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Posted in: Questions loom for Nissan in post-Ghosn era See in context

Leaf, now the best-selling pure electric car

It seems that Leaf is actually #3, after Tesla Model 3, and a Chinese vehicle...


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Posted in: Häagen-Dazs Japan recommends ice cream with tomato and avocado See in context

Seems odd, but from a botanical perspective tomatoes and avocados are both 'fruits', and both 'berries'! So no different than strawberries or blueberries on your ice cream. But I don't eat from a botanical perspective, so maybe not...

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Somehow I find these recent images of the rituals rather empty and sad... as if even the participants are simply 'going through the motions', and it all means nothing even to those involved.

In the fussy observer department, not too fond of the black leather shoes/spats with hakama, or the venetian blinds in the background...

That firm vs. limp feather issue may be related to the age of the men... no fun becoming an older male!

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Posted in: Frappe produced by a former SMAP member See in context

Cheesecake-flavored x 2 + cheese-flavored x 1 = no thanks!

They should call it 'SMAPpe'...

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Posted in: 2 teens arrested after woman on moped injured by rope across road See in context

Obviously stupid behaviour by the teens, but the charge of 'attempted murder' is nonsense. It is entirely believable that they were a couple of losers looking for a laugh, nothing more sinister than that. Is this childish behaviour equal to a yakuza enforcer slitting the throat of a rival and leaving them to die in a pool of blood? That would actually justify an 'attempted murder' charge.

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Posted in: Toyota to assemble Lexus in Canada: Trudeau See in context

Cambridge, Ontario is my home town... and my Uncle lived in 'nearby Woodstock'!

Cambridge is now famous for Toyota, new resident Justin Bieber, and me!

Thanks, Toyota, good decision.

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Posted in: 90-year-old woman arrested after body of 52-year-old son found at their home See in context

Let's not be too harsh, folks... She may have dementia and simply been unable to deal with the fact that her son stopped responding at some point. It's a sad situation, regardless of what happened.

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Posted in: Taste of Japan in Rome See in context

Reminds me of the saying, "When in Rome, do as the Japanese..."

Maybe not.

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Posted in: Some of Samsung's new folding phones are already breaking See in context

Marketing opportunity! Change the name to 'Galaxy Break', and charge an extra $200 for the 'newest' version...

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Posted in: Train overruns platform by 240 meters due to drowsy driver See in context

"driver became drowsy" is Japan-speak for "driver fell asleep"...

We all know that a Japanese driver would never fall asleep on the job!

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Posted in: Character references See in context

Several examples are in hiragana ('yorokobi'), so this photo shows off 'calligraphy', not 'kanji'.

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Posted in: JR East to test driverless train on Yamanote Line See in context

The SkyTrain commuter rail system in Vancouver has been fully automated and driverless since 1986. It is now about 80km long, compared to the 35km length of the Yamanote Line... but better late than never!

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Posted in: Deer me See in context

These deer have all shed their antlers. They were hoping to get French horns to replace them...

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Posted in: Hanyu to miss Grand Prix Final for 2nd straight year See in context

Too bad that Hanyu will miss the final in Vancouver. His coach is Canadian, so it would have special significance. I work for a Japanese tour company in Vancouver, so will be busy with Japanese media and visitors during the Skating Final!

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Posted in: NASA's InSight lands on Mars for unprecedented seismic mission See in context

Great new photo from NASA, showing the lander clearly on Mars. The solar panels have successfully deployed, which was a crucial step: https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news.php?feature=7294

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Posted in: NASA's InSight lands on Mars for unprecedented seismic mission See in context

Great job by NASA and all involved! I went to a 'live' viewing event in Vancouver today. (One of the scientists involved in the research teaches at the University of British Columbia.) A few months ago NASA invited members of the public to submit their names, which would be included on the InSight lander. Last week I received an email from NASA confirming that my name was included in the 2.5 million names! So I'm on Mars now... forever. The names are not just as data, but are actually micro-printed in tiny type on a cylinder.

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Posted in: Japanese cheese factory aims to cut it in face of foreign competition See in context

"Blessed are the cheesemakers" - Monty Python


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Posted in: Mother, 2 young children killed in 4-vehicle crash in Hyogo; trailer driver arrested See in context

Tragic story... For reference, a first-time 'distracted driving' offence in Vancouver, B.C, results in a fine of about 46,000 yen + 4 demerit points. Police do strictly enforce this law, and even touching your mobile phone while driving is considered 'distraction'. Offences after the first will basically double in terms of penalty. Even so, I regularly see drivers talking on their phones while driving...

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Posted in: 20 killed in limousine crash in upstate New York See in context

This article doesn't mention it, but four of the victims were sisters... R.I.P. American friends.

I often drive a 24 PAX tour bus in Vancouver (for Japanese visitors),

and can't imagine such a terrible scene. Here's a link to CBC Canada:


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Posted in: Japanese space probe launches new robot onto asteroid See in context

hooktrunk2, thanks for the video link. 

Interesting to note that the surface of Ryugu in the German video from May is rather smooth, almost like gravel. One of the big surprises upon arrival at Ryugu was that the surface is much rougher than anticipated, with boulders, as can be seen in the actual photos/video from the asteroid.

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Posted in: Police officer cleared of indecency charges after riding train with pants’ zipper open See in context

Maria, "his meat and two veg"...

I was going to refer to the old blues classic "All That Meat and No Potatoes", but checked the meaning and found that it refers to a 'shapely woman with small breasts'!

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Posted in: 45-year-old man arrested over murder of 32-year-old ex-wife in Aomori Pref See in context

Why does the headline emphasize their ages so much?! Ages 45 and 32 are totally irrelevant to the story... Better to concentrate on his name, is it 'Sasawatari' or 'Sawawatari'? RIP, Keiko-sama.

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Posted in: Foaming bottom soap: An eco-friendly alternative to wet wipes See in context

Nobody noticed that the containers say 'sorp' instead of 'soap'?!

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Posted in: Sign of the times See in context

Too easy! Electric Vehicle charging restricted to just "The Three Tenors"... they didn't update the sign after Pavarotti passed away.

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Posted in: Zen cats See in context

'spade' = 'spayed'... autocorrect is our friend

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Posted in: Zen cats See in context

kawabegawa198, the cat that is farthest away clearly has a little 'V' clip made in the tip of its left ear, which is a sign that it was at least been spade or neutered. My stray cat friend in Tokyo was caught, spade, clipped, and released. But he kept coming back to me, and now lives with me in Canada!

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Posted in: 3 Taiwanese women get suspended sentences for smuggling gold in bras See in context

Everybody makes mistakes... just 'rack' it up to experience.

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Posted in: California couple waterboarded 10 kids, authorities say See in context

commanteer, I obviously meant that the kids are safe from their parents... Nobody suggested that it would be a fairytale life from now on. The CBC article mentions that they have a maternal grandmother, so it is unlikely that they will go into the foster care system, or be separated. There is something to feel good about here, their evil 'parents' have been arrested!

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Posted in: California couple waterboarded 10 kids, authorities say See in context

Sad story, but at least the kids are safe now... CBC Canada site has photos of the 'parents'. http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/california-prosecutors-say-kids-were-shot-with-crossbows-waterboarded-1.4666178

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Posted in: Travolta family's mob film to finally hit the screen See in context

Amazing that Travolta is 64 years old... looking good! Good luck with the film.

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