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Posted in: Shoplifter arrested after spraying security guard at bookshop in Sapporo See in context

Its only Monday BBLeo, to be honest JT is very fast and on the ball, and I think they do a great job.

Strange old coot, no surprises (the 61 year old, not you BBLeo :)

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Posted in: Local planning laws defy understanding See in context

In a country riddled with corruption, a fact rather than an observation, it wont end.

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Posted in: Two men arrested for pouring water from apartment balcony onto people below See in context

If you got drenched by a bucket of a liquid, it might not have been water. It could have been urine and faeces, which could give the victim hepatitis. Or it could cause a small child to get scared, run into the road, and get hit by a car. Or an old lady slip and brake her hip, making her housebound for the rest of her life.

I dont see anything funny about this at all.

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Posted in: Ambassadors of Cute See in context

Having women dress up in School girls uniforms doesnt exactly send the right image of Japan, unless Japan wants to portray the image that it is ever so twisted, which of course, it is. National symbol is a woman in in High school uniform, what a ridiculous country, i want nothing to do with this place, im off!!

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Posted in: Seven & I recruits See in context

Seven and I also have a bank, in which case they may be financial whizzkids making mega bucks. The true sign of a miserbable human being is finding faults in strangers lives. Yes, thats aimed at you Shiuu.

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Posted in: Air Self-Defense Force member arrested for trespassing into women's toilet at store See in context

So If i get confused by the Kanji having drunk a bit too much, im off to jail? Dont think so

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Posted in: Mie high school student commits suicide, leaving names of seven classmates in note See in context

It depends, some kids get bullied, dont tell anyone, and just rough it out. Some kids cant hack it, understandably, and the result is self-harm or suicide. I do feel for the kids who were bullying as i am sure they never truly understood the effect they were having, but they will now for the rest of their lives. Kids are kids so before we know all the details remember that good kids bully as well as downright evil ones, remains to be seen which it was. Tragic all round.

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Posted in: Man arrested for kissing woman during overnight bus trip in Shimane See in context

A witness-less crime is a tough one. if there is no evidence at all, and only someones word to go on, its hard to know one way or the other.

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Posted in: Newborn girl dies after being left in bicycle basket in Tokyo See in context

This is a crime, she had several months to come up with a plan and this is the best she could do??? Baby hatches, Hospital, anything, but a basket of a bicycle? Finding it hard to show much sympathy im afraid.

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Posted in: Bag with Y1 million snatched from woman 50 meters from Osaka police station See in context

Yeah, inside job. Far too easy.

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Posted in: NHK says sayonara to 'Eigode Shaberanaito' See in context

Pakkun is admirable, flawless japanese and doesnt let himself be made to look stupid for some Yen which most of the other gaijins do. Herefornow doth protest too much, some gaijin envy there....

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Posted in: The Great Sasuke arrested on suspicion of assaulting man on train See in context

How silly, how very silly.

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Posted in: Two men stabbed with scissors in Yamaguchi convenience store car park See in context

was it a foreigner who sold him the scissors, or drove him there, or got him drunk, ... martyman, i dont recallthat story

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Posted in: Trucker arrested for hit-and-run of 72-yr-old newspaper deliveryman in Saitama See in context

smoking and god knows what else. Its amazing how many people dont notice theyve hit someone, unless they did and are trying to .... ah,i see.

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Posted in: Ibaraki woman held after slamming 2-yr-old daughter’s head into floor See in context

There are many good single mothers out there, not even in their 20s. If the woman cant cope then she should have seeked help. If that help is not available then the government is to take some of the blame too. Free childcare for any full time working mother is the answer, but Japan doesnt ask the question...

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Posted in: Softbank handsets See in context

money...they love it, theyd sell their granny if it could make them some yen. Theyd front an advertising campaign for torture if they thought they could make some cash

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Posted in: 14-year-old Saitama girl commits suicide after being bullied online See in context

14 year olds dont have the emotional maturity to cope with bullying, and so it can often have dire consequences. I feel for those who did the bullying, as they were immature but they will have this black mark with them forever. The school should have done more. And the BoE need to take stock.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting U.S. Marine in Kanagawa See in context

28 years old and President of a building company...Starts in Y and ends in aaaaah!

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Posted in: 2 taxi drivers assaulted in Osaka; 19-yr-old held for robbing taxi driver in Chiba See in context

wmd...who said that? Surely not. Anyway, cabs will have screens within 2 years

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Posted in: Waseda student arrested for stealing woman’s underwear in Nara See in context

What a way to screw up your future. Madness.

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Posted in: Former pro boxer arrested for murder, robbery in Kanagawa See in context

I needed the money.....spent the money at a pachinko parlor

Does this guy know what need is? I cannot believe that someone would rob and kill just to play a machine with a few flashy lights...perhaps im lucky enough not to understand the nature of a gambling addiction, but still...

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Posted in: Fukubukuro See in context

a fool and her money are easily parted....

This made me smile,very harmless, poor girls got stuff thye didnt want so set up an impromtu swap shop in the middle f the street....amusing! Good on em for not just dumping them in their closet.

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Posted in: Man turns himself in after hitting woman with car in Aichi See in context

Japanese drivers do this all he time, some are drunk,some are using mobile phones, but most just dont want to wait so tail the car infront, meaning you can be watching three or four cars going through a green man crossing. The police turn a blind eye, naturally. I think the police should be given a performance bonus for catching people in the act of vehicle crime.

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Posted in: Former porn star Ai Iijima found dead at Tokyo apartment See in context

I will never forget that uninterrupted hour of conversation.

I dont speak to my mum for an hour...

Nevere knew the lady, never heard of her, meaningless

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Posted in: 42-year-old police officer quits after flashing woman in Hokkaido See in context

So any Pizza delivery guy, removal man or whatever could step in to your porch and do an Onsen impersonation and.....nothing?

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Posted in: Child dies in hospital after being struck by car in Tokyo See in context

Always see tiny kids 5 meters infront or behind of their parent, and that is probably what happened here. A kid that small should be right next to the carer, unless they are in a park. Carers fault too

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Posted in: Woman arrested for assaulting female taxi driver in Miyazaki See in context

9.30am, drunk, unemployed...altogether a classy girl this one, maybe she will get a job with her new criminal record. Parents, kick em out at 18 and dont give them cash, cruel to be kind!

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Posted in: Girl, 14, arrested for hit-and-run during joyride with 3 boys in Osaka See in context

Have you ever met a Japanese Social worker? I havent. Girls can be just as lawless and violent as boys, although we often expect better from them.

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Posted in: Man dies in Osaka hit-and-run after being dragged for 3 kms See in context

yeah, 2 months in Osaka was 2 months too long because of the motorists and cyclists. I cant believe this one, somebody will have seen him cleaning his car at some point...

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Posted in: Don your kilt and follow the bagpipes to Chiba See in context

Thats a lovely tirade Patrick. Im Scottish and i generally dont make sweeping attacks on people based solely on their nationality, but thats perhaps because im Scottish...where are you from?

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