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Posted in: Japanese drama set in New York is your next binge-watch series See in context

Umm, thanks but no thanks.

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Posted in: Kei Nishikori now negative for COVID-19 but out of U.S. Open See in context

Maybe he had two false positives in his testing.

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Posted in: Convenience store’s 'wagashi,' including 'sakura mochi' and 'dango' is a summer steal See in context

Oops, I didn't read the last paragraph which explained it is available only at Lawson 100.

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Posted in: Convenience store’s 'wagashi,' including 'sakura mochi' and 'dango' is a summer steal See in context

I believe these are available only at Lawson 100's outlets at not at the regular Lawson shops, including Natural Lawson.

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Posted in: Street Kart company ends crowdfunding campaign with dismal support See in context

I think the total of 11,569 yen was way too much.

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Posted in: Office cluster pushes Tokyo coronavirus cases to 6-week high of 55 See in context

With the election campaign running up to July 4 for voting on the new Tokyo governor on July 5, it is more than likely we will see increased cases of infections, especially when you have many people gathering closely -- especially near the major train stations -- together to listen to the candidates.

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Posted in: IATA launches interactive map with latest COVID19 travel restrictions See in context

Not so user friendly at all.

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Posted in: Japan looks to lift emergency in some areas ahead of May 31 See in context

The prefectures that could reopen before May 31 could become a magnet for those wishing to escape from the areas with high number of cases even if on the weekends.

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Posted in: Masks are expensive so I thought it's a waste to pay for them. See in context

There are many videos online showing how to make your own masks without the need to sew.

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Posted in: IOC says no ideal solution for Tokyo Olympics as athletes' dissent grows See in context

For their health, the athletes themselves should boycott the Olympics, period.

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Posted in: Former Japanese ice dancing champion Reed dies of heart attack at 30 See in context

How sad it is. Sometimes even the most fittest elite athletes can be susceptible to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (abnormality of the heart artery) as was mentioned by Carolee Thumma. RIP, Chris.

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Posted in: IOC official Coates, who will be in self-isolation, says no deadline for decision on Olympics See in context

What a fool with his head in his butt! All in the name of money and not for the health and safety of people.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic head shoots down comments about delaying Games See in context

Let the Olympics go ahead and see the major catastrophe unfold amid the virus, with many people getting sick and overwhelming the hospital with foreigners and the confusion due to language problems, lack of beds, testing facilities, medical workers, you name it. It will be all on the heads of the IOC Japan. IOC's main concern is the paybacks to realtors, sponsors, etc. Isn't it why there is the insurance as mentioned in the article regarding cancellation? Japan needs to eat the loss on this and focus on taking care of the coronavirus and the residents of Japan, enough said.

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Posted in: S Korea protests over Japan's virus travel restrictions See in context

On Feb. 12, the South Korean government advised its citizens against traveling to Japan to curb the coronavirus spread. So the quarantine by Japan would just tighten the advisory by the Korean government.

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Posted in: 7 countries restrict entry from Japan to thwart new virus spread See in context

Excluded is India from the list. Also, also for Micronesia, it is referred to as the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) to be exact.

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Posted in: Popular singer Makihara arrested over alleged drug possession See in context

What it means is that all TV sponsors, advertisers etc. who use his music will pull all commercials with his music from airing. How sad!

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Posted in: Popular singer Makihara arrested over alleged drug possession See in context

Who really cares about what he does in his own privacy? Aren't there many more pressing and important things that the police should be doing out there?

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Posted in: Izakaya etiquette: Stacking your plates after eating doesn’t help waiters See in context

What is convenient for customers is a hassle for restaurant staff. As a former waiter (and dishwasher too), I always made it a point to check my tables to ensure that the customers' tables were free of empty plates and serving dishes as much as possible. I hated even when one plate was placed on another. So staff need to be on top of things. By the way, there are no rules of etiquette about stacking dishes at any restaurant.

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Posted in: China's outbound group travel ban a blow to Japan's retail, tourism sectors See in context

The ban will solve the over-tourism (over crowding) issue that Japan has been complaining of in recent years but when it does stop, lots of whining that you see now. Compounding this is the drop by 50% the number of South Koreans who are banning Japan as a destination due to a trade war since October.

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Posted in: Adult Cream Pie coming to McDonald’s Japan See in context

Couldn't they have used "grown ups" instead?

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Posted in: NHK broadcasts erroneous North Korean missile launch report See in context

It sounds like the incident in Hawaii when the state sounded the alarm that was meant for testing by incompetent staff pressed the wrong button. Since then the responsibility of that is now put in the hands of federal government. However, it created such havoc that people started running and hiking in concrete drainage tunnels.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over attempted murder of husband See in context

Mochake, I think she was going to make some Mexican tacos and needed a bit of meat to go with the lettuce. You crack me up!

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Posted in: Gov't ordered to pay damages over transgender toilet ban See in context

"When was the last time you saw a male cleaner?"

We have male cleaners in our building. I just met the one who handles our floor this morning.

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Posted in: Honolulu’s award-winning modern Vietnamese restaurant, The Pig & The Lady, opens doors in Ebisu See in context

It's in Downtown Chinatown in Honolulu, not Waikiki, which is miles away.

Moderator: Thank you for pointing that out. The story has been corrected.

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Posted in: Seven-Eleven failed to pay some overtime wages to at least 30,000 employees for years See in context

The company itself should be fined 490 millions yen for punishment, equal to the amount it stole as well as cut the salary of the president by not just 10% but 50% for a period of 18 months, representing at least the 18 years (probably more) it failed to pay the overtime.

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Posted in: Russia doping whistleblower welcomes ban, urges review of Olympic results See in context

Some Russian athletes, however, those who have passed all the tests, compete under the Olympic flag rather than Russian flag.

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Posted in: S Korea wants 'rising sun flag of hatred' banned at Olympics See in context

South Korea = whiners, always crying about something. Get over it!

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Posted in: Man shot dead in Hyogo Pref in possible gang feud See in context

It's better for both gangs to kill off each other.

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Posted in: China asked NBA to fire Rockets exec over Hong Kong tweet: Silver See in context

Attilathehungry hit it right on the head, referring to the pressure made by sports companies with one leg in China and another in the U.S. Integrity is what that sets you apart from the rest when everything else is equal.

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Posted in: Chubu Centrair International Airport gets Twitter account shut down for being 'underaged' See in context

Wasted my time on this non-news.

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