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Posted in: Man arrested after injuring, robbing woman in her 90s See in context


Yup, there's a he-man for ya. But, fear not, Kobayashi, the so-called Japanese justice system will give him a medium slap on the wrist and make him promise not to do it again.

There; that should fix everything...

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Posted in: Sumo wrestler quits, saying his coronavirus fears were ignored See in context

Totally ditto Paul. Takanohana saw the -need- for the sumo world to not give up their values, but adapt to Japan as it is today. The association done him wrong!

With exceptions, young people in Japan today do not care about sumo nor watch it

I remember when we saw good matches. By majority, most today are tsuppari/oshizumo. Boring. Yotsuzumo is sooo much better.

The bouts should be in the evening; at least the juryo and makenouchi.

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Posted in: Int'l fans thank pop group Arashi as it starts hiatus See in context

The ploys for comebacks do sound likely. At the same time, the Arashi leader has said (and it shows when we see him on TV) he's 38 and tired of the schedule, etc.; it's wearing him down. We enjoy the Arashi Vs show, though we could do without all the banal kidding around. ~sigh~.

Ref. boy or girl groups. Some, in Japan and worldwide, have been successful. Most, however, are talent-l-e-s-s dress uppers who wouldn't rate even one bong on the Nodojima show. Most cause me to gag.

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Posted in: Wisconsin pharmacist arrested on charges of sabotaging COVID vaccine doses See in context

Odd profession for an anti-vaxer.

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Posted in: 'Gilligan's Island' star Dawn Wells dies at 82; COVID-19 cited See in context

Mary Ann (Dawn) was dreamy to those of us in our teenage years in the 60's. Always thought she was sexier than Ginger (Tina Louise). RIP Dawn!!!

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Posted in: Activist, champion: Naomi Osaka selected AP Female Athlete of Year See in context

Funny the Japanese media makes such a fuss about Naomi, when the Japanese people pretty much don't give a rat's behind. She knows next to nothing about Japanese and her -only- insight into Japanese people is through her mother and the gabillions-en the sponsors pay. Doesn't speak Japanese, either.

The issue is simple: sports is sports and politics is politics. The t'wain should never mix. (Notice I didn't say they can't have their own opinion, like any/every one else. Operative word there was "mix".)

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Posted in: Put down the soy sauce ... We try a new way to season your sushi See in context

Admittedly, I'm a traditionalist, but since I've had matchajio on tempura (and loved it), I'd try it on nigirizushi, too. Always willing to try something new . . . except for fusion sushi, like hamburger bites on top of the rice, etc. B-l-e-a-h !!!!!

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Posted in: Man indicted for murder over Kyoto Animation arson attack See in context

Suggest an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. Put him in a small building and set it afire with kerosene (gasoline is too quick). Let one of the parents light it.

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Posted in: U.S. Olympic officials back athletes' right to protest at Tokyo Olympics See in context

"..can be a leading force for global good, and we are proud to advocate for the advancing opportunities and pathways for respectful athlete expression within our sports community,"

Mumbo-jumbo for "We're weak managers and fear the US athletes might pull out."

Again, Keep personal agendas out of the Olympics.

All that having been said, the Olympics has, for years, been political and money-driven. Oh yeah, and I think there are some sports involved, too...

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Posted in: Maritime Self-Defense Force lieutenant arrested for groping 18-year-old girl on train See in context

The only thing he couldn't resist was . . . temptation. A career shot and family embarrassed - - all for touching a breast. Gee dude, don't they teach risk management in the SDF?

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Posted in: Japanese conveyor belt sushi chain celebrates Christmas with fried chicken sushi See in context

~sigh~ So sad.

Tasty? Probably.

Is it sushi? Umm .. no! Should be called something else.

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Posted in: Beatles survivors Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr still making music See in context

I was in h.s. when the Beatles came out and certainly I, like most others, enjoyed their music. However, it seems to me that giving concerts today, 58 years later is like resting on your laurels. Songwriting? Yes, Paul still has it. Singing, by him or Ringo . . . meh.

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Posted in: Tokyo: A wonder of the modern world fed by its 'konbini' See in context

My first question was, "Has George LLoyd ever been to Tokyo?" The article is full of misinformation and based on the Japan Good - Other Places Bad concept, a clear bias of this 'writer'.

"traffic jams are so unusual they make the evening news" Huh??? What planet does Lloyd live on?

"everything is delivered by road." The heavy traffic in/around Tokyo is, IMO, mainly caused by the zillions of trucks on the roads, polluting the air. Yes, cars cause some of it, but the trucks choke not only the roads, but also the air.

This article should have been posted under Fiction.

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Posted in: Vision-restoring brain implants spell breakthrough See in context

Amazing! The technical breakthroughs would allow a whole new perspective to life for those who are blind, with an unfathomable effect.

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Posted in: Nike ad addresses bullying and racism in Japan; riles up debate online See in context

Ditto'ing some other comments... Yes, racism and bullying exist in all countries. No, we will never be totally rid of it. Yes, we can and are making improvements, thankfully. Discussion will move the needle forward; violence, such as that in the States, will move it backward.

I crossed Nike off my list when they adopted their boy Kaepernick as their spokesperson. Threw any nike wear I had in the trash, where it belongs.

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Posted in: Bill submitted to recognize users of donated eggs, sperm as parents See in context

Families, siblings, etc., aside, if one donates eggs or sperm to an egg or sperm bank, for money, then they don't want to be found to be the parent and assume financial obligations. Also, perhaps you're familiar with the term "careful what you ask for".

"Uh yeah, I pursued knowing who the donor was and found out my dad's a drunk, bedraggled, heroin user who lives under a bridge on the Tama River, who has never worked and spent the Y1000 he got for his "donation" on cheap wine."

Gosh, who wouldn't be proud...

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Posted in: Suga congratulates Biden; hopes to strengthen alliance See in context

Yep, Suga knows where his fuwa fuwa bread is buttered and couldn't wait to congrat him. If you read past the Dem's rhetoric (covid, racism, misogyny, etc etc) Joey and Kammy may be elected because they, especially him, are highly malleable to the changing of America from its core values to a socialist state. Sad day for the U.S. In loving memory of the values and principles that used to make the U.S. great.

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Posted in: Japan’s first-ever ramen restaurant reopens after 44 years See in context

"Shina" not Chuka.

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Posted in: WHO chief warns against 'vaccine nationalism' See in context

Make a fool of me once, you're bad. Make a fool of me twice, my bad.

WHO, who should be primarily focused on people's health, lost credibility when they played China's game. So, WHO may have initially fooled a lot of folks, but - I - won't believe anything they have to say ref: covid-19.

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Posted in: Family cheated out of ¥54 million by man impersonating Japanese rock star for three years See in context

Mickelicious, aka Taylor Swift. Money can be tight during these times. Pls let me know if I can send you some. Best, Tom Cruise

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Posted in: Olympic chief says Games cannot be 'marketplace of demonstrations' See in context

Keep the Olympics, the Olympics. (Yes, I realize they're not the Olympics of yesteryear, but introducing more, and in the case of racial protests at the Olympics .. a negative, in no way improves them nor the lives of the majority of viewers and other participants. At best, a minute number of same feel some justification of their racial viewpoint and that overtakes their interest, if there ever was any, in the Olympic spirit and games involved.) Just as I strongly and firmly believe in my own opinion, I equally believe in the right of others to theirs. But, create your own venue and don't disparage the experience of the majority of viewers and athletes who want the Olympics to just be the Olympics.

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Posted in: Eye catcher See in context

Ditto Hawkeye.

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Posted in: The U.S. military may be having trouble controlling its pilots. The Japanese government should obtain evidence such as on-site photos and assert more strongly that their flights are causing a nuisance. See in context

Ito-sensei has drunk the koolaid and is now peppering the media/populace with conjecture and fear mongering (pilots out of control; crashing; etc.). It's ok; he's allowed his opinion, but I think it's reckless to make unproven accusations.

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Posted in: U.S. coronavirus aid prospects uncertain after Trump blasts Democrats See in context

Pelosi is doing her best to not let a deal pass before the election. Never mind that a deal based on stimulus would benefit those working for a living, it would look bad for the Dems, and -that's- what it's about. Plus, how can the Dems consider the inflated bill they're asking for, which includes items having nothing to do with stimulating the economy?

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Posted in: Obama blasts Trump's tweets, track record in 2020 campaign trail debut See in context

"past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior."

So . . . we're headed, if Joe wins, for 4 years of his not having an original thought, being at the beck and call of liberal socialists, and smelling young girls' hair. Further, Xi and Putin will make mincemeat of him.

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Posted in: Japanese elementary teacher busted for hiding students’ shoes; writing 'die' on their belongings See in context

Revoke his teaching license/certificate and prosecute the vandalism charge. Childish only begins to describe him, 'cuz if he takes out his inability to get along with other teachers on kids, his misplaced anger makes him dangerous.

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Posted in: 6 doctors referred to prosecutors over death of 2-year-old boy in 2014 See in context

This is clearly a case of the doctors putting their names on a patient's karute (med. chart), but not taking an active enough role is his/her care. Negligence, and they should be prosecuted.

I found Japanese medical care to be haphazard; sometimes it was spot on, other times, the 'doctor' had no clue, though this appears to be true elsewhere, as well.

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Posted in: Student gets locked inside station in Kumamoto after the last train See in context

And this makes the news because why . . . ?

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Posted in: Win the vote but still lose? Behold the U.S. Electoral College See in context

The electoral college is a foundational pillar of democratic principles established by the states in a republic, as in the -united states-. It ensures, to the degree possible, that there is a fairness of equal say in government by a wide spectrum citizens; thus, an election is not decided by states with dense populations nor by city states, such as Atlanta, Ga, Chicago, il, and NYC, NY with politic-centric views, be they left or right.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for throwing bodily fluid on woman’s bag linked to 2 other incidents See in context

W --- E --- I --- R --- D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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