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in other words, japanese didnt invent the word people/人民 and chinese didnt start using this word "人民" for "people" becasue the japanese were using it, chinese used the word 人民 for the meaning of 人民 becase it originally has and will express the meaning of 人民 in the chinese language, and any chinese that knows the characters 人 and 民 will get the meaning and fully understands this word instantly the moment he sees it even if he has never before in his entire life heard of the word 人民.

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Operative word there is "characters". What your Chinese friends don't know is the "combination" of these characters make up 'words' which Japan incorporated first are now used in the Chinese language.In fact 中華人民共和国 ”人民” People "共和国” Republic are words derived from Japan that were subsequently incorporated by the Chinese.

i seen this logic and kinda of opinion before, in fact how this absolutely wrong and ridiculous opinion convinced you to spread it shows nothing but your lack of understanding of the chinese characters or just your general ignorance, let me explain it to you plain and simple: unlike english or japanese where a word is formed as a word where it has to express a certain meaning and function as a whole word, in chinese every character has its own meanings(like the word "word", where "wo" or "rd" or "w" "o" "r" "d" seperately doesnt have any meaning or make anysense at all on their own), when a chinese wants to express the meaning of people he had no other way but to say it using the characters 人民 where 人means human and 民 means mass of human, its not like that you japanese can patent this combination so ever since then chinese can use these 2 charactes together, it just happens when u japanese want to express the meaning of people you cant find any way in japanese so you turned to the chinese characters just in a way that a chinese would naturaly do,

there are also other tons of words that didnt and will never, per your words, be derived from japanese and be used in chinese, for example 切手 in japanese means stamp but 切 has the meaning of “cut” and 手 means “hand”, it will never be in chinese for the meaning of stamp, no matter how early or how many thousands of years ago you japanese invented this word "切手", in chinese , the word for stamp is 邮票, where 邮 means post and 票 means ticket, combined they very naturally translates the meaning of stamps and had so therefore being used as the word for stamp.

another expample,新聞 with the meaning of newspaper in japanese, i see how this might getinto the japanese language as the word for newspaper as 新 means "new" and 闻 means "things that you hear, the knowlege youll about to get", but in chinese, even in the last century where newspaper got invented and massly circulated when japan might first started using it and thus invented this word or should i say combination of chinese characters for the meaning of this thing, in chinese, it will always simply mean "news" and will never be used for newspaper, cause there simply isnt the slightest meaning of paper in this word. another example, 手纸 with the meaning of written letter,envelop,mail in japanese, it will never be in chinese for the meaning of letter no matter how early you japanese invented this combination as a word, casue 手 means hand and 纸 means paper, it will never make the meaing of letter in chinese. the list can go on forever,

as you should understand by now, only words that abide the chinese language rule gets into the chinese language, no matter who first used it or not, and it gets into the chinese language only becasue the combination together with the said chinese character has the meaning that its meant for naturally, no matter who used it or in your words invented it first, it has to be in that way of combination for chinese characters to express that certain meaning, so it become a chinese word.

lastly, just fyi, some examples of words that are really borrowed from another language: 巧克力 meaning chocolate, with the 3 characters conveying no meaning but only the sound of the said word. 沙发 meaning sofa, samely only becasues it sounds like sofa. and others like 咖喱,的士,etc。

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