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Posted in: Japanese singer Matsuyama provides musical surprise on delayed plane See in context

It's good PR for ANA and good news in the airline business where nothing but negative news is aired.

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Posted in: 55-year-old woman arrested for attempted murder of husband See in context

So why was it necessary to show she is of Korean ancestry in the story?

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Posted in: No. of foreign visitors to Japan in July hits new monthly record See in context

shinsaku.ai: ”I'm not sure about the "vice versa" part. I tried to look for data on Japanese outbound tourists inbound to China. It doesn't seem like China is anywhere near the top of Japanese' list when travelling abroad nowadays."

For your info, number of Japanese visiting China in 2016 reached 2,587,400, +3.6% while that to S. Korea was 2,297,893, +25.4; Taiwan, 1,896,456, +16.4%. Growth for China is small but by no means generating small numbers.

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Posted in: Why is Japanese customer service so amazing? Because in Japan it’s one strike and you’re out See in context

One of the best service I've had in my travels abroad is in Thailand where it is equally as good as that in Japan. They have a genuine smile and hospitable way. Japan's service is wonderful but sometimes by the book. If you go to high-end Japanese inns, it is there that you will find the epitome of true Japanese hospitality and service in providing the best service for you.

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Posted in: Wheelchair user crawls up plane stairs in dispute with Vanilla Air See in context

Universal design should be part of every airport, seaport for cruises and train station in Japan, especially with the Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo come 2020.

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Posted in: Fishery businesses voice concerns about future of Tsukiji market See in context

For those who believe that Tsukiji is for sushi restaurants, they are misinformed. Many izakaya, other restaurants and ordinary supermarkets rely on Tsukiji for their supply of seafood for the everyday person.

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Posted in: Ramirez' new home a far cry from the bright lights of Tokyo See in context

The writer gets his information from Visit Kochi website without getting other information from the locals?

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Posted in: Young people dying alone a growing concern See in context

You are born into the world alone and will leave it alone too.

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Posted in: Food truck business may be low risk, but hardly high return See in context

A friend once operated an ice cream truck but kept getting chased away by yakuza because he refused to pay them a fee to park which they claimed they controlled. He lasted six months because it was difficult to find a place to park and do business, unless it was far from foot traffic.

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Posted in: Good luck charms See in context

They cost an arm and a leg, too.

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Posted in: Disney theme melodies now being played at Tokyo train stations See in context

The music will probably make people jump the tracks!

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Posted in: 14-year-old girl arrested for strangling grandfather to death See in context

I guess she will now know her attitude about life.

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Posted in: Japanese victims of Dhaka siege arrive home See in context

My heart goes out to the family of those who were killed or injured in this awful attack.

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Posted in: Japanese visitor gets bag full of cash back from Bangkok cab See in context

There is good everywhere.

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Posted in: Michelin-star restaurant in Kamakura closed after food poisoning See in context

Michelin star-ranked or not, all restaurants need to be vigilant in ensuring health and safety for patrons. For this restaurant, with its status as Michelin-rated, business is likely to suffer a bit.

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Posted in: Naked man strolls up to Akihabara Station in Tokyo to buy a train ticket See in context

I'm sure if he had a commuter pass and just went through the turnstile before anyone in the office noticed him, he would have been on his way in the comfort of the Yamanote Line.

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Posted in: Fast-lane immigration service for VIPs to start at Narita, Kansai airports See in context

Maybe it's a lottery system, haha! Dream on!

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Posted in: Sapporo Snow Festival begins See in context

The iconic World Heritage "The Ruins of St. Paul" snow sculpture by Macao is stunningly beautiful. The 3D-projection mapping further adds to the experience.

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Posted in: Woman kills 16-year-old daughter, then stabs herself in apparent murder-suicide bid See in context

Who said the mother was Catholic? Not all Filipinos are Catholic.

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Posted in: Caregiver arrested for beating 82-year-old man at nursing home See in context

A friend of mine who works in one of those homes in Tokyo for the elderly said that abuse also goes the other way too with residents abusing the staff, including biting, scratching and punching, to the point where some staff were injured and required hospitalization.

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Posted in: Japan teen sprinter Sani Brown added to Beijing squad See in context

He's an awesome runner with great potential. Saw him run in the national championships and immediately recognized then he would be one to watch in the near future. Great that he was finally added to the team.

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Posted in: Over 10,000 taken to hospital for heatstroke in one week for first time ever See in context

Disillusioned, it's not so much the elderly should know better having had years of experience with heat throughout their lives but that as you get older, the body doesn't cope as well as when you were younger, that they cannot produce enough sweat to cool off. Also, chronic medical problems and prescription medication can also alter their sense of temperature, high and low. So it's not that simple for them as you may believe.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after drugging dates with chocolate, robbing them See in context

I guess the writer means prey on the lonely.

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Posted in: Another Japanese celebrity claims discrimination in France; netizens not so sympathetic See in context

Visited Paris with a group of five other Japanese media people and we had an excellent time. No one spoke French in our group but the service was excellent and food delicious. And no, we didn't wave our hands for service at all. In Nice and Cannes, it was the same, great service and food. Enjoyed France a lot.

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Posted in: Man stabbed by unknown woman at entrance to his home See in context

Hopefully, his home/apartment has security video to review.

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Posted in: Taxi driver dies after assault in Tokyo See in context

Nowadays videocams, located near the rearview mirrors, are used in taxis. Hopefully, there was one that could lead to some information on this sad crime.

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Posted in: Japan confirms 3 nationals among 19 killed in Tunisia museum attack See in context

Why no mention of the Japanese in the body of the story, just only in the headline? Good journalism!

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Posted in: Qatar Air mulls halting Japan service over slots row See in context

I guess it did not do its homework to see the environment in which they would be operating, including the restrictions by the airports.

As for Virgin, it was just cutting its losses early.

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Posted in: Man on bike sprays two girls walking to school See in context

Hopefully, security cameras in the arcade might be able to identify the suspect.

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Posted in: NHK announces lineup for 'Kohaku Uta Gassen' on New Year's Eve See in context

shinhiyata is right, BabyMetal, they rock!

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