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Posted in: Unlicensed drunk driver involved in hit-and-run, attempts to avoid police See in context

In addition, he had lost his license in a previous DUI seven years ago and was driving a truck with an inspection sticker that expired one year ago.

One has to wonder how the vehicle had any sticker prior to expiring a year ago if his license was taken seven years ago. Maybe he didn't have the vehicle for the previous time? Or was it still listed in someone else's name?

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Posted in: Child’s body found off Toyama coast may be that of missing 2-year-old boy See in context

A customer at a market where I worked when I was a kid had a leash for her two small children. At the time I didn't understand why she would do that.

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Posted in: Hamas executes 5 Gazans charged with murder, aiding Israel See in context

They don't explain why some are hanged and others used firing squad. Barbaric, regardless of the reason. They should still have to explain the method.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder of ‘noisy’ patient in Hokkaido hospital See in context

That is pretty sick.

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Posted in: Nissan keen to leverage U.S. tax credit on electric vehicles See in context

Whatever it takes to stop using oil.

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Posted in: Police find 200 items of women’s underwear at suspected thief's home See in context

keep using up man hours for the very dangerous and important crimes

There is danger whenever an intruder enters a home. It could easily turn violent and maybe it has already happened, They need to cross reference records.

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Posted in: U.S. angers China with potential $1.1 billion arms sale to Taiwan See in context

The manufacturers of these very expensive weapons would like to thank Presidents Xi and Putin for the business.

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Posted in: Trump Organization CFO pleads guilty in tax case; agrees to testify See in context

He could have had a deal where he didn't need to go to jail at all, but this is what he wants. What sort of deal did the man get from the other side that he is willing to go to live with New York's lower class criminals on Riker's Island for 100 days?

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Posted in: CNN cancels 'Reliable Sources,' host Stelter leaving network See in context

Russian state television frequently features segments from one of those two cable networks. And that isn't CNN.

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Posted in: U.N. chief, in Ukraine, says he is worried by situation at nuclear plant on front line See in context

Madness. The whole thing is madness because the Russian base at Sebastopol was working fine and had no trouble with Ukraine. Now look at that base and the trouble.

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Posted in: Unification Church followers in S Korea protest negative Japanese media coverage See in context

"The church’s substantial assets have, over time, included a shipbuilding operation, seafood company, vast real estate holdings including the New Yorker Hotel, The Washington Times and Pyeonghwa Motors in North Korea. Kim Ki-hoon, the Unification Church’s North America chairman, reports that the church owns about a dozen business subsidiaries in the U.S. worth about $1.5 billion. In South Korea, the church-owned conglomerate Tongil Group deals in everything from ginseng to guns. The church’s 13 South Korean subsidiaries represent another $1.6 billion in assets, according to a recent Korean newspaper report and confirmed by Kim." https://www.ozy.com/news-and-politics/meet-the-billionaire-holy-mother-of-the-unification-church/80841/

I am sure the members are nice. But this is a business that doesn't need a penny from anyone. In fact, it has the money to send the other direction.

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Posted in: Pot-smoking tourists not welcome in Thailand, says health minister See in context

Sped a month of pay to travel for a few days and then waste the time in a stupor. It doesn't sound like the best use of time or money.

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Posted in: Former Australian PM Morrison says he took five ministries because he was 'steering the ship' See in context

If he was sworn in five times, then he also gets sworn out five times, too.

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Posted in: Blasts hit Russian base in Crimea; Ukraine targets supply lines See in context

Russia never had these problems at the base before invading Ukraine. Maybe they should re-think this whole thing.

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Posted in: 'No use worrying': Taiwanese tourists carry on despite China threat See in context

Business is first priority. Destroying that would be stupid.

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Posted in: Iran denies being involved in attack on Salman Rushdie See in context

"He and his supporters?" That sounds a lot more like a continued threat than a denial of responsibility.

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Posted in: Obama among international dignitaries expected at Abe state funeral See in context

Mr. Trump's passport may have been seized in a raid at his residence this week.

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Posted in: Myanmar ambassador to China dies; 4th envoy to die in China this past year See in context

Health care in China has always been third world quality. Add a pandemic to the poor quality health care and that makes it a dangerous place to visit for anyone.

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Posted in: China extends military exercises around Taiwan See in context

Maybe China was unable to complete the exercise in the time frame because of the hot weather. They need to fire the commander for failing to do it on time.

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Posted in: China extends military exercises around Taiwan See in context

China lied about the "exercises" already because they said it would end Sunday.

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Posted in: IOC chief Bach reflects on Tokyo Olympics one year later See in context

Covid was not fair to Japan's tourism. And yet Japan's tourism industry will thrive.

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Posted in: China threatens 'strong measures' if Pelosi visits Taiwan See in context

Nancy Pelosi is 165 cm tall and in feet inches, her height is 5' 5”. Her weight is approximately 60 kg or 132 lbs. She is an 82 year old woman and China is intimidated by her.

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Posted in: U.S., allies aim to cap Russian oil prices to hinder invasion See in context

It sounds so simple. I hope it works.

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Posted in: 73-year-old woman drowns while scuba diving off Mie coast See in context

Keeping track of snorkelers is easy for one person on the boat. Not so for scuba.

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Posted in: Unification Church says Abe shooter's mother is follower See in context

"Unification Church business interests, which had begun in the 1960s, expanded in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s (decade). Church owned businesses in the United States include media and entertainment, fishing and sea food distribution, hotels and real estate, and many others."

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Posted in: Unification Church says Abe shooter's mother is follower See in context

A recruiter approached me when I was a college freshman in the business district near campus. Again decades later another recruiter outside the airport at Incheon. Both were very nice and difficult to say no. Fortunately I was aware of the organization and its reputation.

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Posted in: Fresh COVID outbreaks put millions under lockdown in China See in context

China still hasn't distributed mRNA vaccines. Does anyone doubt that the top level party members have had several doses themselves?

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Posted in: Hacker claims major Chinese citizens' data theft See in context

You cannot swing a cat in China without hitting someone from the Ministry of Security.

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Posted in: Australian state outlaws public displays of Nazi swastikas See in context

The symbol has become widely used to instill fear and hate.

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Posted in: N Korea deploys national medical teams to battle intestinal epidemic See in context

Priorities.  "Kim Jong-un Net Worth is $5 billion."

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