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Kamasami Kong comments

Posted in: Lawson donates 'onigiri' to daycare centers after school closures See in context

Very smart. Thanks Lawson :-)

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Posted in: The Kong Show tries some award-winning beef at Ushigoro See in context

To Aly Rustom

Your question: "no doubt its delicious but is it affordable?"

Yes, very affordable! In fact, maybe the best, most affordable in Tokyo! Just ¥10,000 for the amazing course shown in this video.

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Posted in: Premium Friday campaign to encourage workers to leave early See in context

Not a bad idea to stimulate business for merchants, but this is a case where the government is putting pressure solely on office workers to use their free time to go out, spend money and buy things from merchants who are the only beneficiaries in this half-baked scheme. May I suggest that to further stimulate this "Premium Friday" plan, the government also create a last-Friday-of-the-month TAX FREE time zone and a mandatory 30% discount on all goods by all "participating" merchants on Friday's from 3-7pm. With a more thorough plan like this, it's win-win for everyone; customers, merchants and the government.

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Posted in: Accident prevention See in context

The authorities have noticed there's an ever-growing social problem with phone use and so, have posted these signs.

Nice start, however as gogogo stated; "The irony is that people using their mobile devices while walking wont see this sign." Very true.

So, perhaps it might be a good idea to reinforce these signs with loudspeaker announcements on train platforms and a nationwide public service message campaign via mass media.

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Posted in: Japan awash in weird warning signs See in context

Funny stuff in here :-) I once went to a kung fu movie that displayed a warning on the screen at the beginning of the movie saying (translated from Chinese to English) "CAUTION: This movie contains unnecessary special effects." To this day I'm still wondering why the unnecessary warning, and if the special effects were unnecessary, why weren't they edited out? I'm trying to imagine how the director directed this movie...

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Posted in: Win a HoneyBaked Ham for Father’s Day on the Kong Show See in context

Winner's Announcement! http://www.mixcloud.com/kamasamikong/honeybaked-ham-winner-announcement/

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Posted in: Close contact See in context

Wow! Chicken skin!

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Posted in: GPod: Intercultural Dating See in context

TrevorPeace1FEB. 20, 2014 - 11:03AM JST I'd prefer to see the transcript on JT, not a video I don't want to listen to. I can read faster than I can watch and listen.

Dude, we'll be talking about your comment in one of our next podcasts.

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Posted in: Many passengers buy ekiben and drinks together before they board the shinkansen. Also, it’s troublesome for them to walk to vending machines when drinks are being sold on carts. See in context

I wonder what they'll put in the spaces the vending machines were occupying? Any suggestions?

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Posted in: Where's the best place to get a good burger? See in context

White Smoke in Azabu Juban serves up a pretty good -smoked- burger.

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Posted in: Which summer-themed songs are particularly nostalgic for you? See in context

"Saonara Natsu no Hi"


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Posted in: Which pop culture character do you think is the most recognizable on the planet? See in context

Where can we see the results of this poll?

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Posted in: Best breasts and wings in town See in context

(We'll be reading many of your comments in our podcast called the JPOD (available on this website.)

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Posted in: Interpreter for the movie stars, nuclear crisis, Olympus, radioactive tuna and a bizarre meal -- all served up on the JPOD See in context

To "thesedreams" > "Is there any way to access previous shows?"

Answer: Yes...just look over to the right side of this page, under the CAPITAL TAX ad. There's a list, brief description and a link to previous shows there.

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Posted in: Interpreter for the movie stars, nuclear crisis, Olympus, radioactive tuna and a bizarre meal -- all served up on the JPOD See in context

Yokkata88-No problem, we had fun responding to your comments, and comments like yours are -exactly- what we need to help guide our future podcasts. So please, comment away! BTW, CLOUDY from the Tokyo Comedy Store offered a pair of free tickets to whomever made the best comment in this area this week, and so far...you're the winner...unless we get a "better" comment. (Comments to be judged by Cloudy Bongwater. Deadline 6/9/2012.)

One more thing, if you were to offer a suggestion or opinion about the podcast, what would that be? Thanks!

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