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kokorocloud comments

Posted in: Student rejects Limbaugh's apology as sponsors flee See in context

And who can blame her. I boggles my mind that people are defending what he said. Whatever your thoughts on birth control, he was completely out of line here, and he doesn't sorry at all to me. Sorry that he's losing some pocket money maybe.

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Posted in: 2 men in UK accused of stealing Michael Jackson music from Sony See in context

Why would do you that...? The internet is pretty huge. I'm pretty sure they could have stolen all of his stuff without hacking into a major company's computers. Maybe not the unreleased stuff, but seriously?

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Posted in: Woman arrested for abandoning 12 dogs in house See in context

This story disgusts me on so many levels. Why even have that many dogs if you couldn't take care of them? And then to just leave them alone to die like that? So cruel. Perhaps this woman has issues with hoarding or something, but it's still no excuse. 9 dogs are dead now because of her ignorance and neglect. I also hope she does some time for this, or some kind of punishment at least.

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Posted in: China complains to Japan over Nagoya mayor's Nanjing massacre denial See in context

Nothing makes me angrier than to hear people telling others to "get over" an important part of history. I have no doubt that most Japanese people would not deny it, but then comments like this come to the forefront, and I cannot blame China for getting upset. Just like I would not go to Hiroshima, as an American, and say that they should "get over it" because it happened a long time ago. Or outright DENY that it happened, like this guy basically did. Moving past such a horrible event requires owning up to it and healing, not being petty and minimizing it just because it happened a long time ago.

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Posted in: Woman, 4-year-old son found dead in Tachikawa apartment See in context

That is absolutely horrifying... My heart just broke for this poor woman and her child.

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Posted in: Man arrested for dropping 2-year-old baby out of hotel window See in context

But why? Why would you do that? Usually there's some half baked excuse like "the baby was too noisy" or "I was stressed", or maybe even a /logical/ explanation, but I find it strange there isn't one printed here. Maybe there's more to the story. Regardless, really stupid and dangerous.

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Posted in: Lohan to host 'Saturday Night Live' See in context

I'm not above believing people can turn their lives around, but she really is such a wreck, it's getting harder and harder to believe she can pull this off. But if she can stay clean long enough to actually do the episode, more power to her.

Though I agree, there's something really wrong about the fact that she is not in jail or serious, serious counseling for longer. Anyone else would still be behind bars right now. That's the power of money and fame though, I suppose. Sigh.

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Posted in: Man arrested for calling 110 number 109 times to insult police See in context

That's just pathetic. I don't really blame the cops, because I'm sure they get mess like this all the time-- though it is strange they waited so long. But ultimately you have to wonder about the kind of guy who gets drunk enough to do something that stupid. I don't care how angry you are, what makes you think that would be a good idea, ever?

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Posted in: Death toll climbs as heavy snow grips northern Japan See in context

That's terrifying... One of my greatest fears. My condolences to the families of the victims.

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Posted in: 38-year-old man held for beating father to death while changing diaper See in context

Horribly sad... I can imagine the stress this man must have been under, but that is no excuse to do that to another human being. Completely wrong.

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Posted in: Hard work See in context

Yeah, it's pretty bad up here. Too many close calls on the way to work this morning!

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Posted in: Hyogo teen accused of stabbing 18-year-old boy See in context

NetNinja -- I have no idea what you're going on about, but none of it has anything to do with the article. But if you want to make blanket statements, let's consider how odd it is that in news articles like this, if a man does something like this, that one guy is a nutjob. If a girl does something this, suddenly all women are crazy and violent. Something to think about it.

Anyway, sounds like she didn't take the breakup to well... I hope the guy comes out of it all right.

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Posted in: Man secretly videos 2,000 women in public toilet; sells DVDs of footage See in context

Ugh. Complete disregard for these women's privacy and dignity. Why would you even consider doing something so wretched? It'd be one thing if he was doing it for personal use (still reprehensible and disgusting on so many levels), but then he had to go that extra, repulsive mile to make money off of it. I hope he rots.

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Posted in: Flower girl See in context

Beautiful! What a lovely picture.

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Posted in: Norway killer's manifesto praises Japan for not adopting multiculturalism See in context

Huh. A xenophobic racist applauding other countries for their xenophobia.

Agree with borscht.

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Posted in: Swan lake See in context

I'm extremely amused by the seagull, haha. He's got a "Are you kidding me with this?" look going on.

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Posted in: Youth held for slashing 14-year-old passenger on Yamanashi train See in context

You might as well say "It's a good thing he didn't have a flamethrower/bazooka/insert weapon of choice!". That's not really the point here. Poor kid though, I wonder what made the older one so angry.

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Posted in: Yakitori to go See in context

Mmm, now I'm hungry!

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Posted in: Elderly couple found dead at home in Oita See in context

Very unsettling. If everything was locked up tight, I wonder if this was a double suicide or something. Quite sad no matter what.

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Posted in: Purple Fuji See in context

Very beautiful. I hope I get to see this up close someday.

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Posted in: AKB48's 'newest member' turns out to be computer-generated image See in context

Well with stuff like Vocaloids, which is already really popular (basically just virtual characters that sing), this is only the next step up. I find it more disturbing that they didn't just come clean about it. But I doubt it will make a difference... Very creepy.

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Posted in: May the horse be with you See in context

What in the world? LOL

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Posted in: Roswell UFO was Russian craft: new book See in context

Noripinhead-- I like your theory.

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Posted in: Roswell UFO was Russian craft: new book See in context

The world famous Roswell “incident” was no UFO but rather a Russian spacecraft with “grotesque, child-size aviators” developed in human experiments by Nazi doctor and war criminal Josef Mengele, according to a theory floated by investigative journalist Annie Jacobsen.

...Really? REALLY?

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Posted in: 19-year-old man arrested for beating up woman's 5-year-old daughter See in context

I know everyone wants to blame the mother-- and I would agree that it seems ridiculous that she had no idea this was happening. But this happens in a lot of child abuse cases. A lot of times the mother is either afraid of the husband/boyfriend (she could have been being abused as well, emotionally and/or physically) or they are in denial that the person they love could do these things to their child. That doesn't excuse any of this of course, and she should be investigated as well. I feel so sorry for those poor children.

As for the scumbag himself, I hope he rots.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga album demand overwhelms Amazon servers See in context

Really? I don't know why, I've only seen terrible reviews about it.

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Posted in: Listen through this See in context

Those are so pretty! I admit though that I'd want to show them off, but because they are so small, that'd be a little difficult, haha. Very pretty though.

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Posted in: Nap time See in context

This made me want to take a nap. Seems pleasant to me.

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Posted in: 8 beheaded bodies found in northern Mexican state See in context

Every article I read about Mexico, my heart feels heavy. Those poor people trapped in that hell.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga to debut songs on online game FarmVille See in context

Is this a joke?

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