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Posted in: Japan sees 2.52 million visitors in Oct, exceeding pre-COVID levels See in context

Isn't Japan the only safe tourist destination? You don't want to go to other countries because of the chaos, violence, demonstrations, discrimination, hate, detention risks, and scams, right?

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They're really interesting.


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Most Japanese are not interested in the Asian Games, and the Japanese soccer team participating (U-22) are reserves of reserves. North Korea's (U-24) excitement is ludicrous.

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Posted in: Hackers target YouTube channels in Japan as online fraud cases rise See in context

Whenever this kind of article is published, there are always comments about the fax situation in Japan. However, there are surveys showing that the fax usage rates in the U.S. and Germany are higher than that in Japan.

Japan: approx. 60%, U.S.: approx. 70%, Germany: approx. 80%.



Sorry for the Japanese articles.

According to the article, more than one-third of the German companies use faxes "frequently" or "very frequently". After all, it seems that countries that have long been developed countries continue to use it.

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Posted in: Are the Japanese really ‘safety drivers’? See in context

According to the attached website, Japan is the best in the world.

1 Japan, 2 Netherlands, 3 Norway


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Posted in: South Korean protesters call for government action on Fukushima water See in context

Like the results of the "No Japan" movement and the mad cow disease scare, it will all be forgotten a year from now, because it is mere political agitation.

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Posted in: How do you feel when you speak fluent or reasonably good Japanese to a Japanese person and they insist on answering you in English? See in context

Even if they consider themselves fluent, unfortunately, few Westerners can speak Japanese fluently. Therefore, it is possible that Japanese people are answering in English.

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Posted in: 3 schoolgirls drown in Fukuoka river on 1st day of summer vacation See in context

It's a real sad. As for swimming skills, I think there are fewer people in Japan who cannot swim. In my own experience, out of 120 students in swimming class of my school, only around 5 could not swim 15 meters. Most elementary and junior high schools have swimming pools. Well, even if we can swim 15 meters, it is very dangerous if we get stuck in the rapids of the river.

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Posted in: Crime in Japan rises in 1st half of 2023 as COVID restrictions ease See in context

The numbers of crimes;

First half of 2019 (before Covid-19) : 363k

First half of 2022 : 275k

First half of 2023 : 333k

After all, the Covid-19 seems to have the certain influence.

I've been very curious about the idea of 'low crime Japan' because that was not my experience when I lived there I felt it was similar to most Western nations overall (except the US of course).

However, are there many countries other than Japan where women and children can walk alone at night? Or how many countries are there where dropped items can be easily found?

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Posted in: Japan logs ¥1.86 tril current account surplus in May See in context

Simply put, the Japanese government is the debtor and Japanese companies and individuals are the asset holders. Japan as a whole has the world's largest net foreign assets at ¥418 trillion. Reducing the Japanese government's debt will probably require higher taxes, including a consumption tax.

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Posted in: South Koreans protest Japan's plans to release treated wastewater from Fukushima plant See in context

If Koreans can't trust the opinions of the international group of experts, they should also question the discharge of water from their own nuclear power plants. In this case, they may be at the instigation of some anti-Japanese politicians. I think some Koreans are gullible, unfortunately. It seems that South Korea has the highest fraud crime rate among the member countries of OECD, according to the attached site.


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Posted in: Japan says China, S Korea have both released water with high levels of tritium See in context

In the near future we may be able to eat cheap fish, as Chinese and Koreans will stop eating eels, sushi, sanma, etc.

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Posted in: Japan gets U.N. nuclear watchdog approval for Fukushima water release See in context

IAEA should also check treated water from China and South Korea.

Yomiuri Shimbun headline.

Tritium release from multiple Chinese plants up to 6.5 times greater than Fukushima treated water


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Posted in: U.S. guitar maker Fender opens flagship store in Tokyo See in context

Japanese reaction to your comments


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Posted in: Japan falls to record-low 125th in global gender gap ranking See in context

There will be people who will be angry, though, the article on the attached site is interesting. Sorry, but you will have to translate it yourself.


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Posted in: Japan falls to record-low 125th in global gender gap ranking See in context

While a gender gap ranking is necessary, I think that the data adopted is biased and produces unnatural results. For example, data such as the female participation rate in the Olympics, the freedom of action of women (whether women can walk alone at night, driving license possession rate, abortion access, etc.) could be also used for the index. In addition, differences in life expectancy and suicide rates between men and women might be taken into account. And I think this index focuses quite a bit on politics, but I don't think most Japanese people like the tedious job of being a politician, and I don't think many want to be politicians.

Equal pay is most important, and the various participation rates may not be so important. Excessive promotion of women's activities in a society where many women want to be full-time housewives will lead to higher suicide rates and lower life expectancy due to stress, and a declining birthrate. It is important to promote social advancement in moderation, not excessively.

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Posted in: Ghosn files $1 billion lawsuit in Lebanon against Nissan over his imprisonment in Japan See in context

I found some Japanese reaction comments to your comments. Please refer to the following sites This site sometimes translates comments in Japan Today into Japanese.


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Posted in: Japan's fertility rate drops for 7th straight year in 2022 See in context

It's time to scale back our financial aid to foreign countries and use the money for birthrate declining. Japan has been supporting foreign countries for over 50 years, so they should have no complaints.

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Posted in: Huge price hike for Japan Rail Pass triggers huge drop in foreign travelers who’ll buy it See in context

Even after price increases, it will still be cheap. I envy foreigners.

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Posted in: Gov't study finds only 3,065 homeless people in Japan See in context

Many foreigners are also on welfare. It is worth trying to apply.

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Posted in: Japan's population projected to shrink 30% to 87 mil in 2070 See in context

The situation where 10% will be foreigners is a bit dangerous. I like foreigners, but ethnic diversity may breed hate and violence, just like in the West.

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Posted in: LDP wins 4 of 5 Diet by-elections See in context

Many Japanese are not so interested in politics, because we can live moderately.

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Posted in: Online anime, manga piracy caused ¥2 trillion yen loss in 2021: watchdog See in context

There are too many unethical people in the world.

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Posted in: A month after Turkey-Syria quake, survivors need shelter, sanitation See in context

According to the Turkish Foreign Minister, Japan has donated the most. Let's donate.

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Posted in: S Korea proposes public foundation to resolve forced labor dispute with Japan See in context

The Korean government and Koreans have softened their attitude considerably. Are they trying to get a share of the concession in Sector 7 ? "No Japan" has ended, many Koreans are now enthusiastic about Japanese anime movies, and large numbers of Korean tourists are flocking to Japan. 

By the way, if Japanese companies were to voluntarily donate money, UNIQLO, for example, would be the best choice. The Korean people's impression of UNIQLO will be greatly improved.

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Posted in: Crimes in Japan rise in 2022 for 1st time in 20 years See in context

*Crime rates in Japan are many times higher than what the statistics tell you (for example, one Japanese researcher believes that 90% of suicides are, in fact, murders), and this could be just an increase in reporting anyway, which is good.*

What a foolish researcher. If 90% of suicides are murders, the number of suicides in Japan would be 2,000. We would see the lowest suicide rate in the world.

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Posted in: Record-low 2,610 traffic-related deaths reported in Japan in 2022 See in context

Outside of Japan, it is very dangerous.

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Posted in: Japan's central bank tweaks monetary policy; yen strengthens See in context

For the yen to appreciate significantly, the decline of the crude oil following the end of the war in Ukraine is necessary. Well, even without a drop in the oil market, I think the yen will appreciate to 125 per dollar after Kuroda steps down.

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Posted in: 64% disapprove of tax hikes to cover Japan's rising defense budget: poll See in context

I think that Kishida's approval rating would rise if he introduced a pachinko tax and a religious corporation tax -only a few percent of donation revenues.

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Posted in: Why Japan is boosting its arms capability, defense budget See in context

It is not good to provoke China too much. Losing the world's largest auto market would put Japan in a difficult situation. It is better to emphasize that the increase in military spending is to counter Russia and North Korea.

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