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Posted in: Michigan cop's mistake leads to $320,000 deal with Japanese man wrongly accused of drunken driving See in context

That's about 48 million yen at today's exchange rate. Wonder if he is still working in the U.S.

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Posted in: Japan to give Hawaii $2 million in aid as wildfire death toll tops 100 See in context

South Korea also donated the same amount to Maui.

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Posted in: Seto makes history as three more records fall at short course worlds See in context

Glad that Seto Daiya is back on top after his scandal that set him back for a while, especially during the Tokyo Olympics.

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Posted in: Gold for teenage stars McIntosh, Popovici at swimming worlds See in context

Great to know that Daiya Seto still got his groove, winning a bronze in the 200 IM.

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Posted in: Aichi woman arrested for mixing human excrement into school lunch See in context

Reminds me of the movie, "The Help" from several years ago.

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Posted in: Is it time for men in Japan to start using parasols? Survey says guys ready to get out of the sun See in context

Besides myself, I see quite a few men, even young ones, using parasols. What's the big deal? Real men don't care what anyone else thinks.

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Posted in: Magazine offers advice to reduce the sting of surging inflation See in context

Buying six-month supply of whatever doesn't work if you live in a small place where space is an issue.

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Posted in: Japanese martial arts actor, 'Kill Bill' star Sonny Chiba dies at 82 due to COVID See in context

It is possible that he had other underlying issues involving health that may have prevented him from getting vaccinated that we do not know.

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Posted in: These colourful plant-based donuts are here to curb your summer sugar cravings See in context

Processed or unprocessed sugar is still sugar.

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Posted in: Not again! U.S. men's team gone after another messy relay See in context

The Japanese commentators said that the U.S. has had a history of bad passes. With such a history, it would seem natural that they could practice more on the passes to ensure a better performance on the global stage. Maybe too much emphasis on the individual races rather than on the team effort involved in the relays, unfortunately. Hopefully, the longer 4 x 400 will be a better race for them.

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Posted in: Canada, Sweden ask for time change for women's soccer final due to heat See in context

tennis players had their matches moved to 3p.m. after complaining about the mid-day heat.

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Posted in: Nursery school head may face charge over boy's death in bus See in context

Usually in nursery, kindergarten and early elementary school grades, students are paired with another to ensure that they account for each other. That is the same when going to the pool and other outdoor activities. Unfortunately, a very sad situation for the boy and his family.

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Posted in: 'I can die': Medvedev survives extreme heat at Tokyo Games See in context

Only if the IOC (and NBC TV) would have accepted Japan's plan to have the Olympics in October like it did in 1964 then lots of this severe issues with the summer heat and humidity could have been avoided but TV ratings and revenue from advertising dictate how the Olympics are run. The Summer Olympics should be only held in one country, the home of the modern Olympics in Athens, Greece. Again, this was proposed but turned down by yes, the IOC.

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Posted in: Japan arranging to end full operation of state-run vaccination sites in August See in context

It doesn't make sense since Japan suspended the vaccination at universities and workplaces due to the lack of available vaccines, and now it will end those in Osaka and Tokyo? Smart.

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Posted in: Last Apple Daily newspaper edition sold out across Hong Kong See in context

Hopefully, a new publication, digital, etc., will rise from the ashes to succeed Apple Daily.

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Posted in: Man arrested after 32-hour hostage standoff at internet cafe in Saitama See in context

The internet cafes that I have used, you are required to be a member (with membership card) and first timers must register with ID to become a member.

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Posted in: Public warned to beware of COVID vaccination appointment scams See in context

Zichi, yes all vaccinations are free but the issue is the booking of appointments for the vaccination, which is difficult with overwhelmed phone lines and the booking website. Scammers are taking advantage of the difficulty the elderly people are having.

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Posted in: Dark city See in context

It's like 2011 after the big disasters in Tohoku and many cities had reduced the use of electricity.

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Posted in: Man sought over murder of 63-year-old brother See in context

Yukijin, don't jump to conclusions that they are living with their mother. It could be they visited her home regarding some issue such as how to care for her and got into an argument.

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Posted in: 5 students arrested after putting glue on playground equipment See in context

Punishment is to have each student's pair of hands glued together so they can keep their hands busy being stuck to themselves.

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Posted in: Pompeo calls for U.S. to boycott Beijing Olympics See in context

hooktrunk2, exactly. The boycott of the 1980 Olympics ruined the dreams of the many athletes of countries that participated in the boycott. Keep the dreams alive for all the athletes who are training to be the best at their sport.

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Posted in: Ex-bank employee arrested for stealing ¥52 mil; blames it on stress See in context

I hope the clothes she bought are fabulous for prison.

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Posted in: Godiva curry bread from a convenience store? Only in Japan…but should it exist at all? See in context

Most curry bread is known to be greasy so that's nothing new but it seems similar to Mexican mole.

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Posted in: Kono says nationalism could disrupt global vaccine supplies See in context

Japan has been conducting research and testing of its vaccine but the red tape to create it is slowing the process, compounded by the high cost of making it. It's not that Japan is doing nothing. There was an article in Nikkei of the problems pharmaceutical companies in Japan are facing in its race to get the vaccine to market, including small facilities, small national budget for research, etc.

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Posted in: Body of elderly woman found inside refrigerator in Tokyo apartment See in context

sensei258 There was no mention of the mother's pension in the story. It's a sad story of society's condition amid the pandemic.

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Posted in: Tokyo exhibition on South Korean drama 'Crash Landing on You' opens See in context

So the exhibition will likely create crowds and potential clusters of COVID-19. Great!

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Posted in: Hundreds of Japanese adherents of QAnon contesting Trump's election defeat See in context

They should protest the ineptness of the Japanese government before they protest what's happening outside Japan. It takes all kinds to make the world go round!

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Posted in: Japanese fashion company develops fabric mask with velcro-edge eating technology See in context

Uhmmm, no thanks.

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Posted in: Man arrested after refusing to pay hotel bill for 15-night stay See in context

Don't customers usually have to provide a credit card upon check in to prevent just what happened?

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Posted in: Gymnast Uchimura tests positive for COVID-19 ahead of key meet See in context

Hope he recovers. Health first!

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