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I agree with timorborder and cleo...I showed Curly-Coated Retrievers and also participated in Hunting Tests...so my dogs were dual champions...important point ~ they did what they were bred to do: retriever water fowl on land and from water. If an individual wants a purebred dog: listen to timorborder and cleo...I do not want to write a book on the mistakes so many owners make...

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Posted in: Sexless in Japan See in context

I guess they did not survey the Japanese men who are getting their jollies on the trains !!!

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Posted in: Why is groping so prevalent on trains in Japan? Anyone care to hazard a guess as to the psychological reasons on why men grope? See in context

Because no woman has slapped him yet or twisted his balls !! Maybe this is truly what J-men want...young or old ???

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Posted in: 2nd Nigerian arrested after disturbance on Detroit-bound flight See in context

More too come later...Security will become a top issue with many countries..the "Friendly Skies" are no more...

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Posted in: Tokyo sunset See in context

Wonderful :)

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Posted in: USB optical trackball See in context

Logitec makeover ~ I love trackballs...used them for years..my children have them...I don't have five buttons on mine...glad to see another manufacturer out in the marketplace...

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Posted in: Meet and greet See in context

I agree...bow first..second shake hand....at least he didn't kiss his hand, like he did in the Middle East.....Where was Mrs. Obama..the First Lady ???

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Posted in: Obama hails expanded U.S. engagement in Asia See in context

***Obama's talk is cheap...

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Posted in: 10% jobless is Obama's new world See in context

Does anyone remember Mr. Clinton or Mr. Carter...and what the economy was during their administration....

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Posted in: Pole dancing picks up momentum for women - and men See in context

This picture will keep the all the men on the train real happy, smiling and dreaming...hmmmm....Lap dancing isn't quite so dangerous...

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Posted in: Should public funds be used to bail out big companies like JAL? See in context

Lower the airfare prices from the US to Japan...

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Posted in: Director Roman Polanski in Swiss custody on 31-year-old U.S. arrest warrant See in context

The victim is living her life...she has moved on, marriage and family....Ok boys/men..how many of you have had under age sex with your girlfriends, in your younger days ????...The LAPD have enough on their hands to handle without Polanski...gangs, drugs, MJ, and writing speeding tickets....leave him in Europe...California can't afford to house another "special treatment" prisoner...remember OJ ???

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Posted in: Man arrested after killing mother with wooden sword in Tokyo See in context

Rest in peace...what a horrible way for an 84 year old mother to die...and her 45 year old son is a real sissy/musume...for killing his mother while she slept...

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Posted in: Gunmen kill 10 at Mexico drug treatment center See in context

All border towns are dangerous...for any human being and animals...no one is safe...except the "King Pins".....they live somewhere else...

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Posted in: Japanese-American graduate recalls wartime ordeal See in context

I do not believe Japanese-Americans were adequately compensated: my husband's family owned property in Pasadena, CA...the market value today is in the millions. How does one place a monetary value on family heirlooms his Grandparents brought over from Japan ??

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Posted in: Rockabilly See in context

That guy in the middle is no "Elvis"

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Posted in: Uno Kanda and husband’s cell phone snapping contest See in context

Brats...both spoiled and the center of the Universe....does anyone care about this immature and toddler behavior ?????

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Posted in: Yakitori See in context

Yummy-yummy....they still have to cook the yakitori....many happy faces and full stomachs later....

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Posted in: 16-year-old Osaka boy stabs father after argument over driving car See in context

How did the 16 year old boy get his hands on the family car keys ???

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Posted in: Police scour Canada for millionaire murder suspect See in context

ID by her silicone breast implants...how sad for her family...the runaway ex-husband is...no polite words to describe him....

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Posted in: What we can learn from Edo Period about recycling See in context

When I think of Samurai...I think of the "warring years/Shoguns ~ with Oda, Takeda, Toyotomi,Tokugawa and other great clans....The term "Cowboy" is so vast and broad....Samurai...honor...seppuku...never heard of a cowboy killing himself for "honor"......America is still trying to get into the eco-going society....

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Posted in: Slain model's fingers, teeth were removed See in context

He is a "real monster"

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Posted in: Man feigns death for 3 hours to avoid police questioning in Osaka See in context

And the "Oscar" go to.....Yuji Matsumura...

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Posted in: Comedian's baby daughter dies from unknown causes See in context

My heart goes out to the parents of this beautiful child....

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Posted in: Awa Dance See in context

They really are having a great time....and all the beautiful colors of the kimonos....

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Posted in: Aging libidos require new techniques See in context

My former boyfriend, eleven years older...no problem with his sex drive....current boyfriend...one year yonger....it died years ago...maybe I'd better copy and paste this article...for re-education of a male.

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Posted in: Pregnant pix See in context

My former husband took pictures of my "watermelon belly" and my two watermelon babies were all over 8.5 lbs...

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Posted in: Wilson pays 'last' homage to ill Japanese dancer See in context

What a wonderful and touching tribute to a Japanese woman...ahead of her times..

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Posted in: Cooling off See in context

I second the motion...beautiful kimonos...and they must be having a great time :)

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Posted in: Pajama party See in context

Pink is more is color ...LOL

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