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konjo4u comments

Posted in: Xi heads to Europe to defend Russia alliance See in context

Xi is getting vacation travel while he can. He could end up like Putin and never be allowed again.

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Posted in: ‘Angry’ parent arrested after smashing window at high school See in context

He didn't like being in school?

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Posted in: Foreign traveler caught trying to sneak into Japan by climbing down rope from cruise ship See in context

It would seem more likely that he was a member of the crew. Anyway, the article is poorly researched. Not enough information provided.

Yes. I had to search the page for "crew" to see if it was in the article or if someone had put it in the comments already. Crew members are usually from "developing world" countries and the visa for their passports are much more restricted than tourist visas.

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Posted in: Facing Republican revolt, House Speaker Johnson pushes ahead on U.S. aid for Ukraine, allies See in context

There are enough votes to pass the Senate version if he just allows the full House to vote. It would also anger the former president, for reasons that appear to be to appease Putin.

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Posted in: Judge warns Trump over juror intimidation; 7 jurors picked for trial See in context

The social media posts read in court mocked Trump. He had to listen to those for hours on Tuesday, and probably again on Thursday. Nobody mocks him in his presence. He cannot sit still for it.

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador says Beijing stance on TikTok ban 'supremely ironic' See in context

China doesn't trust Tik Tok in China? Of course not.

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Posted in: Russians head to polls in election set to extend Putin's rule See in context

Beware the Ides of March.

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Posted in: BYD to launch new EV in Japan yearly through 2026 to gain foothold See in context

Electric dophins and seals, but no electric Eel?

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Posted in: Trump breaks silence on Navalny; casts no blame on Putin See in context

The former guy will not likely ever spend any more time in jail than he already has. Conviction? Most likely. But not amy more incarceration than he had to do when he surrendered.

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Posted in: Senators push forward with Ukraine aid package as their leaders say the world is watching See in context

The defense industry will get the money.

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Posted in: NATO leader says Trump puts allies at risk by saying Russia can 'do whatever the hell they want’ See in context

He keeps saying that NATO memers are "delinquent" in "payments." He knows there is nobody collecting dues from NATO members. That was explained to him by General John Kelly, his Chief of Staff when he was Presidnet of the United States.

So is it his memory? No. He is speaking to Putin.

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Posted in: Russia says former Fox News host Tucker Carlson has interviewed Putin See in context

Why is Tucker Calrson not asking to interview Lukashenko? What is he afraid of?

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Posted in: 12 bitten in dog attack in Gunma; 5 taken to hospital See in context

Is the Shikoku a Good Family Dog? Shikoku can be great dogs for experienced, adult-only owners, but they are not suitable for homes with young children or other pets in most cases. This breed has protective tendencies and may become aggressive if not provided with consistent, knowledgeable training.

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Posted in: Death sentence finalized for man over 2021 murder, arson as minor See in context

I am against capital punihsment, but what a terrible crime.

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Posted in: Australia PM condemns neo-Nazis after arrest of 'disguised' group See in context

Celebrate the day it became a penal colony by getting arrested and thrown in jail.

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Posted in: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry finally stops using floppy disks See in context

The symbol for the disc is still used. You click it to save a file all of the time.

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Posted in: China seeks visa exemption treatment from Japan for diplomats See in context

Even a small percentage of PRC passport holders who decide to not go home is a large number.

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Posted in: U.S. to keep supporting Ukraine if Trump returns to power: Pompeo See in context

Mr. Trump was impeached the first time over this issue. If he were to take office again he would likely face a Congress that would impeach him over this issue again.

I don't expect to see him in office again, but he is using surrogates in the current Congress to disrupt aid to Ukraine now. That will not be possible in January, if not sooner.

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Posted in: Turkey’s parliament approves Sweden’s NATO membership See in context

This is good news.

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Posted in: Trump wins primary in New Hampshire; repeatedly insults Haley See in context

This election decides the nominee from the Republican party to run in the general election. The party chair and senior members have already endorsed one person instead of waiting for the voters to decide.

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Posted in: Zelenskyy calls Trump's rhetoric about Ukraine's war with Russia 'very dangerous' See in context

Mr. Trump has to worry about defending himself in court. His plate is too full to solve anyone else's prolbems anytime in the next several years.

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Posted in: Pakistan launches retaliatory airstrikes on Iran, killing at least 7 See in context

It has been a long time since any country has militarily responded to an Iranian attack.

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Posted in: Ohtani visits U.S. Embassy in Japan See in context

 insulting that the dog gets an honorary visa

Of course, animals do not get visas. "Novelty" might describe it better than "honorary," because it doesn't have any significance for the dog.

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Posted in: China coast guard vessels enter disputed waters in East China Sea See in context

Their maps wouldn't show "disputed" territory, so maybe their charts don't either. The commanders should know, though.

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Posted in: U.S. livestreamer fined for playing loud music in Osaka restaurant See in context

How long can he stay as a visitor without a visa? And if he is doing his business as some sort of entertainer in Japan, does he need a work visa?

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Posted in: Amazon cuts hundreds of jobs at Twitch, Prime Video and MGM See in context

Search results:

Twitch has grown to 2000 employees...

Amazon employs approximately 1,541,000 full-time and part-time employees....

2,000 is one 0.01 percent of 1,541,000.

There should be a way to do this through attrition. Jobs at computer terminals can be done outside the brick and mortar of an office building with a sign on it. Their managers are going to be supervising them using computers anyway, regardless of where it is done. It is madness for a company that big to not find a way to manage their employees in a less painful manner.

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Posted in: UK unveils plans for biggest nuclear power expansion in 70 years See in context

Ending fossil fuel as a primary source is the smart move. I hope the best for them however they are able to do it.

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Posted in: DeSantis and Haley jockey for second without Trump at Iowa GOP debate See in context

The sixty-four dollar question is who will he choose as his running mate...

In practice the party knows who the nominee will be before their convention and the presumptive nominee selects a running mate before the event. It evolved that way and there is no law requiring it. If anyone in USA history were to break with tradition and not share a line on a ballot, this would be the one. He certainly won't share a debate stage with any of them.

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Posted in: DeSantis and Haley jockey for second without Trump at Iowa GOP debate See in context

The former guy isn't forgiving, so I doubt that either of them have a shot at being his running mate. Haley would be a pragmatic choice, but that is not how the former guy operates. They are both careful about what they say when talking about the former, and that is for survival, not coattails.

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Posted in: White House will review Defense Secretary Austin's lack of disclosure on his hospital stay See in context

The Pentagon still has not said what procedure Austin had on Dec. 22 that eventually put him in such pain that he was taken by ambulance to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on New Year's Day and put into intensive care.

Maye it is none of our business, but I would like to know what it was in case anyone I know ever has the same thing.

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