended sentence is essentially the end of your life as you knew it. You suddenly become mostly unemployable, and often a social pariah on top of it. 

Want to bet that nothing will happen to these execs? They will keep with life as usual, same jobs, same money. They will be praised by Japan Inc acolytes.

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Posted in: Toyota launches all-new Crown Sport in Japan See in context

Toyota Crown, the car for the wealthy salaryman.

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Posted in: Mori Building to open new development project in Tokyo as part of push to revitalize city See in context

Just highlighting some very good comments here. This article is such a PR pamphlet for the masses.

Prior to the bubble bursting, these investment types had ZERO interest in having foreigners involved in business in Japan. Following the bubble bursting, they wanted them, but only on their terms,

It has not changed much to this day.

3,500 rich people living onsite, sending their 2.1 children to the British school. Meanwhile, 20,000 (mostly young women) contract workers barely scraping by and commuting for a couple of hours from far flung parts of Saitama/Tochigi, etc. Now repeat this process all over Tokyo in other mega development projects and you can see dystopia staring us in the face. But never mind, a lot of money to be made by Mori and co.

Right so, these mega-projects only benefit the rich.

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Posted in: Mayor of Tokyo's Shibuya Ward again asks Halloween partygoers to stay away See in context

This is all about the fact that it’s a large, organic event that the people decided they wanted to get together and make happen rather than something that was officially sanctioned. If the powers that be were smart, they could make some money from it, make it safe and clean etc, but instead they’d rather crush it

Very much. They gather up to a million people for summer fireworks and everything is pretty well organized.

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Posted in: Japan to buy Tomahawks from U.S. earlier than planned: Kihara See in context

Why not a single Japanese is able to complain or protest about this??? It's borderline inmoral having so many people on the verge of poverty.

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Posted in: Top court upholds ruling in favor of Japan's ban on dual nationality See in context

we (gaijin) are guests in Japan...behave like a guest...

When you have been here for 20 years you create ties to people and places, you grow a family and you become a part of the society you are living in, in spite of whatever the Japanese government wants to say about it.

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Posted in: 80 women arrested Jan-Sept in Tokyo's Kabukicho for alleged prostitution See in context

Quite hypocritical. There are literally thousands of establishments where these services are traded daily. Most if not all ruled by Yakuza.

I wonder if to regulate these is not possible because a conflict of interests between the LPD and local mafias. Or an understanding between both.

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Posted in: Top court upholds ruling in favor of Japan's ban on dual nationality See in context


Nationalism and freedoms don't mix.*

Well said.

If however, you (or your children) were born with Japanese citizenship and another citizenship, you can effectively keep both. Yes you are requested to make a decision as to which one you will keep by the time you are an adult, but in that case, you just tell the Japanese government you will keep your Japanese citizenship.

This is quite the situation for most of people that grew up in Japan with parents of different nationalities.

I'm sure that when they go through customs entering Japan they can see they have two passports. So where are they, legally speaking?

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Posted in: Japan hometown tax changes mean donors face reductions in gift sizes See in context

Not Suginami, but my own city. Plenty of examples like that.

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Posted in: Japan hometown tax changes mean donors face reductions in gift sizes See in context

Would love to hear specifically how you have witnessed first-hand Suginami Ward wasting resident tax.

For example, replacing all of the traffic lights even when the "old" ones were already replaced 5 years before.

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Posted in: Japan hometown tax changes mean donors face reductions in gift sizes See in context

Apart from the program inefficiency, I see a lot of local and corporate hands trying to grab a piece of a cake that is not theirs.

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