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Posted in: BoA to make Hollywood debut See in context

It's a shame that so few Japanese actors have studied English seriously. There are stars over here of A-list calibur, but how many can pull off natural English? No Hollywood producer wants an actor who speaks Katakana (not to mention Asian-Americans rarely get roles in movies anyway). The same goes for musicians. Why would you write a whole song in a language you're not fluent in? Instantly turns me off to a band.

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Posted in: Keeping up with Japanese metrosexual manes See in context

"men are hairy, you want a boy go get one, you want a man they have hair"

"I was taught to be a gent, tough, but a real man, a leader, a problem solver, NOT a parasite of a follower or a whiner."

"amongst the most live at home, sissy boys in the world."

Real men don't make these kinds of comments. Give it a rest, guys, Japanese people read this site too.

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Posted in: Taxi break See in context

This picture makes me vaguely sad.

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Posted in: What do you think of the Cool Biz campaign? See in context

Here in Tokyo, we have maybe one or two frosts per year. In the summer, it's so hot that people die. Under these conditions, wouldn't it make more sense to do the whole "let's all gaman and conserve electricity" thing in the winter instead? Warm Biz > Cool Biz

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