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Posted in: Why the Japanese Are a Superior People See in context

And medical care here is tops, simply superior - but, for heaven's sake, DO NOT have any major medical procedure done in Japan ... this would be superiorly putting your life on the line.

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Posted in: Takeo Doi, scholar on Japanese psyche, dies See in context

The concept of amae also goes a long way to explain why the average Hiro in Japan is so lacking in critical thinking skills and so reluctant to challenge authority ... and so satisfied to raise his children exactly as his parents raised him.

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Posted in: Takeo Doi, scholar on Japanese psyche, dies See in context

The whole 'kawaii' thing here in Japan is an sterling example of the overt expression of 'amae' among the Japanese.

'Kawaii-ese' starts in the cradle but all too often exists in all too large measure in the characters of all too many Japanese adults. I'm pretty much embarassed by how many adult Japanese males revel in the culture of kawaii ... that such a large number of Japanese female adults find so much to be kawaii is just simply pathetic.

Thank you, Dr. Doi, for you efforts to explain amae to the outsider.

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Posted in: Child abductions, but not by North Koreans See in context

I'm with your line of thinking, hakujin, but ... on the passport thing, please allow me to correct you.

As it happens, my young daughter's middle name is Anne, just as in your example ... and it appears alone and by itself - as her middle name - on her Japanese passport. Her name does not appear in kanji or kana on this Japanese passport. And of course this Japanese passport name is the same as her foreign country passport name.

With regard to her Japanese family registry, yeah, no middle name. This rigid system of names will probably never change.

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Posted in: Japan urged to sign accord against parental abductions See in context

timorborder ... deport these individuals back to the U.S.? Never gonna happen. For the Japanese government, blood is thicker than just about anything.

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Posted in: Japan urged to sign accord against parental abductions See in context

To illustrate how completely out of whack things are here with regards to this issue ...

there has NEVER been a SINGLE return (to its foreign parent) of a child kidnapped by its Japanese parent (at least not a return orchestrated by the Japanese authoriities.)

This system is truly part of another, darker age.

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Posted in: Recession a good opportunity to return to Japan's core virtues See in context

Sorry ... withOUT more than a little outside pressure.

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Posted in: Recession a good opportunity to return to Japan's core virtues See in context

tkoind2, you are absolutely on the mark.

Why these folks constantly look to the past so fondly ... is positively pathological/very unhealthy.

And this mindset will certainly never change with more than a little 'gaiatsu'.

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Posted in: Pregnant junior high school teacher harassed by students’ 'Miscarriage Club' See in context

Parenting in Japan is really poor.

Mainly, parents are just careful to minimize the 'shame' potential of their children's actions.

Pretty sad.

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Posted in: Why I’m bullish on Japan See in context

Jesper my dear, as my former neighbor in Jingumae,

I know that you are highly invested in all things Japan but please open your eyes ...

... this country is spent, and getting old so quickly it makes my head spin. I hope that your analysis holds some grains of truth but the malaise of this place is in my nose every day. It's a stale, sometimes acrid smell.

And youngsters in Japan today are not highly educated ... golly, if anything they are lowly educated, pumped full of facts and data but not primed with any ability for critical thinking/analysis. They, for the most part, are not creative at all. In short, the present and future generation of Japan are/will be merely mediocre ... and this will mean a continuing deterioration of quality of life in this place. Naturally, a big part of this country's problem is its hardheaded refusal to allow others to integrate into their society. What a waste.

Alas, the best is not yet to come ... it's just in view in the rear view mirror.

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally stabbing girlfriend in Tokyo apartment See in context

These cases of Japanese totally freaking out have definitely been on the rise in the past few years. Some of these violent crimes are just unbelievable/unspeakable.

The problem for the Japanese is that they have very little way to reduce their frustration/panic when they get into a tough life or mental situation/condition. They all too often find themselves alone and tied up into knots. It's the 'Japanese gaman way' - or no way at all for many of those in trouble.

Japan has got to open up to new ways of thinking, doing - living. Why in 2009 is it only 2% non-native? How healthy is that? Is the rigid Japanese mode of doing things so perfect?

I live in Tokyo but today am in Dubai. The UAE is 80% non-native! ... and the crime rate - particularly violent crime - is less than Japan's.

The Japanese myth of more foreigners, more crime is completely bogus. Nipponjin merely want to keep things the way they are. I submit to you that the 'way things are' is not all that good. And with no changes to immigration I can guarantee the health of the overall society will only continue to deteriorate and ossify.

Come on Japan, open up a little - it's in your best interest.

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Posted in: More Japanese shunning the outside world See in context

Japan is an island today only in the physical sense.

This willed notion to think of itself as still 'isolated' - as an island might be - is just plain silly ... but the metaphor will never die here as it helps to keep things 'unique', 'pure', and oh so 'special' .

This kind of attitude will surely cut off the nose in spite of ...

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Posted in: Aso denies claims that he's 'lame duck,' damaging Japan's interests See in context


At this point (and probably for the future, too) there is only one name with their cards all lined up : OZAWA.

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Posted in: Aso denies claims that he's 'lame duck,' damaging Japan's interests See in context

Wow, 'tko' san, you are right on the mark.

And the thing is that Aso is not gone at this late date of rot simply because his 'underlings' haven't put quite enough pressure on him yet ... but that pressure is building - rapidly - so Dear Aso will surely be out sometime in April, if not before.

But what a WASTE in the meantime. WHAT are these guys waiting for?

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Posted in: Japan-U.S. alliance needs freshening up See in context

Arc of freedom and prosperity across Asia ?? This is one of PM Aso's better ideas? Mr. Green at Georgetown, you're making me blue. Please tell me that you are kidding.

First of all, Japanese 'leaders', especially those whose families profited from the Japan's war across Asia, should never use the words 'prosperity' and 'Asia' in the same sentence ... very foolish.

Secondly, Japan's arc of prosperity IN JAPAN is drooping significantly ... and may in fact collapse unless there is soon a change in leadership and political/economic direction.

These guys should really concentrate on the homeland before they start making plans for the whole of Asia.

Regarding Secretary Clinton's visit, she is merely a 'face'. She has the power to do nothing to right the listing ship that is Japan at the current moment. She will be here and gone and absolutely nothing will change for the better in 2009 ... so why all the hype surrounding her arrival in Tokyo?

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Posted in: Hilton Hotels launch 'Rediscover Japan' nationwide campaign See in context

What a lovely couple!

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Posted in: Tokyo Fiancee See in context

This looks like a vapid story - and that's the worst cover I've seen in a long time.

JT, why bother with such dross?

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Posted in: Yoko Ono sounds off See in context

Miss Ono is merely a stylish elderly poser, currently worth nearly one billion U.S. $. Why the media forever regards her as some kind of wonderful philanthropist/peace-maker is beyond me ... where is the evidence for this? What's she ever done for all the people she pretends to care about around the world?

If she really cared about the poor and disenfranchised little children, she'd give away 90% of her wealth right now. She would still be extremely rich.

But of course, just like her parents and grandparents, the size of her financial portfolio is what interests this lady most.

Yoko, please just go away and enjoy your lucre without the speeches and the silly 1960s clothes.

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Posted in: Netbook with super-multi DVD drive See in context

Is this some kind of paid advertisement?

There are many, many netbooks on the market now.

This one from 'Mouse' is simply overpriced.

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Posted in: Ask why: American states seek efficiency via Japanese way See in context

DogDog, you took the thoughts right outta my head. Banks, city hall, 'fast' food joints, et al are not efficient in the slightest often times - and offices ... forget about it. American institutions follow any 'Japanese way' at their peril.

And in many, many instances in Japan the customer is NOT king ... he or she is usually at the mercy of whatever merchant/service provider they've forked over their premium amount of yen to. Ultimately, individual customers/consumers in Japan must merely expect to gaman/endure. Not so different in other places around this world, but certainly nothing to write home about.

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Posted in: Yoko Ono dishes out peace in Tokyo See in context

I may have given Miss Ono a few extra billion $ above - forgive, she's only got ONE.

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Posted in: Yoko Ono dishes out peace in Tokyo See in context

Get real, people. This 'peace getter-outter' is worth upwards of one billion U.S. $ ... that's $1,000,000,000,000. Disgusting that one person thinks their entitled to such an embarrassment of lucre.

Ono - and equally rich McCartney - should feed the mouths of hungry children with half of their wealth ... yesterday! What are they going to do, take it to their graves?

"Imagine all possessions" ... oh, what a sad, heartless scam!

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Posted in: Yoko Ono dishes out peace in Tokyo See in context

This woman is not news. Extremely rich, uncommonly money-grubbing ... and decidedly without any talent of her own. Please refrain from any further 'reportage' where the Ono san is concerned. Thank you.

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Posted in: Enya plants 'illumination tree' at Tokyo Midtown See in context

For goodness sakes, it's a blooming Christmas tree.

Is illumination tree some kind of new PC thing here in Nippon?

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Posted in: Countdown begins on extinction of family restaurants See in context

This story has absolutely no point ... and goes around in a meaningless circle. Keep such dross off your otherwise interesting site.

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Posted in: Where is Japan's version of Obama? See in context

How do the Japanese connect to ANYTHING extraordinary abroad ... the fall of the USSR, the Velvet Revolution in Eastern Europe, the bye-bye of Suharto in Indonesia, Nelson Mandela's return his people ... Obama : folks here are so POWERLESS (or enervated) to make any significant changes themselves.

The outside world must seem really dreamy to the Japanese.

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Posted in: 40 years late, The Who rock Budokan See in context

Thanks for the memories, TheEnd. I could not agree with you more.

The Who's music is pure poetry and it's amazing that two of them are still reciting it.

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Posted in: Aso wants Japan to take lead in creating new global financial order See in context

Japanese politicians have not led on the international stage for decades. As another poster stated, they merely maintain the status quo ... and with this mode of operation eventually fall behind.

So the idea of a dyed-in-the-wool career Japanese politician like Aso actually 'leading' on anything of any significance outside (or inside) Japan is basically laughable.

In any case, Mr. Aso will not be PM this time next year. And by the way, 'PM' should be changed to 'PC' ... for Prime Caretaker, as caretaker is closest in meaning to the role these geriatric, right-wing, status-quo at all costs guys take on when assuming the Japan 'top job'.

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Posted in: Soka Gakkai boosts advertising on TV See in context

Daisaku Ikeda has this twisted idea that honorary degrees from world universities ... are the most important thing in the world ... so he currently has scores and scores of them ... continually trying to prove he's some kind of academic/intellectual - when in reality he's just the slightly creepy face of this cult-business-political party called sgi.

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Posted in: Want to see the real Japan? Try hitchhiking See in context

When I was in my early twenties (I'm now in my mid-fourties) I hitched all over Honshu ... from the very north to the very south. It was at times a desperate way to go ... but always showed me the BEST that Japan has to offer in terms of hospitality and genuine kindness. Some of the sweetest times of my life.

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